Thursday, March 31, 2011

revenge of the dudes!

Take THAT, female babies!
(No, I am totally kidding, I am not begin vicious or unloving to any babies at all, much less my sweet little baby girls! but for the sake of this update, yeah, take THAT!)
I say "take that" because Noah met and got to play with another little boy baby today!
                                                        meet Benjamin Scheffron (sp?)
  Benjamin is the son of a kind couple that attends our Sunday School class. It was Crisi that remembered that they, indeed, had a child about the age of ours, so she invited mother Mindy and Benjamin to our playtime today. Isn't he a handsome little darlin'?
     Now friends, Noah loves his lady baby friends. He loves them to death! He holds their hands and accepts their kisses and adoration like a true gentleman. But, truly, he tires of the constant estrogen and it's feminine ways. So, if he's been in the presence of one or more baby girls for too long, he tends to isolate himself and play alone. (They're to dainty and little-girly. They can't handle his manliness.)
         However, when Noah gets to play with Grayson. He will wrestle and crawl over and knock noggins with him until they're both bruised and winded. Since we don't get to play with Grayson nearly as often as we'd like to, it was a real treat to meet another little boy about Noah's age. And Weight.
       It's so fun to watch how different boy babies are form girl babies. Granted, this is not a blanket statement. Not all girl and boy babies are the same, but from my personal experience in observing Noah interacting with Madi, Lucy, Lydia, Mary Meadows, (etc...) vs. Noah interacting with Grayson or Benjamin, it is a very noticeable difference.
     Some for examples: when placed in a play area with one or more girls, Noah will be sweet on them and hold their hand/leg/face, but yet he is reluctant to share his toys. Should a little girl take a toy he was playing with or suddenly decided he wanted, he will look at her like she is crazy and 'gently' take back the toy. (if I let him). In the case of toy theft by another male baby, Noah will proclaim out loud the other child's trespass and his indignation at such a party foul, then promptly wrangle the toy out of the trespasser's hands. (We're working on sharing.) There are also crawl-races. This is a cute one: so, Noah and Grayson, or today Benjamin, will both spot a toy they want across the room. And they're off! First person there gets the toy for a few precious seconds until the runner up arrives and then the wrangling begins. I haven't seen this happen between Noah and a girl baby yet.
"No, please, don't take her away! I'll keep her here. It'll be awesome! Please?"
        Form 7:30 until 12-ish, I watched Madilyn Jane while her mommy worked. It was fun and tiring at the same time. I can easily see myself handling 2+ babies at the once, but today made me really appreciate God for saying "no" to my pleas for twins during my first pregnancy. Both babies played and napped and ate, then played again. (This is me patting myself on the back). Then Crisi got done a-workin' and Mindy showed up with Benjamin and the playing continued. Now Noah's napping again and frankly, I'm pooped. 

      Tonight, we dine at BJ's Brewhouse with the pregnant Emily and Jim Evans. (I've been keeping quite about that knowledge for weeks!! Now I can tell whoever the heck I wanna!) It will be legen-wait for it-dary!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am wise

Those of you that know me well, (or have read most of my blog) know that I am a big fan of Disney and most of their movies. Especially those movie pertaining to princesses and love and romance and pretty dresses. (*sigh*)
   As I am an expert on movies of the pre-described orientation, and as I just finished watching my newest movie, Tangled, I have decided to compose a list of my top seven favorite Disney princess movies. In very strict order, from not as awesome to awesome-est:

 #7: Cinderella
   As this list is my personal opinion, I personally believe that the older Disney movies were "meh". However, When most people think "princess" they think "Cinderella". Cinderella is the classic Disney princess movie. From the singing animals to the instant love connection between the leading lady and her sadly unnamed, yet fantastically talented singer of a prince. My main beef with this otherwise lovely and harmless movie is Cinderella's updo. Is that a sloppy French twist with a sparkly headband? And where the heck are her ears?

