Saturday, March 19, 2011

Captive Air 5 Ft Vent Hood System with Fire Suppresion


Tis Saturday. Noah had one heck of a crazy night at Bebe's and Papa's last night. We went to pick him up at 9 after enjoying a fun night at the Smiley's. We walk in to find Noah hangin' out with everybody in the living room. At 9 o' clock at night. His bed time is at 7. Granted, he didn't have his pj's, or his pasi, or his blankie, and it was probably way too bright in his room, but still, my parents are such softies. You softies! Don't worry, I forgive you. :)
   Now, on this glorious Saturday, Stephan is finishing up the deck and I am calling Aubrey as I type. Let's see if we can make some fun plans for-nope, she didn't answer. Oh well, I'll pester her a little later. I think I'll make tacos for lunch. Eww, tacos.
     God bless you all today!

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