Friday, June 29, 2012

This takes me back

Once upon a time, A young mother took far too many pictures of her first born son interacting with his infant playmates. From the time he was too little to do more than lay still, she would load her camera with picture after picture of her precious baby.
(Noah's the bald one on the right)
  Well, that little baby grew. He grew and he grew and he grew until he was 2 years old. Meanwhile, the mother brought forth a second son. This second child, while just as precious and photogenic as his older brother, was photographed far less. The mother was just too busy and forgetful to capture his precious moments on camera.
  Then, one summer's morning, after a busy and fun time of play for both sons and their friends, the mother saw her baby boy sitting across from a sweet little girl, playing and smiling. Not wanting to miss a moment that looked like so many pictures taken of her first son, the mother grabbed up her camera and snapped a few pictures.

   Babies just don't get much cuter than that. 
As a side note, Witten be sittin'. Almost 6 months old, two teeth, eating solids like a champ, rolling over, starting to push up on his hands and knees, and sitting. Did you know that time can fly like a friggin' bird?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I have decided that the news is depressing.

I will not, at this moment, dive into my true and honest feelings about the news and how they reflect on the current and apparently sad condition this world is in, because then this would be a long post and then I would be in a really glum mood. So instead,

I wish I had super powers.
If I can't be a Disney princess, I would at least like to have some sort of super-human ability. Flight would be awesome but I'd also take super strength. Or telepathy. Or telekinesis. Or pretty much any power that I could use to do neat stuff. I may not fight bad guys (too scary), but I sure would get more stuff done around the house. Probably.
 Noah's having another no-nap kind of day. Every once in a while, Mr. Silly-britches decides that naps aren't necessary and spends nap time having deep conversations or "The Voice" style sing-offs with his assortment of stuffed animals. I only complain because this means that tonight he will be a grouch and we have exciting plans in store for him tonight. Daddy and I are taking Noah to the movies! We're going to go see Madagascar 3!
   Noah loved the first two Madagascar movies, so we thought he'd really enjoy seeing "Lion and Zebra" on the big screen. (That's what he calls Madagascar.) That reminds me. I need to look up movie times. Oh yah, and I should send out that e-mail. Stop distracting me, blog! I have work to do!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Video blog! So, vlog?

I have a vain child. Even though the kid looks like his father shrunk himself, Noah is my own mini-me in at least one aspect: the boy loves the camera.
  I shall give you three examples:
 In this here first video, I had, on a whim, pulled out my camera to record Noah doing something. We decided on a beautiful rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." As you can see, Noah stops not even half way through and step out of frame. He wanted to see what I was looking at. So I showed him the video I had just taken. That resulted in him wanting to do more videos so that he could watch more videos. For me, at least, hilarity ensued.
 In this second video, he wanted to watch himself as I taped him.
Then I was mean and wouldn't let him see.
 As an end note, Noah can sing all of the alphabet song. He just couldn't wait until "z" to see himself perform.

God bless you all richly, dear viewers!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