#6: Sleeping Beauty.
  This Movie is a favorite of mine for three reasons: the unique art and character stylization of the movie, the hauntingly lovely music, and the prince. Not only does he have a name, but he is the first prince in a Disnay movie with an actual part. Sleeping Beauty/Aurora may be your average, underage-but-doesn't-look-it-at-all princess (if you will recall, the movie takes place on her 16th birthday. I did NOT look like her at 16), but prince Phillip was quite the dashing prince. All in all, a great classic.

#5: Pocahontas
      Yes, yes, yes, Disney was about as accurate in the telling of the story of Pocahontas as the Westboro Baptist church is at displaying real Christianity. (Those people make me feel a deep, deep sadness on behalf of the God and Savior they are so badly exemplifying). That doesn't negate the neat-ness of this movie. If you watch the movie strictly for entertainment value and not for historic content, you get, well, Avatar for the young and young at heart. This is one of my favorite love stories and I love the songs in this movie. (Ask Aubrey. I sang "Just around the river bend" every time we came to a river bend on our trip to the Buffalo river).    

#4: Aladdin
   Princess Jasmine is the reason I begged my mother to dye my hair black as a child. I wanted/want her hair SO BADLY! Other reasons for this movie's position on the line up are the catchy songs, Jasmine's hair, Robin Williams as the voice of Genie, Aladdin's rad, early-90's appropriate dialogue, and Jasmine's hair. I did think Jasmine's outfit scandalous, though. But her hair makes up for it.

#3:The Little Mermaid.
    All my childhood years, anytime I was in a body of water large enough to submerge myself in completely, (i.e.: pools, oceans, bath tubs, etc...) I would pretend that I was a mermaid, and it's all because of this chick. Again, notice the glorious hair, that looks the exact same both wet and dry, and the fact that, once again, we have a princess that is "16". (b freakin' s!) But truly, the songs in this movie are some of my favorites and the action/bad guy gave my big brother nightmares. Therefore, this movie is awesome.

#2: Tangled
   I was skeptical friends. My heart rebelled against the very idea of a computer animated princess tale. I wanted a movie that would do the classics proud, not subvert years of child-like awe and wonder. Friends, this movie did so much better than I thought it would. I love it!! The animation was breath-taking in a way that traditional animation could never be. The characters were lovable or abhorrent, as need be, and the storyline, romance, and songs were beautiful chips of the old, Disney block! I am not pulling anyone's leg when I place this newbie at number 2 on my incredibly accurate count down. It deserves this spot.

                                             And the best movie of all time.....

#1: Beauty and the Beast
All other movies pale in comparison. To this day, I get shivers when I watch the scene at the end when the Beast turns back into his human self and the music rises and he spins around  and the light is shining! (woo hoo!)  Best love story ever. Best music ever. Best dress ever. Best kiss scene of any movie ever. There is little else to be said but, well done, Disney. Well Done.

                And that is my opinion. Feel free to argue, if you wish too. This is, after all opinion and not the Gospel truth.

Monday, March 28, 2011

talkin to aubrey

Chatting on the phone with sister Aubrey.
I'm going to go for a walk today.
I also have to go to the dentist today.
Oh my gosh, today might be miserable!
(I have very sensitive gum lines)

I was eaten by mosquitoes yesterday. 
I guess that means it's skeeter season again.

Hey now, Colette, stop being so glum!
Your life is very blessed, stop being a bum.
You have no reason to sit home and whine,
give glory to God, go out there and shine!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

one of THOSE days

Yup, it's been one of those days for mommy today.
I have complained once before about altogether loathing hormones and the havoc they reek on my emotions. I do not wish to go into detail, because that would be such a downer, but I will say that I have never truly wanted to punch a wall until today. And that's the irritating part about hormones: there was no reason for me to feel this way today! It's my husband's birthday, He loves me, Noah's happy and healthy, we're a happy family and God has blessed us with more than I dare ask Him for. I think knowing the preposterous-ness of my glum blues is part of what makes me irritable.
  Therefore, with prayer and supplication, I hope to end this day on a high note, helping my husband have the best 26th birthday he can have.
       That's another thing, Stephan and his family must not have put much emphasis on birthdays. Or maybe he had a horrifying experience involving celebrating his birth in his childhood. Either way, Stephan does not enjoy calling any special attention to his birthday. I, on the other hand, was raised in the tradition of birthday bashes and bonanzas! We would devote weekends to celebrating the birthday boy or girl in any way, shape, or form that said birthday boy or girl wanted. So to have a husband that I love so much not want to do exciting things on his big day confuses me! But, to make his day as good as possible, I will honor his wishes and pray that he is blessed. I love you, Stephan.
    Now, to entertain Noah   

