Tuesday, July 27, 2010

sisters. sisters. There were never such devoted sisters

I have recently given up two things in my life that I very much enjoyed, but that were more detrimental to my lifestyle than complimentary. Last week, animal control took away my hormonal, crazy cat. This week, today, in fact, I have deleted my facebook account. Not just deactivated, my friends, deleted. I did so because I was spending far too much time on the computer snooping through people's lives, most of whom I couldn't care less about in real life. I was not neglecting my baby or household duties, but I was neglecting something even more important. I was spending far more time focusing on strangers and hot gossip than on God. That's never good. Therefore, facebook is out (as tough as it might and will probably be), and I will, instead, spend all the time I would have given to facebook to learn more about my Creator and savior. Here we go... (I did take two hours this morning to go through my pictures and save all the good ones to my computer. they shall soon be sent off to walgreens to be printed and filed away into an actual photo album.)
My sister is here. She's trying her hardest to make Noah smile. He's saying "eh". Oh, now he's smiling. She thinks he has my eyes. Everything else is definitely Stephan, but those eyes are his mothers. yay!!
I love my sister. I'm so stinkin' proud of that woman! I'm praying for her future husband to get here soon and to be a top notch guy, 'cause I think my sister deserves the best. She's moving off to Fort Worth to find her fortune. Bummer.
I have lost my muse, so I'll sign off with a "hopefully I'll see you very very soon, Aubrey, Kevin and baby Lydia!!!!"

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's oh, so quiet

Baby's sleeping. I'll wake him once more for his evening feeding. After that, I'll sing him a lullaby or two, kiss his sleepy forehead, and then put him to bed. After that, mommy's gonna drop into her own beddy-bye and not wake up for several blissful hours. I love this time of night

My friends, God is important. His everything is so important. I don't really live like I believe that. My lack of acting regularly upon my beliefs is a shameful fault of mine that I'm not at all proud of and I sincerely wish to change. It's one of several shortcomings I wrangle with daily, another being adhering to a healthy lifestyle. Is it wrong to ask God to help me love Him? I really do want to want Him, but can I honestly say that I want to want Him more than anything else in this world? I'm going to stop writing about this for now, otherwise I'd have a very long post on my hands, and I have less than half an hour.

I probably shouldn't blog at night. This is when I get deep, moody and retrospective.

Instead of darkening my post any more, I shall sign off with well-wishes for my dear friends; those with babies and those with babies to come!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

neat, nifty necessary needle nose

i should be compiling a list with which to go grocery shopping, but I have decided to take a moment to update the ol' blog while my baby boy is a-nappin'.

cat litter, milk, iron supplements, V8, toilet paper, uhhh...i think there's something else...

as I said, Noah's taking his first nap of the day. During these times, I use the freedom I have to clean the house and get myself ready for the day. sometimes, I forgo the whole "get myself ready" part. If it's unnecessary, that is. Today, however, I'm feeling a hint of overwhelmed-ness. I believe I feel as such because, yesterday, I noticed a nasty build-up of icky in the bathroom and I realized that I have not properly scrubbed those accursed, tiny rooms in a decent while. At the time, I was mere moments away from falling happily into my soft, warm bed and snuggling up next to my handsome, loving husband, so I forced myself not to crack out the bleach and scrub brush then and there. (It wasn't hard to do).
Of course, Now that I have the time to do things like scrub the bathrooms or go grocery shopping (boo!), all I want to do is hop back in bed and do like Noah: sleep like a baby. (ba-dum, tsh!!) But, my friends, Colette M. Du Toit is no slacker! Well, she's not always a slacker! So after I finish this here update of my life in general, I shall go take that load of laundry out of the dryer and start a load of baby clothes, clean the small mountain of dishes in the sink by hand (dish washer's broken), scrub the toilets and sinks, sweep the halls and the stairs, clean the chimney (Cinderella, Cinderella, night and day it's Cinderella...) and then prepare for an outing to Super 1. I can only hope Noah stays asleep long enough for me to complete most of my to do list.
Well, my faithful readers, I am off. Leave me love and I might update more often with such entertaining updates that it will blow your MINDS!

LIFE! I almost forgot life cereal!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

super senses

motherhood has endowed me with some pretty neat-o super senses. I can hear Noah start to rouse from his slumber from across the house. I can smell odors that no one else does (and it drives me crazy!). I'm pretty much supergirl.

Blessed be the glorious God who made me, He is good indeed! This past week, He carefully and lovingly brought two sweet and beautiful baby girls into the lives of their excited parents. Now, He will watch over them every day, just as He watches over Noah and all the other little children. What a great God I serve!

Now, friends, we wait for the next couple to announce their expectancy. This baby boom might have reached its fruition, but I highly doubt that it will be the last. Until that time, let all the joyous playdates, snuggle times, milestones, smiles, coos, and cuddles begin! (as well as the sleepless nights, loads of diapers, fussy eaters, gassy poots, etc...) Baby are such a blessing!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I gots me the intrernets!

To celebrate two months of successful living, Noah got viciously stabbed in the leg three times by a fiend in burgundy scrubs. I took my sister to his check up for moral support, knowing that I might be adversely affected by my infant son's cries of intense pain. My plan did not work so well, 'cause all three of us cried, Noah crying the hardest, of course.
Now, After spending the evening finding comfort from his yucky boo-boo's on his father's loving chest, Noah has settled down in his crib. I will be waking him again at 11:00 to attempt a feeding, but his last one was brief, as his legs were sore and distracted him from his nourishment. My poor baby!
My prayers tonight are for two friends of mine. Both are soon to embark on a joyous, terrifying, and admittedly painful adventure known as giving birth. I have complete faith in God to watch over them both, and I cannot WAIT to meet these sweet little baby girls, though it breaks my heart that it will be at least a month or so before I can meet and hold and love on baby Lydia Skinner. And her mom, too. (don't want to neglect the parents, they might get jealous. That's what Tiffany does. But I just can't help it! Her puppies are too cute and her breath reeks horribly! Melissa dropped one. It cried so loudly. poor Chunky...)
My phone is starving itself of power by refusing to charge, so I might have a pickle of a time keeping in touch with Aubrey and Crisi tomorrow and the day after. Could be troublesome...

To Aubrey and Kevin Skinner: May God bless you both so very much in the days to come. Enjoy every moment with your precious gift, 'cause they pass by so quickly. Even the stinky, not to sweet moments are memorable, so cherish every one! I wish with all my being to be with you to help you celebrate this new stage of life and your marriage, but I hope that my prayers and well-wishes from afar will satisfy until I see ya'll again in person. God bless you!!! I love you both and miss you so stinkin' much!