Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Let my nerd flag fly

Friends, I just may be about to embarrass myself with this particular post, but if y'all can forgive me for writing a blog dedicated to ranking my favorite Disney princesses, then you should be alright with this one.
First, I'll start with a confession: I'm a tiny bit of a comic book fan. Well, I was one, back in the day. I no longer spend any amount of time perusing the comic book selves or checking out stats of various superheroes online, but there was a time I did those things. I don't know why. May be it was the draw of the stylized visions of human/meta human perfection that I envied and could only find in the pages of a comic. Maybe I just thought that those dudes in the painted on "spandex" suits were hot. Or  maybe it was the idea of heroes actually existing that I would still love to see. Wouldn't that make things like natural disasters and cataclysmic, horrible events so much better if there were superheroes who could swoop in and stop the collapsing buildings or save the trapped innocents?
  Anyways, In honor of finally being able to watch Superman: Man of Steele on DVD in the comfort of my own home (thank you for my new movie, honey!), and having my old superhero fan-girl revived, I decided to waste a nap time buy listing my top 9 personal favorite super heroes in order from least to most favorite. (Also, I'll be sticking to mostly DC comics and not Marvel, 'cause those kooks are too confusing, and I'll be drawing from all medium of entertainment; comics, cartoons, and movies). Let us begin:
Number 9: Aquaman
How is that get up practical for any activity, much less fighting crime?
 People knock Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, far too often. They ridicule him for a variety of reasons, mainly because his powers are lame and he's only useful close to or in water. However, in modern retelling of his story, Aquaman is actually super cool with very formidable powers. Also, he's one of the very, very, very few comic book heroes who is faithfully married, and considering the wealth of scantily clad crime-fighting women he works with, that's a big feat. Despite his impressive monogamy and improved status in the comic world, he's still only #10 because he's still only super useful in/around water. Lame.

Number 8: Green Arrow
Only in costumed crime fighting could a grown, heterosexual man wear shiny leather and be considered "cool"
 As you will see later on in the line up, I appreciate those heroes whose only abilities are their own strength of body, mind, and character. Oliver Queen is (tell me if this sounds a bit familiar) a billionaire playboy who uses his wealth to equip  himself with a unique and stylized arsenal of weaponry so as to fight crime using a masked alter-ego. (I know, right? Sounds sadly familiar. He even had a secret hideout called the "arrow cave" in the beginning, and I'm not even kidding). However, he, siilar his apparent idol and life model, is out there facing down the bad guys with only his strength, wits, and a bow and arrow. That takes a certain kind of crazy bravery.   

Number 7: Captain America
 'MERICUH! It would be unconstitutional, unpatriotic, and mean of me to not include the all-American hero in this line up. And I really do like the guy. The recent movie, in which Steve Rodgers is well portrayed by Chris Evans, did a good job of capturing what is so darn likable about this guy in the comics: he's an all-around good guy. As American as baseball and apple pie, Captain America might not posses the extreme super-abilities that many of his compatriots do, but he's still an opponent to be reckoned with. And the theme song to his 1960's cartoon is catchy.   

Number 6: Green Lantern
Not the movie. I repeat, not the movie. I mean, good try and all, WB, but I was left sad and lacking, despite your headache-inducing amount of special effects. The story felt rush, full of holes, and wishy-washy.
The comic book  version(s) of the green lantern are mucho gusto. Hal Jordan, the guy pictured above, is a stand up, brave guy who was selected to be the first human on this intergalactic police force-type organization call the Green Lanterns. Why is green such a popular color among super heroes? I don't know. But accordig to the Green Lantern books, green is the color of will, which lanterns utilize to use their rings to create constructs of their minds. You'd really have to dig in to a few GL comics to grasp his character, but I like him, so he's number 6.   

Number 5: The Flash

He doesn't just run fast, he moves fast. He can move so fast that he can vibrate his molecules through solid objects, like walls and armor and stuff. Also, he's the lighthearted, good natured, humorous type of guy that can liven up a dark situation with his quick wit and upbeat attitude. I really got to liking the Flash back when I used to watch the Justice League cartoon. (Strangely, he was perfectly voiced by the same guy that played live-action Lex Luthor on Smallville.) So race on, Scarlet Speedster, you're alright in my book.    

