Wednesday, June 29, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things

*dum-bum-bum! dum-bum-bum!*

Friends, today, I compile a list of things God has given me that brings me joy in my daily life. In no particular order:

*A really handsome husband, whom I love a lot.

*A son, who makes me laugh often and whom I love a lot.

*Being pregnant. Yes, I may feel icky a majority of my day, but, as with the first time around, it's all so worth it!

*A home that is well built and sound and safe.
        *Air conditioning

*My family, who loves me very much and whom I love.

*Food. (Also a weakness of mine, but it brings me joy nonetheless)

*Friends! Those people I can call and pester any time, mostly just to chat and laugh. Also, the fun times spent with said friends. Meals and gatherings are way more entertaining when you do them with people who make you happy.

There are definitely more things I could add to this list, but I'm in a bit of a time crunch, 'cause Noah's down for his new hour-long morning nap, so that gives me less than an hour to lay very still and conserve energy myself. I'll end this list with what definitely brings me the most joy, and that is the boundless, merciful love of God. That He would save an offensive sinner like me because He loves me more than I could ever love Him back brings me joy joy JOY!. It's also quite humbling. Very humbling, that is. I could do nothing to same myself, so He saved me. Wow. Thank You, God! Peace and joy abounds in every other aspect of my life solely because He first saved me. I wish this joy and peace to everyone. It's a good thing.

    Ooooo, one more thing that's bringing me joy as of late: the Skinners will be here in two weeks!!!! Yay, Lydia's birthday!!! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I just spent 2 days with three kids in one house. It was pretty whelming. I say only whelming as opposed to overwhelming because it wasn't overwhelming. It was nice, but different. It was fun, yet busy. Noah was certainly entertained a lot. His cousins Ashton and Julia came into town with their mama for a hair appointment. Impressively, they all slept in one room. (Wow!)
   During the full day that they were all here, Erin and I contemplated taking the children out to do something, but we decided not to. Instead, we spent the day watching the kids wrestle with pillows, build/destroy towers, crawl/walk all over the place, toss most of the balls out of Noah's ball pit (my least favorite part), and roll bouncy balls up and down our hallway. Honestly, the only things Erin and I had to do were feed the little cuties and make sure they didn't hurt themselves. This experience definitely made me look forward to having another child in the house. Yes, it may be different, and maybe more difficult, but now that Erin left, poor Noah has no one to play with but boring old mom. And pillows just aren't as fun to wrestle with when mom is the only one to watch.
    Do "no soliciting" signs work for Jehovah's witnesses? Apparently not...
Well, now it's back to normal life. Noah took two good naps yesterday, for the first time in more than a week, so hopefully that means life will, indeed, go back to normal. It certainly is much quieter with just one kid in your house instead of three. In a few more months, things will change for good. I'm looking forward to it.
     Oh Lord, please hear my prayer
     In the morning when I rise.
      It's your servant bound for glory!
     Oh, dear Lord, please hear my prayer. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Operation: TASNYSB

Friends, operation Take A Stinking Nap You Stubborn Baby, or tasnysb, is still going strong. Today, I was planning on dropping Noah's morning nap entirely and scooting his afternoon nap up to see if he would do well with only one nap. (He's been doing just fine with just his morning nap, truth be told, but Mommy wants him to drop his morning nap, not his afternoon nap!)
   Anyways, that plan fell through when Noah got super fussy at about 10:45. So, I figure I'll just put him down for a short morning nap and then try an afternoon nap. I've tried this before, but I've only shortened his morning nap by 30 minutes. This time, it's an hour. Prayerfully, hopefully, (please, God, please!) Noah will succumb to mommy's wishes and take a stinking nap! Noah is still, I have less than an hour to cram in my own morning nap. Wish me luck, friends!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Easy Mac, my meal of choice.

Truth be told, Easy Mac is one of the few foods that I can stomach right about now. The good news is, I'm at week eleven, so I am a week away from my second trimester and (hopefully) relief!
   Here's a picture of what Du Toit Deux looks like right about now:
It's neat the stuff you can find on the internet, si?
 Honestly, not nearly as cute as Noah, but he/she's got some growing to do, so I'll save my final judgment for when he/she gets here.
    Speaking of Noah, the little pickle was doing better at sleeping in the afternoons until yesterday. Then he spent another afternoon nap time talking, yelling, crying, singing, and otherwise successfully avoiding a nap. I try not to let it bug me, but that really does get to me. I am praying that today is better, but right now,  Noah is resisting his morning nap, which is usually the good one, so I'm a bit concerned.
      I'm off to finish my mac. Later, friends!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

