Wednesday, March 2, 2011

this one goes out to that handsome fella

and by "handsome fella", I really mean my husband.
      Friends, I post constantly about my baby and me and sometimes I mention this husband of mine that I favor. I have come to think that I do not pay enough respect to Mr. Stephan Handsome Du Toit, or to how much I love him. So, for this post, I will wax poetically on the love I have for the man God lumped me with.
 Second only to God, Stephan is my first love. (so, second love, I guess). He's the apple of my eye.
 He's a joy to be around. He makes me laugh so hard sometimes, and sometimes, he makes me want to hit him. But even when we are miffed and angry at each other, I want peace to be made as soon as possible because I love him so much that I don't' want any space between us emotionally.
     This guy is my best friend (sorry, Brizzle). There isn't anyone in the world I'd choose to spend time with over him.
    In the time we've know each other, we've had so much fun! Yes, there have been 'downs' to counter balance our 'ups', but they are nothing in comparison to the joy we find in each other.
     Even though he's large and intimidatingly muscled, he's sweet and caring almost to a fault sometimes. (He often tips way too much.) He tans super easily, his hair grows like a weed, he has these beautiful blue eyes that, thankfully, he passed on to his son, and he's tall.
   And, oh, what a father he is to his son! Since that first moment of day one, he has showered copious amounts of love and affection on his baby boy. As Noah grows and changes, I can see the pride Stephan takes in his son shining in his eyes! Noah and any future children we have are darn lucky to have this guy as a dad. 'Cause he's an awesome dad.
       This year, it will be our 4th year of married bliss and our 5th year of knowing each other. Friends, in my book, that guy deserves an even bigger stocking. So whenever you read this, Mr. Du Toit, please know that Mrs. Du Toit has the hots for you and values you so very much. You really are a beautiful person in Christ. I love you and I'm proud of you.


  1. blah blah..and then you woke up. Who is that baby in the hospital crib that Handsome DuToit is pining over? I think they replaced Noah with some petite, smaller headed baby.

  2. Kevin!!! I'm sorry Colette, I will apologize for him. He knows not what he says. I thought it was very sweet. I liked it that in about half of those pics, I was there too! :)