Number 4: The Hulk

The only other Marvel character that I don't like only because of his awesome movie. Bruce Banner's story so so tragic that I just want to hug the guy! And the Hulk is a very unique "hero" in that there aren't a lot of semi-mindless monster-types out there inadvertently doing good while rampaging through cities. ( I say "hero" and semi-mindless because the various writers that have worked with the Hulk's character throughout the years have changed his metal capabilities and his status as hero or anti-hero often.) Overall, I love me a flawed character with good intentions. And Edward Norton was my favorite Bruce Banner. (No offense, Mark Ruffalo. All offense intended, Eric Bana.) 

Number 3: Wonder Woman
Do you know hard it is to find an image of Wonder woman (or any super heroine, for that matter) that is not extremely sexual? I'd like to see a woman fight crime in anything that's not tiny or skin tight.
WONDER WOMAN! WONDER WOMAN! Good for you, Diana Prince, Amazon princes and ambassador to the U.S., you made my list. You're all about truth, justice, and equality. You're a symbol of feminism without being overly obnoxious about it. And without any gimmicks or the use of your feminine whiles, you can hang and fight with the big boys. Heck, your sparring partner is Superman! I like you, Wonder woman. And good for you for finally getting with the man that I have always envisioned as your perfect match. And thank you, CD comics, for making that happen.

Number 2: Superman

This was a close one, it honestly was. I love me some Superman. He's the ultimate, perfect superhero. Everyone knows who he is. He truly is the original superhero. He embodies the perfection that all mankind wishes to be. And even with all the power and might and strength and inhuman abilities that he has, as Kansas-raised Clark Kent, he's as approachable, humble, and considerate a guy you'd ever wish to meet. There is no wrong with this man and somehow, that's totally appealing instead of obnoxious! As far as powers go, I really don't think there's anyone better, DC or Marvel.  Also, I loved his movie, and Henry Cavill is Superman.
 So why is he here instead of at the very top? I'll show you why:

Number 1:
Na-na-na-na-NA-nana na-na-na-na-NA-nana na-na-na-na-NA-nana

I have always enjoyed batman, but it wasn't until Nolan created the greatest trilogy in film history that I truly came to appreciate the awesomeness that is Batman. His story, his drive, his sadness, his passion, his awesome hand-to-hand combat skills, the way he sounds like his vocal chords were severely damaged whenever he's wearing the's just neat to me. No, he's not super-powered, but he smarter, stronger, more skilled and richer than I will ever be, so I can still look up to him. Also, whereas Superman is the perfect good-guy, Batman is the dark anti-hero who thrives on darkness, fear, and the element of surprise. Those two couldn't be any more different, and yet, because both are unquestionably dedicated to justice, they're besties! I look forward with eager anticipation to the next Superman movie, mainly because Batman will be in it (even if Batman is Ben Affleck. I've been surprised before. Again, Mark Ruffalo). All in all, it's the fact that a "mere mortal" can work on par and in league with the likes of Superman, The Flash, and, yes, Aquaman, that has me ranking Bruce Wayne as Numero Uno on my list.

The end. Feel free to tell me what you think the list should look like.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

I have 10 Minutes

I have now less than 10 minutes to cram my thoughts into this blog post, so buckle up!

Well, honestly, this might be a rather easy feat, as not too much excitement has happened in out lives. All around us, people are poppin' out babies left and right, but here in the Du Toit household, the only cataclysmic event that has transpired lately was a tragedy.
Y'all remember Ecto Kitty, right?
 Him and his short-lived sister showed up while we were still at my parents. From the get-go, we knew that he was a special cat. 
 He was snuggly, playful, insanely patient with both our boys, and clearly loved to be loved.
 He was also the strangest sleeper and always was extremely flatulent. Like, disgustingly so.
I promise Witten was not choking the cat in this picture, just hugging him around the neck with his hands.
 No matter how rough our boys were with that sweet cat, he never bit or clawed or became mean. He wouldn't even run away. He'd just lay there and take it while crying like a little baby. And boy, did I love having a cuddly cat again.
Well, Ecto passed away this past week. This is the first time I've been truly saddened by a pet's passing in years. He's buried in our back yard and neither of the boys seem to truly grasp what all of it means, but Stephan and I are bummed. He was a great cat.
  We'll miss you, Ecto-kitty.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Overwhelmed and overjoyed

I have so much to catch up on, both reading and writing, that I decided to worry about catching up on the blogs I follow later and focus on you, dear readers. You're welcome.
  (Side note: it is so nice to be reading this on a big computer screen and typing with an actual keyboard. I've come to really loathe smartphones.)

Per usual, I have an assortment of pictures to help with my story telling, so prepare to witness my life in the past month and some with a bit of visual aid. With that being said; brace yourselves, pictures are coming.