dry, cracked skin

Last night, Stephan, Noah and I were serenaded to sleep by the sweet, melodious sound of rain falling gently and steadily on our roof. This blessing was mush needed and prayed for. It was a good night of rest, indeed!
   I type "and" as "ans" so much that my computer now recognizes "ans" as a word. Stupid computer.
I hope that the rain continues today. Of course, the overcast sky, wet outdoors and overall dreary-ness really makes me want to sleep in. As a mother, that is impossible, but I will be taking a nice nap this morning. But first, a shower.
      So my parents, sister, and sister-esque friend Courtney, all went to Vegas this past weekend to enjoy a hair show and gambling. In the pictures I have seen of said trip thus far, my sisters look nauseatingly beautiful. Therefore, I am jealous. Now, Melissa's in California. Seriously, God is being very good to that little nugget right now, and my prayer is that He keeps His blessings comin'.
   Today, Noah and I are planning on visiting Bebe and Papa and showing off his awesome new ability. When I told my mother over that phone that Noah was walking now, I'm pretty sure she cried. Let's see what happens when she witnesses this monumental event first hand!
   'Tis 7:44. I need to shower. To the pack 'n play with Noah! 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just when you think things can't get any more exciting...

I have a good reason for not updating in five days, friends. We were visiting family in Dallas. We ran up there to get a queen sized bed from Stephan's brother Paul and his wife, Erin. In return, Stephan and I (mainly Stephan) helped them renovate their kitchen. It's a shame we didn't take any 'before' pictures, 'cause the 'after' is going to look amazing! They have a lovely house, but the people who lived there before had... different tastes in home decor.
Anyways, While the un-pregnant family members slaved away, I got to play with Noah and his two cousins, Ashton and Julia.
 Noah loved playing with those two. He especially loved Ashton. I think he looked up to his older cousin, 'cause he would chase him around and try to do everything Ashton did.
Ain't Julia a doll?
 An example for you, Ashton climbed into his bed and started hoppin', so Noah flopped right up in there and started "jumping" too.
   Julia, usually super shy and reserved around us, really came out of her shell while we were there. She loved on me and Stephan. It was sweet.
Noah got jealous
 I managed to get a few good pictures of the grandkids for Ouma and Oupa back in Jacksonville. Here, you can see Noah and his favorite boy-cousin.
 And  then, one of all three!
Yes, Julia was clapping. She was happy be see family!

   Friends, the most exciting part of my weekend was not the impressive kitchen remodel that Stephan hammered out in three days, nor was is the joyous time spent loving on two little munchins I rarely get to see, It was this:
Noah was so inspired by his bigger cousin, that he stood up and started walking! Like the man healed by Jesus, he just stood up and walked about like he'd been doing it for a while now. Stephan predicted Noah would start walking right about now, and I did not doubt him, but to see it actually happen makes my heart squeeze with pride! My baby boy, my widdle Boogie Boy, is walking!!!!! While most of me is so proud I could brag for ever, a small, sentimental side of me wants to push him down every time he takes off, just so that he'll stay my little baby for a bit longer.
   And yes, the video above is from our house. I filmed it when we got home, 'cause I couldn't get a good video of him walking at Paul and Erin's. Noah will just take off down the hall way, or grab a toy with both hands and haul it into the living room from his room. Things are changing, friends. This is going to be interesting. I look forward to the challenges that come with change, but I also pray for help, because I am only human.
     Blessing and honor, glory and power be unto the Ancient of Days!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Guess who's back (back, back) back again! (-gain, -gain)

  Blondie's back, (back back) tell a friend! (-end, -end)
Disregard the yellow tint to my teeth. It's not true, I do brush regularly!
 The poor quality of this photo makes my hair look orange, but I guarantee you, it's not.  Yes, friends, I have returned to the hair color of my youth. This is step one of three or four stages to lighten my hair for the summer. I've always been rather seasonal when it comes to hair color, and I like blending in with my family. Both immediate and extended! There are 6 cousins out of., like, 18, or so that have brown hair. And everybody except Marlene has blond hair on Stephan's side.  
     Noah is too cute. I think he has a crush on a friend of mine who came to babysit him today. Ashley Redwine is a sweet heart and a beauty and Noah was cheesin' at her and being sweet on her. I had to tell him the she is engaged to be married in August, so he didn't have much of a chance. He was heart broken. It's okay, his true love is in Missouri for just a few more weeks, and then they will be reunited for good!
*insert choir of angels singing here*
   Now, I go to rest. Noah's been refusing to take his afternoon naps for the past three days, so Mommy has been unable to nap as well. I have observed that most thing in Noah's life thus far has come and gone in "phases". For two weeks, he napped gloriously twice a day. I knew it was too good to last, and I was right. So now, I just have to wait for this phase to pass.
       Sweet evening, friends. God bless you all!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Some Enchanted Evening

