Thursday, September 30, 2010

good news!

Noah takes after his daddy! He munched down those creamy carrots like they were creamy candy. With whipped cream on top. And ice cream in the middle. Then that kid wouldn't stop eating. growth spurt? maybe.
Well, that's is for now.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

hump day

happy Wednesday, er'body!
As I type this, I sit on the living room floor with my back against the chair I usually sit in and my legs straight out in front of me. The back of my legs are hurting from the slight stretch I'm putting them through.It makes me realize how un-flexible I am. :(
 Last night, we watched Glee. I was really excited about it, but this episode kinda let me down. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't awesome. I have come to demand awesomeness from my television nowadays, and if the channels cant deliver, I turn it off. so there.
This morning at Walmart I bought green beans, carrots, apples and bananas. For Noah. ( =D !!!!!) Today I plan on trying out the carrots. We will soon find out if Noah's pallet takes after mommy or daddy, though I will have you all know that I ate a plethora of carrots, broccoli, green beans, and strange, crunchy slices of a white vegetable. Maybe that was scallions? What is a scallion? 
Ooo, I got's to go get Noah up, It's time to eat!

Monday, September 27, 2010

blustery day

This morning Stephan pulled on a sweatshirt before heading out to work. Even inside, I can almost smell the crisp coolness that accompanies lower temperatures. After months of searing and oppressive temperatures I must say, I don't think I'm ready. Last night, I stepped outside to let in the dogs and I shivered. Shivered. I was excited and saddened at the same time. I've been urging the cooler weather to come for weeks, yet now that it's here, I want it to be just a bit warmer. Maybe a mild and sunny 72 or something. This sudden drop to the 50's is almost jarring. I'm not complaining, though it might sound like I am.I anticipate the coming months with great excitement because I get to celebrate this holiday season with a baby! Noah's going to help mommy and daddy pick out a pumpkin and bake pies and then select a Christmas tree and watch from a safe distance as it is decorated! I guess I'm just gonna have to suck it up an take the changing seasons like a big girl, because I am way to happy to let these times be ruined by a foul mood.
 I did wake up tired this morning. Today, my goals are to clean the house up, take a nap and then work out, in that order. Clean house: check. After I hit "post" I'm going to give my baby a bath and then both of us are going to snuggle down for a nap. This time, I will not be distracted by anything. I WILL NAP! (my planned naps usually don't happen for one reason or another.)
BSF tonight! yay God!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I wanna build a box apartment in my yard.

That is a quote from Stephan Du Toit. He and my grandmother are scheming again. Those two together are dangerous. Entrepreneurs extraordinaire, my husband and paternal grandmother both love concocting fantastic ideas. Sometimes, they're not even plans to make money, but just to do something great. It is inspiring and funny at the same time.
  Once again, the Cowboys are playing and we are at my parents' place. Surprisingly, the Cowboys are AHEAD this time. *GASP!* It's Noah's nap time and he's watching the mobile in the crib mom and dad bought for their nursery. He's not acting sleepy in the least, but he'll get there. hopefully. He DID take a fantastic nap in church this morning. I just might be able to assist in the worship team again. That excites me.
Now, friends, I am going to take a nap. maybe.    

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My my, how time flies.

I mentioned in a previous post my childhood dream to own a horse, si?
I have to confess something new to you, my readers, there is another childhood dream. One that is even more fantastic and oh, so much more unobtainable. I have, for as long as I can remember, wanted to be a Disney princess. I know, I know, how has this not happened for you, you all might wonder in honest confusion. After all, I'm not terrible on the eyes (I admit humbly) and I have a great, broadway-suited singing voice as well as a boisterous stage presence. I even have most every song that has been sung by every current Disney princess trapped in my memory. Seriously. Try me, and you will be impressed with how many musical numbers I can burst into dramatically. Those that endure my presence for extended periods of time know that I have an uncanny skill of tying random words and actions into song. All in all, I think it was pretty obviously meant to be. So why has it not happened?

