Monday, May 30, 2011

all by my se-e-eeelf!

'Tis the day of memorials, and Stephan saw it fit to work. (He's African, so it's okay if he doesn't recognize American holidays) Therefore, I started off this day as I would a usual weekday. Then I thought to myself, "No! Not this year!"
    You see, last Memorial day, Noah was about a month old. My sister came over to hang out. We tried to lay out on our back deck while Noah napped. The problem was, Noah was still new to life, so he didn't want to nap. Long story short, we didn't get to lay out very long.
   So, friends, this year, I shall take my year-old baby and take up my mother on her offer to lounge by a very nice pool while my husband works tirelessly. Noah's got his swim-duds, I've got my nun's habit, and we've got plenty of sun block. This just might be an enjoyable Memorial day, friends!

   This weekend, I watched my family help my sister move. She moved from her super nice apartment to a super cute rent house. I can't wait to see it all put together! Stephan, the amazing man I married, crafted a shower head for their bathroom out of nothing! Ex Nihilo! (Not really, he used pipes and stuff, but still! that's impressive!) The drive there and back was a tough one. My bum was sore from sitting still. But it was good to see my sissy.
    The most amazing part of my weekend: my big, one-year-old boy walked! He waited patiently for everyone but my mother and me to be away, then he took one or two wobbly steps from me to Bebe before working his way up to eight whole, unassisted steps! Of course, once everybody else got back from the food run, Noah wouldn't take a step, so I don't think anyone believes me or mom. But soon, so soon, he'll be walking all the time. Yay!
    And finally, something I was unable to blog about on Saturday due to the moving thing; Noah's new pool. It was hot on Friday, and I was bored. Stephan suggested I run to Walmart and buy one of those tiny plastic pools, so I did. Once home, I filled 'er up, changed Noah into his swim trunks and his safari hat, and lathered sun block all over him. Upon his first entry into the cool water of the small pool, Noah cried and reached for me to pick him up. However, I stepped in with him, spilling out a good deal of water in doing so, and sat him in my lap. I splashed twice to show him how it's done, and he took over like a little splashing champion. Like a fish to water, he became one with the pool, and he would not stop splashing in circles until I pulled him out about an hour later.
Captain Safari and the pool adventure

He wouldn't even turn to look at me so I could get a cute picture

Noah's muscle shirt. Thanks, daddy

     Now, friends, I go to rest. Happy Memorial day, everybody! My prayers today are for America's brave soldiers, wherever you are.   

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am not the destroyer of worlds!

SEE?? Photographic evidence that I, Colette M Du Toit, can grow something! For so long, I thought that I was incapable of nurturing anything flora and making it thrive. But today, when I checked my little bucket of flower seeds that Noah gave me via the church nursery workers for mother's day, I saw that little, tiny, delicate growth and I knew, I missed my calling to grow crops. It's perfectly alright, though. I really enjoy my current life as a stay at home mother, but knowing that I can bring life forth from dry earth and that I don't have to leave all gardening and tending of plants (indoor plants, that is) to Stephan makes me happy.
    The Skinners love to drive. Apparently, whereas I was meant to be a farmer, they were supposed to me nomads? They drove back into Tyler this weekend to see me and Stephan and Noah. They sure do love us!
I couldn't get a good shot of them both riding the zebra, so this has to suffice.
 Lydia, like Noah and all their baby friends, is getting so big! She's all chatty and has hair and is chasing boys already! I tried to get a video of  Lydia chasing Noah as they both giggled and talked to each other, but by the time I found my camera, Noah had grown tired of the game and called it quits.

Ain't she precious?
 Only 4 more months until the Skinners can cease their pointless charade of being not-Texan and return to the state that loves them most-est.
  There's  a mess in my kitchen that needs sweeping.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

nothing sounds good

Oh friends, oh friends. I am saddened.
Well, part of me is. You see, nothing sound edible lately. I think I might be hungry, but the thought of eating anything makes me feel queasy. bleh, I tell you! BLEH!
     The Voice is on. I was just updating to update. More to come later.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I, my delightful, dedicated readers, am making my favorite meal in the world tonight: lasagna.
I'm so excited about eating lasagna tonight. I love lasagna and all that it represents; good tastes, family, togetherness, and the never ending love of Christ. What's that you ask? How on earth does lasagna represent family and the love of Christ? Let me explain:
 Lasagna represents good tastes: this one's easy. Lasagna tastes good. No matter what food-mood I'm in, I will always be okay with eating home-made lasagna. Whether it is straight from the oven or a week old, lasagna is delicious.
 Lasagna represents family: this is a fact for me personally because my mother makes the best lasagna in the world. Sorry, friends who think otherwise, you're probably wrong. Barbara J Florey very well may be mixing crack into her ricotta cheese, it's that good. Therefore, whenever I think of lasagna, I think of eating my mother's amazing lasagna around the dinner table with all the family there.
 Lasagna represents togetherness: Pretty much the same as above. No one can resist lasagna, so if you say "Hey, friends, ya'll should come over for dinner tonight. I'm serving lasagna!" There's going to be people around your table that night.
 Lasagna represents the love of Christ: As I stated in an above point, lasagna is always good, and lasts forever. One large dish of home-made lasagna can feed my household for at least a week. And it's never the 'oh no, not that again, I'm so tired of that stuff-type of leftovers, but the kind of leftovers that are anticipated ever night and mourned over when finished off. It is the same with the love of  Jesus. I relish it and soak it up, loving every moment as it nourishes me and keeps me going. And it lasts forever. (Really forever, not seemingly forever, as with lasagna.)
    And that is how lasagna represents those good things.