Here I sit, munching on sweet tarts and trying to ignore that nagging feeling that I have something rather important to do today, but I can't remember what it is. I did manage to recall that my grandmother is swinging by today to pick up her old photo albums that she let me borrow in order to rifle through and pick out pictures of my mom for her birthday montage. She said she'll be here around 11 or 11:30, so I'm good there. I have no idea what the thing I may have forgotten might possibly be...
     Noah is getting so close to walking, friends. I can see it! Lately, he has taken to grabbing my finger and leading me around the house. He walks around the furniture and along the walls, and he has even taken a few more steps without any support or assistance at all! (But only a few). I can tell his confidence is growing, so I hope he will be a-walkin' soon. Mainly because that kid is getting heavy!
     Stephan sleep-kissed me last night. He has no recollection of initiating a very sweet kiss in the middle of the night. I think it may have been the aftermath of the excitement of watching the Mavs win the NBA finals. What ever the case may have been, that was the sweetest kiss he's laid on me in a good long while. *awwww*
    So, I guess I'm definitely showing now. Or the squishy-ness around my stomach does a good baby bump impression. I was told again that I was showing at church, so I'll believe it and stop sucking in now. Time to let it all hang out!
    I think I might do some mama-yoga today. I'm feeling pretty good this morning. First, to put away laundry. I tell you what, Tide may be way more pricey than the usual cheap-o stuff I buy, but it's way worth it! My laundry smells delightful!

Have a blessed day, readers and friends!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What a Friend we have in Jesus!

Friends, I have something to confess. I've been keeping a secret from you.
Well, actually, those that know me personally probably already know my "secret", but I have come to a time when I find it right to tell the world:
                                         I'm pregnant!
Ladies and gentleman, ('cause I'm pretty sure K-Skinner's my only regular reader on here that's a dude. Thanks, Kevin!) I present to you Du Toit deux! Or Du Toit dos. But I like deux better, 'cause it sounds like "du" so it works.
     Last month, the day before Noah's birthday, actually, I found this blessed news out via three positive pregnancy tests. Stephan never believes just one test. Honestly, neither do I. As with when I found out I was pregnant with Noah, something like this seems to good to be true, so I took several tests to be sure.
   Now, friends, I am 9 weeks and 3 days along. Deux is almost 2 cm long and he/she was moving in the sonogram pictures. (moving!) Of course, Deux is too small for me to feel, though others have told me I am showing already. (I'm not quite sure how I feel about that). He/she is due on January 10th. Another January birthday to add to the list of family b-days in January. Unless he/she follows in the steps of his/her older brother and comes three weeks early. Then, I might just have me a Christmas baby! (Please, Lord, no!)
Noah and daddy waiting to see little brother or sister.
   I'm so happy, friends. Yes, this was planned. No, I don't think Noah and #2 will be too close together. Actually, fun fact, Noah and his little sibling will be the same age difference as my older brother and I. (About 22 months). By then, Noah will be a big boy, probably in his terrible twos... hmm...
        So, friends, that's my secret. I'm knocked up once again. Please pray for me and my baby and my big boy and my husband. My family. We are blessed, we are blessed!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A good, full Thursday

We had a fun day today. Knowing that we were in store for some fun times, I thought to document our day via photographs!
Noah slept soundly through my gentle urges to wake up. He even slept through the bright flash of my camera. Twice! (Notice the little puddle of drool under Noah's head) Since he was sleeping so soundly, I stretched out on the floor next to his crib and dozed until he woke up.
After our usual, healthy breakfast, we got to deep-cleaning. Here you can see Noah assisting with the laundry. Him and his reindeer pillow pet, that is.
After our usual morning nap, Noah was super excited and ready for pool time. It was almost like he knew it was coming, because he hardly slept at all. He chatted with pillows and tossed around his blankie and banged on the wall. He got enough sleep, I guess, 'cause he was not cranky in the least.
    We had lunch at Crisi's house, where the Garreds and Luhrs children were already pool-partying. 
Noah's making one of his funny faces in this picture because I was holding his hand still. He wouldn't stop splashing long enough to even take a picture. It was a fun time. Besides the four Garred kids and the two Luhrs girls, Sheryl and Lucy, Crisi and Madi, and Ashley and Lauren were there. So many children. And more to come! Noah even went completely under water today! We counted 1-2-3 and then, weee!, we dunked! At first, Noah was shocked more than anything else. The second time and after, he laughed. He'll be swimming like a fish in no time.
After falling asleep a good hour early due to all the water aerobics, Noah woke up an hour early, so we sat down to snack a bit and watch Robin Hood. He's never distracted by the television for long, so now he's wrestling around with daddy and an empty water bottle. We'll all sit down to dinner in a bit, then maybe go for a healthy walk. Maybe. It's still very warm outside.
   Face lift coming soon, friends! Be excited! And now, may the Lord bless and keep all of you.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mac 'n Cheese