As of my last blog, we were still at my parents' house, enjoying their satellite tv and free rent.
Showin' daddy luvins.
 I tell you, friends, it was a good run. We did enjoy our time there, and we will always be grateful to my parents for putting up with us for as long as they did, but boy howdy, was I glad to move into my own house!
And move we did! Our house wasn't (and still isn't completely) finished when we moved in, but gosh, do I love this house. My, how God has blessed us with this home. There's plenty of room, a beautiful setting, a great yard, and my own stinking closet! I promised you pictures of the finished product, and I will deliver, but I haven't taken any yet, so y'all are just gonna have to be patient.
  Anyways, we moved in about mid-August, just in time for us to prepare for one of the biggies as far as parenting goes: the first day of (pre-)school!
It was hard to get Mr. camera-hog out of the pictures for Noah's first day of school shot. Somebody takes after his mother and really like the camera.
  Noah started preschool at Colonial Hills Baptist church and, as far as I can tell, he's loving it. He's been pretty tight-lipped about the experience so far, but from what I can coax out of him, he's making new friends and learning about letters and going to chapel. And, while Noah's being such a big boy at school, me and Witty-bit get to spend some one-on-one time together. I'm loving it! Witten is such a ham and so sassy, yet snuggly. I'm really discovering his personality during these mornings when big brother's not around to influence him in any way. He's a hoot.
  And then, friends, we went to the beach!
Too cool. So ready.
 The weather was perfect. The house was beautiful. The beach was spectacular. The food was impeccable. The company was sublime. The jellyfish and sand flies were only minor irritants. In short, it was phenomenal.   
Witten's first day on the sand, he wasn't so sure of things.

Just like last time, Noah loved it

Our house! that beautiful house!


the view from out front deck was stunning. The first day we were there, we watched a couple get married two houses to our left.

We loved begin there with Bebe and Papa and Aunt Melissa and Uncle Justin.

We went kite flying an para-sailing. We all enjoyed trying new things on this trip.

Yup. ALL of us tried new things.
 Just looking at those pictures makes me yearn for the beach again! Though I pledge here and now, as my God and my readers as my witnesses, we will never again drive anywhere that requires us to be on the road for longer than 3 hours, tops. Next vacation we take, we are flying. But painfully long road trip aside, it was a wonderful family vacation.
   Then we returned to real life and got back to going to school, putting our house together, attending church, and hangin' with good friends.
 Then, right before life got too routine, I got to do something I've only done once, but I absolutely love doing: I got to be a bridesmaid!
My hairstylist is super skilled. And pretty.

See? It runs in the family.
 My sissy-poo was the hairstylist to the bride, and I got to crash at her pad for the weekend, so I got to see a lot of my little sister. I miss that girl. She's such a sweetheart and a fun friend and she lives too far away.  Melissa was my date for the wedding and, though both of us wished that our guys could be there, I think we seriously enjoyed ourselves. I certainly did! The pre-ceremony and ceremony was, for the most part, fun and stress-free for all involved. My dear friend and the happy bride, Sarah, was absolutely beautiful in her gown. And to top it off, the reception was a blast and  I got to dance like no one was watching! And to top it all off, the cake was strawberry! I wish I could have taken a layer home in a to-go box, 'cause it was literally the best tasting wedding cake I have EVER tasted. Good choice, Sarah Rega. Good choice.
Le beautiful bride and I after getting our hair did.
 And now, dear readers, I have returned to living normal life, and you are all caught up. I tell you what, readers, God is so kind. I see blessings all around me every day of my life. His blessings are almost routine with how constantly and graciously He pours them out on us. Even when trials or scary news or sad times come around, 'cause they do, I can see God working in them and through them to cause spiritual growth and to ultimately bring us even more blessings. I am ashamed by how few times a day I think to stop and thank God for his kindness. And to really be still and soak in the beauty of this life I'm living; this life God has given me. 
  Forgive me, Lord for my shortcomings. Thank You, loving Father, for more than making up for my weakness with your unyielding strength. For covering my flawed nature with your perfect love. For perfectly loving me, despite my floundering love for You. And thank You, Lord, for these guys:

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Or, more accurately, Noah!
Noah has been wearing big boy underwear since the beginning of this year, and yet sometimes, it still feels like we're potty training. He'll go a few days to a few weeks with no accidents, dry underwear all day long, and even dry pull ups in the morning, but every once in a while, he'll have a stint of relapse for a couple of days that results in a serious crack down on potty training from Mommy. Honestly, I'm getting real tired of it. I'm trying my best to be patient, but Lord knows it's hard to be patient when he obviously knows how to do it right and then just doesn't. I could just spit!
  *happy thoughts, Colette, happy thoughts*
My husband is amazing.
I've said it before (often), but I'll say it again and again. He is super awesome! Our new house has been under renovations for almost 2 months now, and the progress that man has made it stunning!
  You doubt?
Fine then, readers, let me show you a miniscule glimpse into the beautiful and yet still incomplete transformation our house is undergoing. I give you, a before and after shot of our kitchen, sans counters, back splash, and flooring:
Before: dated, old fashioned, laminate flooring.

not-quite after: fresh, clean, beautiful, I love it and it's not even done yet!
Look at that! The man took out the stove with cabinets under it as well as the old oven and made shelves for my numerous cook books (*a-wink*) and a space for a oven/stove combo. Bye-bye, cranky, old vent-a-hood, hello shiny, new microwave! And just you wait until I post pictures of this with the back splash tile we picked out! I'm so excited!
   I thank you, Lord, for giving us this house. We don't deserve it. You are so kind and gracious to us to bless us with any home at all, much less one so so perfectly wonderful for my family! Please give Stephan the strength and perseverance he needs to finish this house. You are so good to me. Amen!

  More pictures of our new abode will be posted once I have actual "afters", but to sign off, I just wanted to include this adorable picture of a super-cheeky Kyle being silly/sassy:  
Oh, hello. I didn't realize you were there! *wink*
Be blessed, readers!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New excuse for lack of posts

I have a new idea as to why I've been so lazy with the blog updating: whenever I have down time, I want to relax physically and mentally. When the boys take their naps (if both do), then I like to read or nap or watch a show or movie. Wow, as I type it, it sounds horrible lazy and selfish.
Therefore, I pledge to make a more conscious effort to update this bad boy. Not just for you, dear readers, but for me. I have mentioned before that this blog is a way for me to remember things. Things like what life was like when I was young and the boys were little and so on and so forth. Knowing my terrible memory, I won't be able to recall what happened on the 24th of July, 2013, in two days, much less several years. So, even if it's a quick update with no pictures, I'll let you (and future me) in on what has happened since our last update.
  We're still at my parents' house, though Stephan has been working like a dog to get our new house ready for us, and he's been slowly moving our things from mom and dad's extra garage to ours. Noah and Witten are fantastic at being brothers. They do everything that brothers are supposed to do; play together, wrestle, fight, tattle on each other, and even dance together. Stephan and I love it so much!
  Of the two cats that found us  week or so ago, Feter, the girl cat, has "found a new home", as we tell Noah, while Ecto has become the highlight of Noah and Witten's days. Stephan and Papa argue about who the cat's going to end up with once we move out. I know that this is a moot point, and the real argument will soon be where we should install a kitty door in our new house for Ecto to stroll through, because Stephan loves that kitty to pieces.
 Now, Witten is starting to stir from his nap, so I must go. Enjoy your bit of updating, readers!
Be blessed!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Too many pregnant people!

 As I type, an invitation to a gender reveal party flutters meekly on my desk in the breeze from the overhead fan. To my current knowledge, I have almost a dozen friends expecting a baby. Pictures of precious baby bumps cover my facebook news feed like cute wall paper. While I am excited for every one of my pregnant friends, I am mildly jealous. Yes, I have a smidge of the baby fever. Praise God, it's not a raging fever so as to overwhelm my mind and consume my every waking thought, but it is a persistent longing. I know that I will be able to wait patiently on the Lord's timing, 'cause He's enabling me to. So, until the time comes for Du Toit baby number three to get underway, I will be content to live vicariously through my friends' pregnancies.
I guess I could relish my time with the kids I already have, too. Maybe.
  But seriously, though, yesterday afternoon, my mother, sons and I were overjoyed to find two adorable, small kitties rubbing at our ankles and begging for affection. And food. Both of which we happily supplied. Friends, I could not have asked for more perfect cats for my family. (No, they're not quite ours, per say. We're just acting like they are. We'll see what happens once we move.)These cats are impossibly patient with my sons' rough lovin', quick to purr, love to be snuggled, and love to play. They are the perfect cats! Noah and Witten are in love with them! Noah named them Ecto and Feter. Ecto's a boy and Feter's a girl. After a day and a half of treasuring these two kitties, we step outside to find Ecto, no Feter. Is is wrong to pray for God to bring back a kitten we're had for one day? 'Cause I already have. Several times. Poor Feter! I hope she's okay! Please, loving God, bring back our new kitty safely!
   It's late. I'm going to bed. Good night, readers! Be blessed!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Pro's and Con's