Friday, March 25, 2011


this is a very urgent matter, and I will be asking for actual replies, for I need your input, America!

                                                                  Which is cuter?

   I know, right??! Cutest things your eyes have seen in a while! (You're welcome, world)
Now, when we go to church Easter Sunday and all those sweet baby girls are done up in their adorable Easter dresses, Noah will be all, "nuh-uh, ya'll aren't the only ones who can get super cute!" and bust out in one of these! Admittedly, it will more than likely be the khaki suit, since that seems more spring/Easter appropriate. But I just couldn't pass up the tuxedo. I mean, come on, a three piece tuxedo for a baby!! I wanna shake the hand of the person who stitched that idea together. (There was even a tux in size 3 months! It was TINY!)
   So please, friends, tell me; which one is cuter?
      Also, enjoy your Friday.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

contemplations of a diseased mind

You know when you look at your husband and you're all like, "heck yeah, God loves me! I married that guy."? I love that feeling.

You know when your house is a bit too cluttered, but you just don't have the energy to care or do something about it? Yeah, I'm there.

You know that indescribable feeling of pure love you get when your baby smiles enormously and then leans in to give you a big, sloppy kiss? I find it is very hard to top that.

You know when you wrap up a long day of fun with good friends? The kind of friends that are clearly blessings from God? I like those days.

You know how my dog, Roxy, is super furry? We're gonna have to shave her soon. It's mid-March, and it's already too hot for her to leave the coolness of the garage from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Poor pooch.

I once again love spaghetti-o's.

You know that feeling of dread you get when you know you have to do something, but it's going to hurt? (Probably a lot) I actually get a rush from that feeling. It's terrifying and exhilarating all at once.

I have to go to the dentist this month. (hence the above contemplation)

I feel well enough to get tired of hanging out at the house, yet I'm not well enough to go do things with people. Stupid rock and hard place...

I'm making boiled eggs! They are done.  Time to go enjoy.

I hope that everyone who reads this has a top-notch day!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am sick.
I am sleepy sick.
I am sleepy, snotty sick.
Woe is me!

   But on a happy level, my husband who loves me went grocery shopping last night, while I was home sick, and stocked up our pantry and fridge. We have so much food, I don't know where to start. I open the frigerator and get overwhelmed. A good kind of overwhelmed, I guess.
    The Skinners are in town. We got to chill with them yesterday. It was fun. Aubrey was a little less sick than I was then. She's probably a lot less sick than I am now. :(
   Friends, I am losing interest in typing, 'cause I am sick.  Noah should be asleep soon. I will be sleeping then, too. So, pray for me, please. I have need of energy. God bless you all!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Captive Air 5 Ft Vent Hood System with Fire Suppresion


Tis Saturday. Noah had one heck of a crazy night at Bebe's and Papa's last night. We went to pick him up at 9 after enjoying a fun night at the Smiley's. We walk in to find Noah hangin' out with everybody in the living room. At 9 o' clock at night. His bed time is at 7. Granted, he didn't have his pj's, or his pasi, or his blankie, and it was probably way too bright in his room, but still, my parents are such softies. You softies! Don't worry, I forgive you. :)
   Now, on this glorious Saturday, Stephan is finishing up the deck and I am calling Aubrey as I type. Let's see if we can make some fun plans for-nope, she didn't answer. Oh well, I'll pester her a little later. I think I'll make tacos for lunch. Eww, tacos.
     God bless you all today!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I am exhaust!