My goodness gracious, it's Thursday. Where'd the week go? Tomorrow, my beloved and I, as well as our progeny, will be attending our Sunday school's monthly social. Yay! I thoroughly enjoy those things. I have, however, forgotten what we signed up for. No, wait! desserts! We're to bring desserts. I remember because Stephan wanted to take fondue. We'd call it Stephan-due. (HA) We're not gonna. I'm making cookies from scratch, ya'll!  Opps, time to feed the baby. Type to ya'll later, gators!   

Monday, September 20, 2010

some observations

It is on the days when the sun is brightest that one forgets, loses, or otherwise does not have their sunglasses.

According to Hollywood, no matter what geographic region or point in time you are from, if you are not American, you have a British accent.

Comb-overs are NEVER effective, nor do they EVER look good.

Cats crave attention when their owners are least able to give it.

Houses never stay clean.

whoever said it takes more muscles to frown than to smile was wrong. It does take more effort to show those pearly whites, but it's also easier than drawing the corners of your mouth down to a frown. Heck, if more people smiled more often, this world would be a friendlier place.

and finally,

God never fails. ever. Wow, how He comes through for us in His perfect timing!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Well, friends, I finally got them! Our maternity pictures. Now that Noah's been here for four months, I really don't know what to do with them.
They turned out perfectly! Noah came the week after these pictures were taken, so poor Kayla didn't have the time to get them to me before he got here. I was planning on having my favorites framed and put up somewhere. Now I guess I'll put them in a photo album.

A little back story to the day this photo shoot took place: Stephan decided not to wear his powder blue polo shirt, so he wore his transformers t-shirt instead. I cried on the way there because we were a little bit late, and to a pregnant lady I guess that's a big thing. And if you look closely, you can see the dried paint/plaster mix on Stephan's hands from his job that day.

I'm actually kinda sad. I picked out 30-ish pictures out of hundreds, yet there's one picture that I thought I had ordered, but it was not in the group I got. The picture is similar to the one above, except that it was closer up and from the edge of the shot you could see a little stick poking me in the baby bump. (That was Stephan being goofy).

Now all I have to do is pick out my absolute favorites and print them up to put on my wall. As for you, faithful readers, enjoy this small sampling of what I looked like late in my first pregnancy. I must say that I do enjoy the result of those nine months. :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

you might not know this...

I am left handed.

Noah tugs happily at his rattling moose. From the hallway, Charlie the overweight cat lounges serenely, staring at nothing with up most superiority, as cats always do. My house has a fine layer of dust coating its tables and shelves. I guess I should dust today. My Bible study is completed, my child is washed, my teeth are brushed. Now all I need to do to make my day a success, besides dusting, is work out. Yup, I'm gonna hit the "wave" hard today for 35 minutes of fitness! I just have to wait for Noah to konk out for his nap.
These past two nights have been nights of fitful slumber. I don't know why, but I've been waking up a whole stinkin' lot at night and having very peculiar dreams. I think it's been the same for Stephan. All well. We woke up, that's the important part. Thank You, God, for this day!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Can you see Him?

So Francis Chan has become one of my favorite authors.
I read his books and think to myself, "wow, this guy is so in love with his savior. He must be affecting thousands of people for Christ!" And then I think, "WHY NOT ME??"
Friends, in my first blog, I boasted of being a Christian. I write about God and his presence in my life often enough on this-here computer. But, if you met me in real life, could you see Jesus? Could you tell I have living inside of me a much higher power enabling me to live a God-centered, Jesus worshiping, sin-hating life?
Sometimes I can't even tell.
I'm not writing this to inspire a pity party for myself. I'm not trying to prove how pious I am by showing how humble I am. I am simply really concerned about the lack of the Holy Spirit's influence in my life. Even now, I'm focusing on myself instead of praising God for loving a stumbling saint like me.
So change of focus:
My God is SO big, SO strong and SO mighty, there is NOTHING my God cannot do. (clap-clap) Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! Praise Him all creatures here below. Praise Him above, ye heavenly hosts, praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