In this life, there are things that I excel at. So much so that you might call me a "pro" in that field. On the other hand, there are areas in life that I am not that good at. At all.
You doubt?
Some examples:
 When it comes to mothering, I cannot claim to be the best, but I'm pretty good at it. My children are alive, they're pretty well behaved, they mind me most of the time, and they love me and give me kisses. Win
 On the flip side of that house-wifery coin, I'm lousy in the kitchen. So as to not be to hard on myself, I will say that there are a few dishes that I am pretty good at making with consistent success, though they'd hardly qualify as "well rounded" or "healthy" (Here's looking at you, lasagna), but for the most part, If I can produce an okay meal in a timely manner every other day, I'm satisfied. Below is my attempt to make "easy" home made whipped cream.
Yeah, that's butter.
 So, dear readers, if you ever see me out and about, looking lovely and well groomed, with my handsome husband and two adorable, loveable boys (This usually only happens at church. Once a week ain't bad), and you think to yourself, "Gee, that girl's got it all together. Is there anything she can't do?"
  Yes. Yes, there is.
There are many things most woman with average intelligence should be able to do with little effort, but I simply cannot. Decorating. Organizing. Picking an adorable color scheme for a room. Dressing fashionably. Properly mending clothes. You get the idea.
  But I'm okay with it. God created me with a mind meant for concocting bedtime stories and memorizing Disney songs. I'll gladly continue to excel where I am gifted and bumble hopelessly along where I am not.

Now for a cute story!
Last night, after a fun and very full day of celebrating Independence and stuff, Stephan and I were preparing the boys for bed. When we split them up and each handle one, we can get them in bed sooner. I had finished dressing Witten and took him to the bathroom in Noah's room to brush his teefers. Though it wasn't supposed to be my duty last night, I ended up brushing Noah's, too. Anyways, after teeth brushing, the usual course of action is to taking Witten to his crib while Stephan tucks Noah into his bed. This night, for some reason, was special.
  Stephan and I, as if sharing a single brainwave, decided to tuck Witten into bed with Noah. We then sang them their lullabys and wished them good night before slowly backing out of the room, watching the boys the whole time to see what they thought of this strange new arrangement. 
    The whole time, neither older nor younger brother did absolutely anything. Both stared, wide-eyes and motionless as we led them to believe that they were going to be left in that state the whole night long. I honestly think that had we actually left them like that, they would have had a ball, tearing it up and playing like lunatics until they crashed from sheer exhaustion on the floor. 
 Instead, we took a few cute pictures and then separated them. I'm so glad they like each other for the most part. Such sweet boys God has given me!
Okay, God, now for the girl. These boys need a little sister to dote on and protect! Someday, Lord, someday.

Be blessed, dear readers!

Friday, June 28, 2013

The farm

We went to the farm today!
Kyle was trying to encourage Witten to hurry up.
 With 13 children in 13 car seats dispersed amongst 5 cars, most of our regular playgroup headed to my in-laws' dairy to pet goats, ride ponies, and eat a picnic.
Noah took some coaxing to get on a pony. They were such sweet ponies, too! I want one!
 Sias and Marlene asked a friend of theirs who shoes horses for a living if she would bring out some of her tamest ponies for the toddlers to ride, and she kindly agreed!
This is Polka Dot the mommy pony.
 Every willing child got to ride the ponies as many times as they wanted. Even cousin Bear got to "ride" for a while. Honestly, I think Witten enjoyed it more than Noah.
Ride little horsey! And yes, that's a baby pony next to the mommy pony. It was as sweet and pet-able as a puppy. I almost tried to sneak it home in the minivan.
 The goat herd was resting right on the other side of the fence where we were eating lunch. The kids loved them!
Kyle could contain his excitement!
It was very warm, indeed, but I believe everyone who went had fun. And all the mommies got to take home a free bar of goats milk soap. Many of them also bought a fresh gallon of milk. (Cow's milk, not goat milk) I got a half-pint of cream. Just straight-up cream. If anyone knows what to do with cream of cow, please let me know!
  Now, I must rest. That trip took a lot outa me!
Be blessed, readers!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Just so you know that I'm alive-