I am so far past tired that I am exhausted. I cannot sleep yet, because I don't want to pass on my active son to his injured father. (Stephan dropped a large piece of heavy, sharp tile on his ankle and now it's swollen and nicely gashed.) Therefore, I write as Noah plays in his excersaucer. Exercauser? whatever.
   The reason I am tired is a very happy one. I had a house full of friends and their babies! This morning I went to pick up the lovely Aubrey and Lydia from Gilmer. As soon as we got back to the house, Noah and Lydia talked amongst themselves and decided to forgo napping. So, instead, we chatted and played and then ate some lunch. Then, happily, Ashley Johnson and sweet Lauren stopped by on the way to their fun play date. After that, We went outside and Noah and Lydia swung on the swings. (swung? swang? swinged?) Then Sheryl showed up and the playdate began. There was more swinging, lots of baby chatter and cute pictures taken, but none by me, because I'm dumb. The only pictures I got were poorly lit and at bad angles. After a good, long playtime, Lydia and Noah both crashed hard, then woke up, then crashed once again and took pretty decent naps. After Lucy and Sheryl left, Heather and Mary Meadows arrived, (they brought Andy's!)  and Noah ran away as Lydia and Mary Meadows became best friends. I really do think Noah got tired of all the girls!
        And that is why I'm tired. It was a super full day!
       To end, I shall show you a picture of Noah being so cute.

Yeah, I couldn't' choose which one was cuter. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


once again, Noah is politely declining to nap by continuing a conversation in his crib after I have laid him down to rest about an hour ago.
  In other news, I successfully talked myself into wanting to eat some leftover beef stew for lunch today. I don't want to sound spoiled, but I am not a fan of leftovers. If at all possible, I always prefer to eat freshly cooked, first-time-warmed food. It's just more appetizing to me. (The only exception to this unspoken rule of mine is lasagna. Lasagna is always good.) So to have two sizable helpings of two different dinners chillin' in my fridge is sad for me, because I know I'll probably end up throwing them out. (Stephan feels about the same way as I do in regards to old food) The good news is, we have dogs.
       Now that I have eaten old stew, I want chocolate.
Wednesday, friends! that means tomorrow's Thursday and that means that I gets to see me some Aubrey! That little sneak! She totally surprised me last night by showing up at our house. Noah was asleep and Lydia had stayed with Aubrey's mom, so for a night, it almost felt like we were a couple of crazy and childless girls again, just hanging out and stuff. It was fun, but as always, I wouldn't trade in my current life for anything.

       NOW, to find something sweet to eat.

Monday, March 14, 2011

seriously, toys are overrated.

Who needs to spend hundreds of dollars on childhood toys when simple household items can occupy a baby for lengthy spans of time. For example:
Yup. That's Noah playing peekaboo behind his bedroom curtain. I know, precious, right?!?

So, Monday again. It was the normal routine at the Du Toit house. Nothing exciting to report, save for the adorable video above. And since Aubrey seems to have trouble with watching the videos I upload, I'm going to include pictures of peekaboo:
where's Noah?
There he is!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

mighty tasks at hand!

Stephan and I both set our minds on completing a job that really needed to be done. Both jobs are outdoors and both have been pressing on our minds for a long time now. This is Stephan's chore:
                                                              And This is mine:
   Stephan has, as I've said before, been working on the back yard. As you can see in his task picture, today he is working on the fence. Psh. "work", right?
   As for me. I had the arduous job of wrangling my puppy, lashing her to a post, and then trying to keep her still while chopping away at her matted winter fur with a pair of shears and our old doggie trimmers. She had some mats on her that were so solid, they could have qualified as horns. And on top of that, Toby was right in my face with his mopey snout, 'cause I made the mistake of showing them the leash I was using to tie up Roxy, which meant to Toby that he was about to go for a walk. I let him down today. I hope he'll forgive me.
     Needless to say, we picked a BEAUTIFUL day to work in the great out doors. I finished my job in less than half an hour. Stephan might be outside for a while... Noah took this chance to nap.

  Last night, Ouma and Oupa came into town to watch Noah while Stephan and I dated. He charmed the socks off of those two. That's my boy!