New season of Glee starts next week!!!
Last night was the premiere of BSF, my friends. This semester we study Isaiah, and I am excited! I have never done an in-depth study of that book, and it is such an important book in the Bible.
Today was the day that Noah attempted "solid" food for the first time. It was actually rice cereal, which was watered down to a liquid consistency, so it was hardly solid, but I did use a spoon and a bowl and Noah HATED it. My motherhood guru Karen Luhrs suggested adding a touch of applesauce to the cereal to make it taste less like wallpaper paste, as she called it. I would be a mess of a new mother if it weren't for Baby Wise, my slew of moral supporters, and Karen Luhrs. Thank you, Karen Luhrs.
While I'm sending out shout-outs, Ashley Johnson is super cute pregnant, Aubrey Skinner is super missed here in T-town, Texas, and if my sister ever scares me again like she did today, I will drive to Fort Worth and END HER. Now, my husband just came back in from getting our leaf-blower back from redneck neighbor and he smells a lot like gasoline. Time to get him all clean.

OH NO!!!!! Biggest loser starts next Tuesday, which is awesome, but it's on at the exact same time as Glee. stink!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Cowboys are back in season!
Noah's wearing a Cowboys onsie. Mommy's wearing a Romo jersey. Daddy left his Jersey in Chris Gaston's car. We look like a family divided.
Friends, I cannot shake this sleepiness. It is the aftermath of a trip to Dallas yesterday, in which Noah got tired of being contained in his carseat when we were about 30 minutes from being home again. I type 'being' as 'beign' so often that it's starting to look correct. Now we are at Bebe and Papa's for the Cowboys game. I probably wont watch the whole thing. I get super anxious. dang. I can't spell today. i give up, you win, you stupid, sticky keyboard.

Friday, September 10, 2010

what, it's friday already?

It's not that late, but I'm exhausted. 9:04 and momma's ready for bed. Stephan's lifting weights and I'm forcing myself to write because I know my faithful followers would be so disappointed if I went longer than three days without updating.
Noah, Noah, Noah. That baby boy is a wonder and joy, yet sometimes, I have to hand him to his daddy and take a mommy time. It's not because he's a horror or because he's crazy and cranky, It's because he's such a good baby that those times in which he IS cranky, loud, or inexplicably moody, I get, well, overwhelmed I guess? not really, but I just can't think of a word to describe it right now because I'm super sleepy. abs. Stephan just came into the living room. ABS. Oooo, back muscles, too! He just left.
Stephan told me today that if I ever cheated on him, he didn't think he could continue in our marriage because the trust would be gone forever. I told him that he doesn't have to worry, I'm never gonna cheat on him. HE'S the best looking out of the two of us, says I. I consider myself extremely blessed to have him as a loving, devoted husband. (thank You very much, God). Just a bit of a downer for you, readers. Why did I include that??
Tomorrow, we head to Dallas for Ashton Du Toit's b-day, with a "quick" stop at the Tanger outlet mall on the way. (woohoo!) As much as I should resist it, my favorite part of a stop at Tanger has ALWAYS been that chocolate specialty store. mmmmmmm, chocolate.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

evil needles!

Noah had his 4 month check up today. A+ all around, which is always a good thing, but now he burns with fever and all day he was not too happy. He cried so hard he was having trouble catching his breath. Now he is sleeping peacefully, which is a relief. And oh, my sweet baby, even when he was super-heated and flushed from his fever, he smiled and laughed when we smiled at him. He is such a blessing, straight from God's loving arms.
I'm a-sleepy. I need to hop to getting in bed, but there's a "does it work" on KLTV that I really want to see if it works. (a microwave-grill? really?)
I have nothing but love in my heart right now. Hugs for everyone!

Monday, September 6, 2010

dateline: busted!

dateline's on tv. these guys are so dumb. It proves that humanity is basically evil.


