Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday, I clean

Floors are sharked, rugs and carpet vacuumed, and furniture dusted. That's good enough. Oh yeah, laundry. Poo.

       Well, friends, nothing much going on today except cleaning and BSF tonight, for which I am ready. After the sermon I heard during the evening service last night, I have a new appreciation for the Word of God, my Bible. If I want to get to know God, and feel closer to Him (which I do), there really isn't any other way than to seek Him in His Word. Knowing that, I also appreciate BSF more, too. As tough as it may be sometimes to force myself to sit down and truly focus on reading the Bible, I sure am grateful that God made it so very easy to learn more about Him. Not too much guess work involved when there is an inerrant, God-breathed instruction manual to read.

  This morning, I went to Khols. Stephan now has an Easter shirt. Now if only I could find an Easter sweater vest to go over it...

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