We went to the zoo this morning with the Skinners and the Hydes, minus the daddies. It was very muggy and fun, and quite a bittersweet time for all. You see, the Hydes are heading up to Wichita Falls in 6 days to start a new page in life. They've only been here for around 2 years, yet they have become close friends to us. Most touching of all is how close Wyatt and Noah are.
   Since the get-go, Noah and Wyatt were best buds.
This was their first meeting.
 Anyone can easily tell that Noah and Wyatt are best friends. Noah gets excited just thinking about seeing Wyatt. Considering how much Noah loves his little buddy, I can tell that this is going to be a hard separation.
Their last outing to the zoo.
  Meredith and Rob will also be sincerely missed by many folks in the Tyler area. I hate that they have to move, but it's been made very clear that Wichita Falls is where God wants them, so you can't argue that. I do hope and pray that the distance will not extinguish the friendship our families have formed, 'cause it's a good one.
   All that to say, we will miss you, Hydes. Please don't be a stranger! And also, be open to spontaneous visits. I foresee a few in our futures. Most of all, may God bless all of you richly in this next stage of life you are entering. I sure will miss you guys.

  Now, to plan 6 more days of action-packed fun!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Prepare for words.

Stephan is at basketball practice. That makes me smile. He joined our church's brand new team that plays in a city-wide church league. Assuming the best, the Sylvania team charged the court for their first game last week and were handed a powerful loss by a team of super-ninja ballers. After this loss, and in looking at their future competition, the team decided that it might be best for them to start weekly team practices. I love it that Stephan is doing this. He deserves some manly, down-time activity. Also, I really want to watch him play!
 While I was driving my boys home from the Skinners tonight, I glanced behind me to see that Noah was out cold. As I've mentioned before, Noah has decided he doesn't need naps. (I was hoping for at least 2 more years of regular afternoon naps, but alas...) Well, a combination of no napping and intense wrestle mania reenacting with Lydia wore him slap out, and he was asleep in the car at 7:00. As I was glancing back at my sleepy big boy, I see Witten staring at his brother with a goofy smile on his face. Then, Witten looked at me, pointed at Noah, and, holding a chubby finger over his mouth, shushed me very loudly and with a lot of spittle. I laughed very hard. These boys wear me out daily, but there are so many moments of superseding joy and love with these two that I never ever regret my situation or long for another life.
  I wrote in an earlier post about Sias Du Toit's health scare. Now that the best has happened and the trouble has passed (praise God forever!), I can share the extent of this health scare. Sias' tumor was cancerous. Stephan's father had cancer. I say "had", because the doctors removed the tumor and a lymph node gland and checked the gland for cancer as well. The lymph node came back clean. Sias was, and is, completely cancer-free. He's also lost upwards of 15 lbs and the doctors fixed a hernia while they were in there. The weight of the possible, horrible medical battle that Sias might have faced had the cancer spread outside of his tumor has never settled on my or Stephan's mind, and I thank God for that. My grandma battled 3 forms of cancer and surpassed all the doctors expectations, and still she was only with us for 7 more years. If Sias had been given a possible expiration date much sooner that we were ready for, I don't think this family could have handled it. God is good, He is good, His loving kindness endures forever!
  In other news, Noah and some of his similarly-aged friends are learning to swim!
Lucy, Noah, Wyatt, and Lydia, only a little afraid of the water.

I love Wyatt's face in this one. He's clearly a little bit proud of himself for jumping in the pool.

The kids are actually quite good at listening to Miss Amy. Most of the time, anyways.

It's Noah's turn to jump!

Yeah, Noah!!
 These 3-ish year olds are (hopefully) going to be swimming in no time! Especially Madi. That little girl is a fish! But don't call her that. She will very seriously tell you "No, I am not a fish."
   last Saturday we went to the Jacksonville tomato festival with the Robersons, sans the daddies. It was muggy and warm and there weren't a lot of actual activities, but Madi got to have her picture taken with Dora the Explorer, so she can die happy now, and Noah got a free balloon, so it was a successful outing after all.
This is before the sweaty, flushed pictures. And Wyatt was also there for a bit. 
This last one is a picture of Noah hugging brother Witten and cousin Bear at the same time in Oupa's hospital room when we went to visit him. It was sweet, but they didn't really pay much attention to Oupa. Silly, loud boys!

  Well, friends, you have been updated and I have the hiccups. Oh wait, we closed on out new house today, so that's some awesome news to add to the list. If you take anything away from this post, dear readers, let if be this: God is good all the time. His methods may seem questionable to us at times, but He can see the big picture and knows how to cause all things to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Therefore, be of good cheer!
  Be blessed, readers!