It's been a busy, fun, tiring, exciting, and now I'm sleepy. Since I'm so sleepy, I'm gonna make this post a short 'un. Stephan had fun in Rusk, Saturday was nothing exciting, Sunday we saw the Skinners! (Lydia was beautiful and precious and adorable!) Today we had dinner with our new pastor. That was neat. Now I'm sleepy. Goodnight.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bebe and Papa's!

Sad news, my faithful followers. My husband and I will not be getting Justin the donkey. His owner gave him to someone else, who will probably never love and cherish that donkey as much as Noah and I would have. So, friends, my childhood dream is still just as far away.
But it's okay.
Noah and I are at Bebe and Papa's house. Daddy did, indeed, get to go to the South African gathering in Rusk with his father. He will spend the night grilling, laughing, eating meat, speaking Afrikaans, and sleeping in a tent. I will spend the night munching on leftovers, possible shopping with mom, enjoying air conditioning, and hoping Noah can sleep in a new adn different environment all night long. Has anyone else ever noticed how your sweet, well behaved children will only act out when you hope he or she wont? I HOPE Noah doesn't not sleep through the night here...
Last night was a super fun bunco night. I did not have the most wins or the most loses or the most buncos, so I didn't win a prize. I could've won a prize for most mediocre. Maybe.
Tomorrow I join up with my hubby at his parents so that we can travel with them to first Monday in Canton. THE EXCITEMENT NEVER ENDS!! Speaking of exciting, teh Skinners shoudl be in East Texas by now. I already have Noah's outfit picked out for the first time he meets his baby love, the adorable miss Lydia Marie. EXCITED!!
OH MY GOSH, THE DINNER! crap. Friends, we we might be in trouble. you will be filled in later. for now, I have to call my husband urgently.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Justin the donkey

Holy wow this weekend's a big 'un!
Noah's all like, "WAGAGALAALAA-AA" he's so excited. He even made a consonant noise! (da!)
We've got a Cowboys game, playdate, a trip to Canton w/ the in-laws, and, best of all, the Skinners will be here!
"So, why might you be going to Canton this weekend, Colette?" you all ask curiously. "Well, friends," I say in response, "Stephan surprised me yet again with a doozie of a happy surprise."
To explain why this surprise is taking place, let me backtrack to yesterday:
I told Stephan my childhood dream, which is to own a horsey. At the time I was researching what breed of horse I would like to own in my perfect dream world. Sweet Stephan chortled at my childish wish and asked what I might name it, what if it was a pony, where would I keep it, and similar questions like that. (Pudge, I would love a pony! His dad owns a farm, duh!) That night, as we watched Master Chef, Stephan was on the computer and having a conversation with his father. I heard him say "frou", which means wife, so I knew he was talking about me. When he bid his father adieu, he looked at me with his most mischievous smile and asked me if I wanted to see what might possibly be the newest member of our family. He then turned around the laptop to show me a picture of a 2-year old miniature donkey named Justin. (hehe, Justin)
Are you kidding me!!! I freaking LOVE my husband! We're waiting to hear back from the owner, who is giving Justin away for free, so it's not set in stone by any means. But just the fact that Stephan would actually DO something like that to try to fulfill a childhood dream of makes me feel so loved and adored that I could cry!
Now, friends, I am looking for a tiny saddle to fit on my possible future mini-donkey for my little baby boy to ride. PICTURES!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a quickie. (ooh la la)

Noah was taking a nap. He's been asleep for a while, so I thought I'd lay down as well, for I am sleepy. When I passed his room, he was wide awake and slurping noisily on his hands. I gave him his pasi and walked back into the living room, where I now type my update and wait for him to signal that he is ready to eat. Which will be soon.
Went for a walk this morning, accompanied by the lovely Heather and Mary Meadows Marshall. It was a good, sweaty power walk, and I felt a good deal of calories burn off. Stephan, who is lifting weights, just asked if I'd want to go for a walk when he gets done. Man, I'm healthy today. I'm glad I put on makeup...
Tomorrow is playdate day! Noah's talking now. He should be sleeping until 5:30, but I'm gonna go get him now. told you it'd be a quickie.