    I will give praise to God, 'cause He made this one heck of a beautiful day!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bummer, man

   Dear, sweet, precious Lydia Marie is sick.
I lament this sadly because I was so stoked to see her today! And her mommy, too. What is it with babies only contracting illness when you don't want them to? Noah's done that twice. But I can't pour out all my pity on little Lydia, her poor daddy's even worse off. (shout out, K-skinner. Praying for you too, buddy).
     Now that the plans Aubrey and I neatly planned for today have fallen apart, I have to quickly reshuffle things and figure out what I am to do now. It's strange how once you've set your mind on doing something, i.e.: going out to do things, you really really want to do that thing, even if plans change. All of this only makes me think about how the Bible tells us not to plan our lives out according to our wants. He knows what He wants us to do and to be doing. Obviously, it was not God's plan for Aubrey and I to hang out and go visit Ashley, so we can't do it.
     What would You like me to do today, Lord? I'm up for anything.
 I might still go see Ashley. It's always a joy to visit with her, even if Aubrey's not there.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

I almost didn't add this, but I have to, it's too sweet.
This is not a posed picture. Noah and Lucy just wanted to hold hands.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

a trip to South Africa and then New Zealand!

Man, I would love to take a trip to visit South Africa and then New Zealand. That would be neat.
Friends, readers, followers; I'm sorry for the lack of pictures lately. I feel like pictures are entirely necessary when I am typing about some fun, new, or exciting event/occurrence that has happened or that I have otherwise taken part in. When life is nice and slow and the excitement levels are low, there just aren't any pictures to be taken. I am not complaining, though. This life God gave me, the one I am living, is so wonderful that even in the tough times I consider myself blessed.
    Well, friends, I did not go for a walk yesterday, due to the rain, and this morning, my walking buddy was unavailable. I'm starting to feel lethargic. I guess it's time I hop on the 'ole treadmill. Bleh. I don't like treadmilling near as much a walking in the great outdoors. It's way boring-er.
      Well, Noah's asleep and I'm having a ridiculous amount of trouble typing today. For example: this is a line of typinf that I am typing withougt backspacing once to shoe you all how itritating typing with favke nails ais.
So worth it! My hands look hot!

    Be blessed, you readers! Today if glorious! GAAAAHHHH! NAILS!!! 

Monday, March 7, 2011

so I fell asleep with my contacts in last night...

     Happy Monday morning to you all!
It's cold again. Boo, cold! But on a brighter note, I think I found a cavity in my mouth, so now I've got to schedule an appointment with the dentist to get that bad boy fixed up. BOOO! Seriously, the dentist is my least favorite doctor to see. A visit to the dentist means a visit to the pain-maker. My teeth are sensitive to cold stuff, can you imagine how much more sensitive they are to sharp, pointy scrapers and drills attacking them? However, I'd rather a miserable morning of pain and anguish than nasty, pitted teeth. And, if I perish, I perish.
      Aubrey's in town! time to celebrate! I plan on monopolizing her time spent in Tyler like the selfish, jealous friend that I am. :)  No, I'm kidding. I know there are lots of peeps who are looking forward to seeing her and loving on Lydia. Therefore, I shall practice the same practice that we're practicing with Noah: sharing! (See what I did there with practice? Now it sounds weird to say. Practice, practice, practice)
       And now, why it is totally cool to not have to try to people please when I'm defending the faith, from Galatians 1:10;
      "Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ."
Good point, Paul. Well said.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