Noah looks like his daddy.
Milk mustaches!!
Yeah, I thought I'd lure in a few of you with a cute picture and surprise you with a plethora of reading material. *ha-ha* But seriously, aren't' they so cute? I never have to wonder where Noah got his looks from. It's a smidge obvious.
Now, friends, may your weekends be glorious, as Christ is glorious! I'm gonna go check on my lasagna.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Have you EEE-ver seen a puppy, a puppy, a puppy...

I had one of those, "whoa, what just happened" moments today.
As of late, I've been a bit hormonal, and with good reason. Today, not along ago, actually, I was pushing Noah in his swing outside when Roxy realized we were outside and, of course, she ran straight to me and wouldn't give me two inches to move around. Usually, I will pet and scratch her until I grow weary, at which point I will shoo her away, forcibly if I have too. Today, as I was petting her, I very suddenly grew indescribably irate. I even curled my fist to strike her on her dumb head! I didn't, don't worry. I calmed down as quickly as I got irritated and felt very weird about the situation. It has happened before, these dramatic swings of mood. I rarely act on them, and I always feel sheepish afterward.  Noah and I quickly went inside to avoid any further doggie frustrations. 
   This weekend was super fun. The skinners were in town, so I got to see Aubrey and Lydia and ol' what's-his-face. We all went to the Luhrs and there realized that the numbers in our loving, close-knit Sunday school group are multiplying astonishingly fast! There were 6 babies, ages 4 months to 1 year, 2 toddlers, and 3 young children. Or something like that, I don't care to think too hard on it right now. Point being; there are babies everywhere! And more to come! You can't walk through our church right now and not see a pregnant lady. So much fun!
      Now, friend, I have a special assignment to complete, so I will be boot-scooting along to do just that. You all must enjoy this day. Otherwise, you are spoiled. Shame on you for being spoiled! 

Monday, May 16, 2011


Noah is an athlete!
The breast stroke. Or, more likely, the hiney stroke.
Watch out, Michael Phelps. This kid's going to blow you out of the water. (swim pun, I'm hilarious)
Forgive the baby nudity, but it's one of the cutest things on earth, so I had to include it.

Other adorable images from this past week and weekend:
Crisi got her finger stitched by Master P.A., Kevin Skinner.

Babies ran rampant

And Miss Lydia was in town! awwww, Wydia! so cuuu!
Besides that, Noah's cutting another tooth and therefore, a touch grouchy. I'm trying my best to be patient with him, as I know it's probably very unpleasant, but his whining and grousing is trying, so I'm praying a lot.
Another prayer request, friends; Noah's 12 month check up is today, so he's going to get some shots. Poor Noah, htis day is a bummer for him.
     Peace and Love, friends!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

So this is love, hmm-hm-hmm-hm, so this is love

Have I told ya'll about how much I love my husband or how handsome I think He is?
Fresh out of high school, my plans were in line, 
be a pine cove counselor was hot on my mind.
An interview later, that plan soon fell through,  
And I realized that college was all I could do.
So college and school work was filling my days.
I shuffled through life in a boring, dull haze.
This wasn't the plan I had dreamed all my life.
Where was my husband, why wasn't I a wife??
One day, my mother with a look quite scary
said, "I have met the man you're going to marry!"
"ha", thought I, "like mother knows best."
Then I met this marriageable man, and you might know the rest.
At first meeting, I gasped (in my head, not out loud)
Before me was a man that made my heart start to pound.
Manly hands, handsome face, and kind eyes, bluest-blue,
I knew straight away he was too good to be true.
And yet, he pursued me, I'm not quite sure why.
Young, immature, and portly, why give me a try?
But three dates passed quickly and by then I knew,
                                          I loved this man deeply, and he loved me, too.
Come Christmas, he proposed, and of course, I said yes.
We then booked our church and I found the right dress.
I smiled as we held hands, and smiled through "I do's"
He smiled when he kissed me and said "I love you".
Three moves, four animals, and three years later
I scared him half to death shouting praises to my maker.
At 6 in morning as he rushed to my side,
I showed him good news and I beamed with pride.
Now friends, another year has come and has passed.
Four happy years of marriage have been quite a blast!
Second only to my Savior, my heart to him I give
                                     I'm so glad my plan failed, 'cause it's God's will I live.
Happy anniversary to my handsome husband whom I love so very, very much!
I love you, Stephan Du Toit

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Smashed the chocolate Easter bunny. Take THAT, fattening commercialism!