Mac 'n cheese is a cure-all. It is a comfort food that can ease emotional, physical, and mental pains. Doctors should prescribe that delicious food to patients suffering non-life threatening maladies.
Noah's gone down for a nap. This is my cue to either quickly follow suit or finish cleaning up the house. As my dear friend Ashley is coming over for lunch, I feel inclined to clean more. My weary body, however, disagrees. *sigh*. Oh well, I guess I'll finish off my mac and head to bed. (I'm actually very pleased with my choice)

    Dear Skinners, I'm looking forward to having ya'll back in Texas and easily accessible for hanging out. Your suffering in Misery is coming to an end! Yay!!! Love, Auntie Coco.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Dear friends with blogs,
I love reading about your lives. It's something I do to pass the time as well as keep up with you. Now, I realize that everybody's lives are different and that some of you, unlike myself, have jobs outside the home that may inhibit the frequency of your posting updates to your blogs. I don't think, however that that should be a reason to neglect your blogs and, subsequently, poor, stationary, cable/satellite-less me. I don't think ya'll realize the joy it gives me to sign on to my account and see notifications of my friends' new blog updates on my dashboard. Thusly, when I sign on and see that the last blog update was my own from two days ago, I am sad.
  Please update, friends. If for no other reason, do it for me. And know that I chastise you gently because I love ya'll bunches and It's almost like visiting with you when I read your words. That being said, I shall now eat my bagel bites and then take a nap and wait anxiously for my faithful friends/readers to do the right thing and update.
        Sincerely, and with all the love I can muster,

(P.S, This weekend was great. Mom's birthday parties were a blast. I ate a lot of food. Also, Noah's trying to cut a few molars and he still refuses to take more steps. He is, however, continuing to be a cutie-patootie and I love him so stinkin' much!)    

Friday, June 3, 2011

Like Homeward Bound, only annoying.

Our dogs have twice now escaped from their prison/yard. Stephan and I gave mild chase the first time and no chase the second time.
   "Oh my gosh, Colette, how cruel and uncaring of you! You're a horrible person who should never own a dog!"
I think you should hear the whole story before spoutin' off like that, judgmental reader! You see, a few days ago, Roxy ran away. Stephan searched, but to no avail. About half an hour later, he looks up from his yard work to see Roxy trotting happily back to the house. She had had her fill of adventure for the day and was ready to go to bed, I guess, 'cause she headed straight to the gate and waited patiently for Stephan to let her back in the yard.
     Then, both dogs got out. Again, We called for them and looked for them, but again, we couldn't find them. On a whim, Stephan left the back gate open, just in case. Sure 'nuff, an hour later, there was Roxy, chillin' on the back porch. Stephan went out front and saw Toby, soaked and muddy, making his way back home as well.
    And then, yesterday, it happened again. I don't know how this is happening, I'm beginning to suspect outside assistance, but Toby and Roxy disappeared in the morning and were gone all day. I thought they were gone for good this time, but come 5 'o clock, Stephan steps inside to tell me that both dogs were once again in our back yard. Both stank to high heaven, and Roxy had brought home a large, unidentifiable bone. (Creepy).
    Times like these, you're glad they're home safe and didn't get hit by a car, but at the same time, you wanna beat them senseless. I now firmly believe that our dogs would flourish and thrive happily out on some farm or spacious land where they could roam and have grand adventures all day and not have to worry about frightened neighbors or deadly cars. It makes me sad that we have to keep them contained to a yard where they can't even dig a good 'ole hole to lie in.
     Do any farmers out there want some excellent dogs?

Mom's birthday weekend is this weekend! Four parties, lots of food, friends, family and fun will be had by all this weekend. Such a busy and exciting weekend! It actually started yesterday with an exciting pool play date at Crisi's and Bunco night last night with the ladies. My goodness, when I sit down and think about my life, I have to thank God. I would be a selfish, spoiled brat not to realize all the blessings He's given me. Thank You, God. Thank You!
     Yay for clean floors, now 'tis time to nap!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer time!

Once again, friends, it is pushing the 100's in east Texas. You know what that mean; pool time! (a limited amount of pool time, that is. I've found that Noah is prone to heat rash.) Noah has twice enjoyed his mini pool in our back yard, and went to an actual pool pool once. He thoroughly enjoyed both. I got a sun burn at the pool pool, so I considered it a successful trip for everyone. (Yay! color!)
 Growing like weeds, my little plants are.
Stephan bought himself bottled water, since he refuses to drink out of the tap. Now, as I sit here typing, there are three opened, unfinished to varying degrees, bottles of water surrounding me. *sigh*
     Noah has had a mysterious runny nose for about a week now. It seems to come and go, kind of, and there are no other sickly symptoms he's showing, so I guess it's allergies?
   Noah and I might be hitting up the pool again today. Until then, he's emptying his ball pit of balls again, so I'm going to go stop him.