And now I want something salty

It's taking a whole lot of will power for me not to pop a bag of delicious, rich in sodium popcorn right now.
     I'm not hungry, but I would like to eat something right about now. My cravings swing from sweet to salty, and I'm not even pregnant. It's like I'm not satisfied and content until I'm stuffed to the point of discomfort. Then, of course, I hate myself for getting to that point. (stupid, delicious baby back ribs!) This weird, never-full feeling lasts about a week (usually) and swings around about once a month, and I can not wait for it to pass.
       But on to less irritating, tmi-type news;
 Stephan has been a-workin like a dog on our back yard for a few days now. He's spent most of his day thus far out there. I don't envy him; it's chilly! I realize it's only March and that Spring is still weeks away, but I was very happy with the warm weather and downright pouty when I saw this weekend's forecast. Anywho, Stephan is going to transform our dog pen of a back yard into a child's dream play area. Already, as seen in previous posts, we (he) have put up a few swings for swinging. Next, he's going to finish the fence. Then, grass will be laid down, then, a deck will be built off our bedroom, then the rest of the fun, entertaining playthings will be installed. My hope and Stephan's goal is for our backyard to be a safe, fun haven for all tots by Noah's first birthday.
I have made the plans already for Noah's 1st celebration of birth! Family and Friends shall be separated into two parties, so as to control the numbers. (my mom's side alone is 36 people). Family will be celebrating at Bebe and Papa's home, while the smaller party of friends will be at our place. Now, some people might think a first birthday is altogether stupid, since the birthday boy or girl will never remember it, while others go hog-wild planing a party that will be spoken of with jealous tones for years to come. I, with my beliefs, land in the middle of these two extremes, leaning slightly towards the larger party party. Sure, Noah will never remember this birthday, but I want to celebrate my first child's first year of successful living! On that note, friends and family, prepare!
    Now, I am going to drink a lot of water. that might help fool my stomach into thinking it's full.   

Thursday, March 3, 2011


To Aubrey and Lydia,
Noah would like to have it made known that he was not, in any means, the instigator of the action taken in the photo below. In fact, he was hardly a willing participant. That being said, this is the cutest picture I have ever taken!!!!!!
It's Noah's first kiss!
      At our usual playtime get together today, Madi and Crisi were the first to arrive. We set Noah and Madilyn down to play together. Madi instantly reached out her arms for Noah, for she was so happy to see him! Noah was excited about her firefly toy. Madi gave Noah a few sweet kisses, one of which I miraculously caught on camera, before Noah grew self conscious and made a quick get away. Afterward, Madi showed little interest in loving on Noah. But it was too late. her affection has been made known, and the proof is in the picture; which I shall now store safely until they are 16 years old.
     And Now, a picture of Lucy with piggy-tails:
I am a super cute big sister!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

this one goes out to that handsome fella

and by "handsome fella", I really mean my husband.
      Friends, I post constantly about my baby and me and sometimes I mention this husband of mine that I favor. I have come to think that I do not pay enough respect to Mr. Stephan Handsome Du Toit, or to how much I love him. So, for this post, I will wax poetically on the love I have for the man God lumped me with.
 Second only to God, Stephan is my first love. (so, second love, I guess). He's the apple of my eye.
 He's a joy to be around. He makes me laugh so hard sometimes, and sometimes, he makes me want to hit him. But even when we are miffed and angry at each other, I want peace to be made as soon as possible because I love him so much that I don't' want any space between us emotionally.
     This guy is my best friend (sorry, Brizzle). There isn't anyone in the world I'd choose to spend time with over him.
    In the time we've know each other, we've had so much fun! Yes, there have been 'downs' to counter balance our 'ups', but they are nothing in comparison to the joy we find in each other.
     Even though he's large and intimidatingly muscled, he's sweet and caring almost to a fault sometimes. (He often tips way too much.) He tans super easily, his hair grows like a weed, he has these beautiful blue eyes that, thankfully, he passed on to his son, and he's tall.
   And, oh, what a father he is to his son! Since that first moment of day one, he has showered copious amounts of love and affection on his baby boy. As Noah grows and changes, I can see the pride Stephan takes in his son shining in his eyes! Noah and any future children we have are darn lucky to have this guy as a dad. 'Cause he's an awesome dad.
       This year, it will be our 4th year of married bliss and our 5th year of knowing each other. Friends, in my book, that guy deserves an even bigger stocking. So whenever you read this, Mr. Du Toit, please know that Mrs. Du Toit has the hots for you and values you so very much. You really are a beautiful person in Christ. I love you and I'm proud of you.