    I am in need of a shower, so that is what I shall do after this here post.
As Crisi and John, our impromptu photographers for Noah's friend birthday party on Saturday, are dealing with a teething baby and have not had the time to pass along some pics, you will all have to wait just a bot longer to see the cuteness of that day. Until then, here are some pictures of Noah chillin' with his pal Grayson yesterday:
First, we tried to catch bubbles

Then, we went outside and swang! Swinged? Swung?

Swinging is so much stinking fun!!!!!
   After swinging, we went inside to get away from mosquitoes and Grayson and Noah raced to a corner in our dining room and wrestled over who got to stand farthest in the corner. It was one of the cutest things I've seen in two weeks. 
And finally, because I totally forgot to post it last time and it's far too cute to forget; a picture of Lauren enjoying a birthday hat:
Teehee! She looks like a wizard! a bright, mildly confused wizard 
And now, friends, I leave you to shower and prepare for another mild, relaxing and enjoyable day. The Lord bless and keep all of you!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Oupa gave Noah a slice of pizza. He ate the whole thing.

We have been a family for one year!

Noah looks more scared than excited.


the icing was his favorite part.

He got a few presents.

Noah winded down by swinging with his cousin Julia.

It was a very sweet and happy occasion! I love my family!
   As you might be able to guess from the pictures, Noah's birthday has come and gone. He is officially a year old. I did not cry, but it was very surreal to think that the child I gave birth to seemingly yesterday has been my pride and joy for over a year now. I still pray and hope that I'm doing right by him. I continue to beg God to empower me so that I can be the best mother for Noah that I can be. And then there's daddy. Stephan has been the best father a baby boy could ask for! He loves his son so deeply.
           I could insert an awesome analogy of God's love for us in comparison to our love for Noah here, but I have to go work out, so I'll toss this out quickly: I have a better appreciation of God since becoming a mother. I can imagine how much He loves me by thinking about how much I love my son. I love Noah unconditionally. He sometimes makes me frustrated, and I know in the future, that big, teenage boy will make me so mad I could spit, but I know for sure that I will love him no matter what. And that is how God loves those who are His children, according to His own Word.
     Anyways, Noah's birthday was lots of work to prepare and lots of fun to enjoy, and Now I get to clean up the aftermath. Besides the party featured in the pictures above, we also threw Noah a part for him and his baby friends. That one was also lots of fun and super cute! Pictures to follow of that fun event.
     Now, as previously stated, I must go get healthier. Lord, please give me strength!

Friday, May 6, 2011

O Lord, My God, when I in Awesome wonder consider all the works Your hands have done

I changed up those lyrics a bit to apply to my post.

I am honestly as a loss for words. My mind is so busy I can't think of the prettiest, most flowery and entertaining things to type. Therefore, since a picture is worth a thousand words, I will use some of those.

one year ago
      Dear Noah Sias,
I love you. This past year, the first of your life, I have grown and learned so much because God deemed me fit to become your mother. I went into motherhood not knowing exactly what to expect, but still so excited because I loved you so much. In twelve months, I have been happy, sad, proud, frustrated, and, of course, in love. But mostly, I do believe I am thankful. A wise and caring God put you with me and your father and called it "family". Noah, He really is a good God. I know so because He does good things. I pray that you will come to know Him, and that I will do my best to teach you everything I know about Him. You have grown so much this past year, and you still have a lot of growing to do. I promise you that I will continue to cherish and treasure every moment I get to spend with you. And, of course, I will always love you very, very much!   Love, your mommy
                      I'll love you forever,
                     I'll like you for always
                      As long as I'm living
                     My baby you'll be

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

dirt, doodle bugs, and other words that start with the letter "d"

I have always wanted my boy to be a boy. I want him to love the outdoors, wrestling, animals, and getting dirty. So far, I can confidently check off three of those four. Noah loves being outside, he loves wrestling with me or his daddy or Beer the Bear, and he loves him some "kiiii!" and "da". (That's Noah-ese for kitty and dog).
    That being said, it gave me great happiness when Stephan told me he wished to dig up a circle around a tree in our front yard in order to plant a decorative garden.
    "Yeah, we can go as a family to pick out flowers to plant there," Says he. "and Noah can play in the dirt!"
We didn't go pick out flowers yesterday, but Stephan did start to diggin' and I dressed Noah in a dingy onsie and plopped him right in the midst of the dirtiest of the dirt. This was his response:
"Hey neat! This dirt stuff is fun!"

"I can kick my feet in it and put it on my action figure!"
"What do you think about dirt, action figure? "
And then he had enough and ran away.

 I'll check this off as a win.