weekend update

Dallas was fun. Noah got to bowl for the first time.
Tiny bowling shirt- totally appropriate
Noah loved it. He wasn't very good at it, but he gave it his all and that's all that matters. Soon after this picture, Noah fell forward out of his seat and bounced his forehead off the wood floors, causing an immediate goose egg to form over his right eye. Poor baby.
  Later that day, as Erin, Paul, Stephan and I were trying to think up things that a foreign visitor has to try/do while in America, but more importantly, Texas, we discovered that Mark the Kiwi* has never eaten a s'more! We decided that since we couldn't take him to float the Guadalupe or watch a Dallas Cowboy's game or see the Alamo, we at least had to make him a s'more. Or make him make a s'more. Tragically, the oppressive heat/humidity and plague-like mosquitoes outside forced us to improvise. Thusly, you have a New Zealander making his first s'more over a non-scented candle:
He's wearing a Ranger's shirt 'cause we did manage to take him to a Ranger's game. Rangers won! He can go back to New Zealand now.
 Witten and especially Noah loved hanging out with their cousins. Noah tried to mimic Ashton's every move it seemed.
Stupid camera phone takes tiny pictures. That's Noah and Ashton posing with awesome swords.
  Witten was only happy if he was sitting up so as to watch the action. He even got in on the play with a little frightening weaponry of his own:
Do I feel Lucky? Well do ya, punk?
    We were sad to go home yet happy to be back.
Yesterday, Noah, Witten and I went to visit Miss Angie and best bud Grayson. We all got slathered up with sun block and partook in one of summer's most cherished events: pool time! This was especially exciting because it was Witten's first time in a pool. He stinking loved it! When he wasn't completely relaxed in his little floaty, he was leaning forward and kicking his little feeties! Of course, the horrible parent that I am, I forgot my camera and had to take pictures with my phone which, as I stated above, often takes irritatingly small pictures that get all pixilated and fuzzy if I try to blow them up any. I did manage to get one cute picture to be normal.
Super fuzzy and it looks like Noah has buck teeth yet still a cute picture!
Hangin' out after the pool.
  And finally, This morning I borrowed Crisi's living room floor to change a few diapers while on my way from meeting Ashley and Lauren at McDonald's to Walmart. Little cutie Caleb was hanging out on the floor under his playmat, so I decided that then was a good time for Witten to meet is newest best friend. Readers, do y'all remember how I have mentioned before how little I think Witten is until I see a new born baby? I can now give you a sound example of why that is so:
 I know, right? Huge! It was like seeing Noah as a baby for a few minutes, and I almost cried. I tell you what, new and soon-to-be mothers, babies do NOT keep! They grow far too fast. Soak in every moment; the good, the bad, the smelly, the happy. And keep a blog or journal of some sort. I am so glad that I started this blog two and a half years ago!
  Be blessed, dear readers!

(*I use the term "kiwi" in a kindly, endearing manner and in no way do I mean to insult those of New Zealand nationality. That's what South Africans call New Zealanders. Something about rugby...)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

mmhhh, Coffee

I'm in Dallas.
The whole of the Du Toit family is hanging out with the other Du Toit family. Paul is working and we decided that we shouldn't partake in any fun activities until Paul could partake with us. Poor Paul never gets to do anything fun with us. Therefore, we shall wait. We're thinking we'll hit up the Fort worth zoo. We have a New Zealander with us who's about to head back to not-America, so we need to show him something cool and memorable about the good 'ole U.S. of A. We need to get him a cowboy hat or something. Something that he can take home to show the other New Zealand peoples that just screams 'MERICA!
  For now, we sit in the home of Paul and Erin and watch a show called "Duck Dynasty". It's one of those "reality" shows that displays the intricacies of the life of a very redneck family. Whereas these kind of shows usually drive me crazy because they seem so forced and fake and more often than not they make Americans look pretty stupid to the rest of the world, I'm really enjoying it. Not that "Duck Dynasty" showcases the finer side of American culture. Anyways.
  Witten's sleeping. We're relaxing. It's a good weekend.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Crumbs! Crumbs EVERYWHERE!

Seriously. Everywhere.
 When I lie down to sleep, crumbs in my sheets.
 When I rise up to walk, crumbs 'neath my feet.
 When I sit down for lunch, wait, did I already eat?
 'Cause wouldn't you know, there are crumbs in my seat!
Noah and Witten have been following me around the house all morning as I move from room to room in deep-clean mode. I feel surprisingly energetic as I attack windows, tables, shelves, counters, sinks and floors with an assortment of cleaning supplies. Truly, truly I say to you, this energy is not my own, but a gift from the Father, Who is gracious and  kind to mothers who need help.
During the boys' lunch break ('cause all that mommy-watching is tough work and creates quite the appetite), I walked away from the table for just a second to place Witten's uneaten pea-mush in the fridge for later. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I'm out of sight, I hear raucous laughter from Witten in response to silly noises from Noah. I grabbed my camera (mothers of two learn very quickly to never approach an apparently delightful situation without means to document said situation), and scurried back into the dining room. This is what I see:
 Yes, I walked away form a baby in a bumbo on a table and yes, Noah was standing/jumping in a chair. Please don't call cps. Both are safe, I swear.

Now, I have finished eating my egg sandwich and healthy chips, so I must return to cleaning. Adios, readers. May you be blessed!  

Friday, June 8, 2012

Newbors! Newborns Everywhere!

