Sunday, August 23, 2015

These Moments Don't last

A new mommy and a new Daddy looked down on their very new baby.
He was bundled snugly in his warm blankie and tucked safely in his crib for the first time.
The new mommy and daddy marveled at the tiny person that God had entrusted to their care, and they prayed that they would be the best parents they could be. They wondered about their new baby's future and prayed for his safety. They imagined great things for him as he grew big and strong, but for this moment, they stared in awe at how tiny and precious he was. The mommy picked him up and very slowly swayed him back and forth and back and forth, and she whispered to him,
"Take your time growing, baby. Don't grow up too fast. Time moves so quickly and these moments don't last."

That tiny baby grew. He grew and he grew and he grew, until he was two years old. He ran really fast, he lifted heavy things, like his daddy, and he ate everything in the kitchen. He also became a big brother, and was most excited to be a good helper. His mommy and daddy would try to hide their smiles as that little two year-old tried to do big and strong things and have clever little ideas, and they would swoop him up and tell him what a big boy he was! Then the mommy would cuddle him close and tell him with a smile,
 "Take your time growing, baby. Don't grow up too fast. Time moves so quickly and these moments don't last."

That two year-old boy grew. He grew and he grew until he was five years old. He loved puzzles and solving problems. He ran after his brother and carried around his baby sister. He was shy when he met new friends, and loved his good friends with all his little heart. After graduating from pre-school, it came time for this big little boy to start kindergarten. The night before his first day of school, he packed up his backpack, laid out his first-day-of-school outfit, and then said a special prayer with his mommy and daddy before going to bed.
As his mommy kissed him good-night, she marveled at how big he was, and how smart he was, and how blessed she was to be his mommy. As she turned out the light, she quietly whispered,
 "Take your time growing, baby. Don't grow up too fast. Time moves so quickly and these moments don't last."

Saturday, August 8, 2015


I'm going to try to keep this certain post short.
I've said that before and failed miserably. This time, I aim to stay true to my intentions. In part because I have a short window of guiltless sit down time before naptime is over (during which I should probably shower. I can smell my hair...), but mainly because of the fact that, if I let my emotions take over and run with this topic, I'll be here all day. Then I'll cry and get angry and feel guilty and cry some more... it wouldn't be pretty.

Everyone is talking about it recently, and for obvious reasons. With the videos being leaked of what is happening in the clinics that provide these procedures, it has become impossible to turn a blind eye to this heavy topic, unless you are obstinately refusing to see the issue and, therefore, weigh in with your opinion.
  Here's my opinion:
This is my youngest baby, Belle, at 18 weeks in utero.
Had I been so inclined, I could have legally terminated my pregnancy at this time, even up to two weeks after, in some states.
This is Belle a couple of weeks ago at a friend's fifth birthday party. She really enjoyed that cookie cake. She's a sass. She loves dogs and gives any dog she meets kisses. She does not take kindly to being told what to do, which means that she and I will have a long road of tough times ahead of us when it comes to obedience and training of any kind. Belle loves to dance and loves her daddy more than me. (That last one stings a little bit, but I'm okay with it, 'cause I know what it's like to adore your daddy. It's a good thing, trust me!)
Belle's sharp little mind is growing and learning new things every day. I see so much beauty and potential when I look at my baby girl. She is perfect! She is a blessing! She is everything she was when they took that sonogram picture of her in my belly over a year ago. All of her beauty and potential began the moment part of her daddy and part of me came together to form an entirely unique individual, who happens to look like me and share her father's temper. All of that could have been snuffed out and lost entirely, had I chosen to do so.
  The truth is, I never had a choice. We wanted a baby. God blessed us with another pregnancy. I recognized it for what it is: my body miraculously and amazingly creating, carrying, and nurturing a whole new life inside of me! I used to wonder what she would look like, what she would act like, and what God had in store for her in the future. I still do. Each baby born has the potential to do amazing things!
  If they get to live.

Now's the part where I try not to get emotional.

I have heard the arguments for abortion. Some are so ludicrous, weak, or downright terrible that I dont even care to address them right now, 'cause I'll get mad.
Some, however, are reasons that show real concern, or are veiled to look like just reasons to chose to end a life.  Reasons like: rape, incest, hopeless mothers in war-torn countries, starving mothers in abject poverty, or an extremely high-risk pregnancy that will cost the mother her own life.
  To these, I say; let's talk. I'll discuss this with you. I'm pro-life, so I would vote for whatever means, method or procedure that would save as many lives as possible. A mother's life is just as much a life as the baby's and vice verse, so I realize the need for compassion, understanding, and help in these extreme cases.
  But, precious readers, that's just what they are: extreme cases.
  In the United States, at least, the main reasons for abortion are for convenience's sake. The unwanted responsibility. Not wanting to be a single parent. Not ready to be a parent. Can't afford a baby right now. Already had all the children they want. Or this reason, my least favorite: concern that having a baby would change their current lifestyle. According to pretty much any honest study done on reasons for abortions in America, and specifically the one I'm citing *HERE* , The percentages of abortions performed for reasons concerning the mother or baby's physical, mental, or emotional health aren't even above 5%.
  That means that at least 95% of abortions fall into the realm of convenience. A (new) person had to die for the sake of another person(s)'s (the parent(s)) ability to live their life the way they want to. Doesn't that kinda sound like murder? Isn't that definitely murder? In which of those situations is adoption not a loving, life-giving option? (I will save my entirely favorable opinion on adoption for another post. This one is already far longer than I planned on it being.)
  In summation, dear readers, my opinion is this: Adoption, not abortion. Abortion is the ending of an innocent life. It is sick, evil, and selfish. It is killing. It is murder. These words sound harsh, but so is murder, so I'm not sorry to use them.
  To women who have been there, who have done that, I'm sorry you felt like you had to sacrifice your child's life for any reason. I'm sorry if your situation in life was so dire that you thought you had no other option. Please believe me when I say that abortion is not an unforgivable sin, and that there is forgiveness, redemption, and restoration offered to all who fall short of God's high standard. I need that just as much as you.
  To any women who are contemplating abortion: please think about what you are doing! For the sake of the life inside of you that (for at least 24 weeks) is entirely dependent on you to survive, please don't do it. Seek alternative measures! Look into adoption! If I know you personally, I will take your baby for you and love it like crazy, and I'm not even joking. This is a new life we're discussing here! A beating heart, a thinking mind, kicking legs, ticklish feet, grasping hands, blinking eyes, and a yawning mouth. For this new person's life's sake, chose life!  
To my fellow Christians: please consider adoption. there are so many parent-less children out there that need homes. If God has given you the means to care for kids, prayerfully consider adding to your family through adoption. Stephan and I have plans to become a foster family with the intention to adopt, if that is God's will for us. Consider doing the same, Christian family, if you are able. The need is great, but our God is greater, and He uses us, His body, to work out His will on earth.
    Life is precious.

Matthew 19:14
  Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”