Thursday, March 3, 2011


To Aubrey and Lydia,
Noah would like to have it made known that he was not, in any means, the instigator of the action taken in the photo below. In fact, he was hardly a willing participant. That being said, this is the cutest picture I have ever taken!!!!!!
It's Noah's first kiss!
      At our usual playtime get together today, Madi and Crisi were the first to arrive. We set Noah and Madilyn down to play together. Madi instantly reached out her arms for Noah, for she was so happy to see him! Noah was excited about her firefly toy. Madi gave Noah a few sweet kisses, one of which I miraculously caught on camera, before Noah grew self conscious and made a quick get away. Afterward, Madi showed little interest in loving on Noah. But it was too late. her affection has been made known, and the proof is in the picture; which I shall now store safely until they are 16 years old.
     And Now, a picture of Lucy with piggy-tails:
I am a super cute big sister!


  1. I am very disappointed in you Noah Sias!!! Lucy is too cute!

  2. I will keep Lauren away! I would hate for her to be tempted! :)