Yesterday and the day before were good days.
They were your everyday, average days that turned into super special birthdays! Wednesday welcomed the arrival of so, super, stinking cute Caleb David Roberson.
Look at him! All awake and lookin' around!
 Crisi gave birth to a little mini-Crisi, except a boy. In my humble opinion, he is one of the cutest little cuties I have ever seen. I got to meet him yesterday. He was a healthy baby at 7lbs and 2oz, yet when I held him, I was astonished at how little he seemed! For five months I've believed Witten to be so small and little, and then I looked at him sitting in his side of the stroller next to big brother Noah as I held that sweet little newborn and I realized that Witten has actually gotten really big! It almost made me want another one. But not really. Nope. I'll wait a few years. Good thing I know so many women who are pregnant. I'll just get my newborn fix from them. (They're pretty much perfectly spaced out, too. It's like every three months or so there will be a new newborn!)
   Then, as I was driving home from visiting one sweet new family of four, I get a text from my friend Reannine that informs me of her little one's imminent arrival. Then at 8:00 last night, I got this text:
Yes, this brave woman did indeed have him at home
   That snugly little squishy face is Ethan Briton Teer. He was the ridiculously round belly in my previous post. I have yet to meet him, but I can only assume he's just as sweet and loveable as every other newborn I've held. I think he looks a lot like his older sister, Clair.
  Seeing these precious new babies made me praise God for my own healthy little ones and all the healthy little ones that bless the homes of my friends. It also made me get really excited for the next pregger set to pop! And then the one after that, and the one after that, and the one after that! I personally know five currently pregnant ladies. So, yes, newborns everywhere! Praise God!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

glag glag glag glag!

That's what Noah would have named this post.
  cute pictures!
 Aunt Melly came to play! She even went to the zoo with us. I think she had a grand 'ole time strolling through the grounds and helping me herd Noah. She even lent me her strong, young back when the baby bjorn was starting to hurt mine, as you can see below:
 Someday she is going to be a fantastic wife to some super lucky guy and a wonderful mother to a plethora of brown-haired, green-eyed babies. (Ours can't match. If Melissa and I can't look at all alike then none of our offspring shall look alike!)
   And to end, a picture of Witten gently stroking the face of my sweet and very pregnant friend Reannine. He was encouraging her. He was willing her to be strong and take comfort, for her own precious baby boy will make his debut and then she will no longer be so pregnant.
And no, she is not arching her back or sticking out her belly. She actually is that great with child. A small part of me envies her for getting to carry her baby that long and reach that late stage in pregnancy. The larger part of me that clearly remembers how inescapably uncomfortable being very pregnant is scoffs at that small part of me with the rose colored glasses on and brings me back to reality. I look forward to being pregnant again, but not any time within the next two years.

    I'm off to help Noah fix his piece of tape. The kids has a room full of toys and he likes to play with a piece of tape. Kids...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturdays are for sleeping in!

At least, I remember a time when that was true. I got a lot less done back then. I guess it's an acceptable trade off: more day time to get stuff done for more sleep-time to, I dunno, sleep.
  Just in case, dear reader, you and I aren't fast friends on facebook, I wanted to share two Witten-related things with you that happened here recently. I'm always chatting on and on about Noah and then tagging on something about Witten so ya'll won't forget I have two kids, so it feels right to share the spotlight a bit more today.
  First sweet, adorable story of the morning: I was pulled from a deep, restful sleep (*sigh*) the other night by the sound of Witten's squeaky laugh. Witten's laugh is adorably funny. He can't laugh very well, actually. Instead of exhaling air with the traditional "he-he" or "ha-ha" sounds, Witten sucks in air with an almost painful sounding "eeeeehh!" The huge smile that accompanies his silly laugh lets me know that he's happy and not hurting. Anyways, I listened to him laugh for a little bit (until I was coherent enough to walk without stumbling in to walls), and then I went to investigate the source of this hilarity. When I came upon Witten, He was holding his noise-making stuffed giraffe and laughing in it's face. This went on for a while. Eventually he went back to sleep and I did too. Fin.
   Now for Witten story number two: Witten tried out the Johnny-jump-up for the first time yesterday. It was the happiest I have ever seen that baby. Don't believe me? I'll show you!
That's Witten mid-belly-laugh
   He laughed the whole time he was in there. I only took him out because I had to change his diaper. Noah got a kick out of it to. He thought it was a great new game called "spin the baby". That particular game didn't last long. But I will close out this blog with a video of that fun new event.
  Let it be noted: in this video, I do indeed call Witten "Wyatt" on accident (that happens a lot) and the hacking cough in the background is Noah since February. Otherwise, I'd say it's an adorable video.
  Be blessed this weekend, readers!