Monday, May 31, 2010

these are the special times

I made a cake yesterday that is DELICIOUS! I was craving something sweet, so I made a cake. Now I'm kind of regretting it, because there's so much to eat, and it's fattening, yet soo tasty!

Noah's sleeping in his bouncy seat. I would put him in his crib, but he has this habit of waking up once tuck neatly into his crib. He will gladly sleep pretty much anywhere else but his crib. It's something that we are zealously at work to correct.
I fell in love with Noah again today. He was looking right at me, which is rare because he can't really focus on things just yet, and his sweet, dark blue eyes were so innocent and adorable and everything else that baby eyes are! I asked him to please not grow up too quickly and to not be a smart you-know-what when he becomes a teenager. Until that time, I plan on treasuring every moment I can. And having more babies.

It was Memorial day today, but I didn't go out. Why, you might ask. Because it's already stinking hot and I don't want to expose Noah to the sun's death-rays just yet. I did get to lay out for a bit today. My sister came over and we tanned on the back patio while Noah napped. Needless to say, it was exciting and disgusting to get back into a bathing suit. And we only laid out for, like, 20 minutes. As I said, it is stinking HOT. (I pity those out there that are still pregnant. bummer.)

I realize, fans, that I haven't been updating as regularly as I used to. It's not just because I have a baby now, even though that is a part of it. It's mainly because our neighbor's stupid internet keeps cutting out. Stephan usually drives to McDonalds to use their WiFi when he needs to check his e-mails. We just might cave soon and actually pay for our own internet.
I'm signing off for now. I'll try to update you all soon. and maybe add more pictures.

Monday, May 24, 2010


I'm waiting for life to seem normal again.
Noah has successfully settled into a healthy sleep and feeding cycle that enables me to still do wifely duties around the house. We have established a routine and a schedule that makes life very do-able, if not easy, and yet I still feel like this is temporary. I have been a mother for 18 days, when will I feel like a mother? I feel kind of like a babysitter sometimes. That might explain why I feel so intensively jealous of others when I let them hold Noah, like they might steal him away from me. Or at least steal his affection. I want to be a good mother so badly! Am I doing it right? According to our doctor, Noah and I both get an A+ as far as health goes, and Noah's yucky umbilical cord stump finally fell off. (his belly button is so cute!) Yet, sometimes I feel inadequate to nurture such a perfect baby. I hope this flowing and ebbing tide of feelings of inadequacy is due to the post-baby hormones that everyone warns about. I love my little Noah so much. I'm blessed beyond what I could have ever asked God for. My family is beautiful and healthy. Please, Lord, enable me. Equip me. Help me be the best mother and wife I can be. Ultimately, it's for Your glory, Lord.
Does anyone want a cat?

Monday, May 17, 2010

so peaceful

To anyone and everyone out there who is soon to have a baby: stock up on diapers! You WILL run through those suckers fast. Many a time have I just finished changing Noah from a soiled or wet diaper into a fresh and clean one and then I move him in some way and he soils the new diaper. I have gone through three diapers in less than 10 minutes. Babies are messy creatures.
On to brighter announcements: babies are wonderful creatures! Noah slept soundly through his 5:00 A.M. feeding this morning, allowing mommy and daddy the privilege of sleeping for 6 hours straight! It was amazing.
Tonight, we plan on traveling the great and treacherous distance to mom and dad's, or Bebe Grandpa's, I guess. (No weird, unusual name for Dad. yet). Dinner is being made and a walk is in the plans as well. A power-walk, no less. I'm gonna be so stinkin' fit!
I finally got to see Aubrey and Lydia! Lydia's looking a bit round, but then again, she's still a tummy right now. I can't wait to see what that sweet baby girl looks like! Hopefully she'll take mostly after her lovely mother. (no offense, K-Skinner, but you're a dude and not as pretty.) I plan on taking so very many pictures of Noah and Lydia together! Oh the cuteness!
While Aubrey and Kevin are in town, I plan on having Andy's frozen custard. It WILL happen. It MUST happen. It will probably be my last fatty-food splurge for quite some time so it can not NOT happen!
I'm going to go lie down.

Friday, May 14, 2010

close your eyes and rest your head

Big, excited shout out to the Skinners, who are on their way to the state of love and joy and friends and family as I type. YAY!
My baby boy is napping sweetly. He sleeps a lot. I don't really mind it, but at the same time, I want to be able to spend more time with him. I know that, all in good time, I will miss the days of seemingly constant slumber and sweet, quiet awake times, but for now, I want to go cuddle with him in his crib just so I can touch him some more.
Speaking of cuddling, my cat Tizzy is filling up my lap right now. She's pretty cute when she's desperate for attention. Like right now, how she's tummy-side up and waving her right paw in front of my face. I used to think she was the softest thing to touch. Then I had a baby. When you think "baby", you don't instantly think "soft", but for the first few days of Noah's life, I petted him like a puppy because of how soft he is! And I sniffed him, too. Newborns smell good. Or maybe that's just my opinion.
Tonight, the sweet Jimiliys are bringing Stephan and I Papa Murphey's pizza and salad. Our friends and family have been so kind and helpful this past week. Thank You, God, for Your kindness to us, shown through these wonderful blessings!
I'd like to go on another family walk this evening. We'll have to wait and see how tired Stephan is after work.
Drive safely, dear Skinners!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How marvelous, how wonderful!

This message will be a brief one, because my son is napping and I want to get a bit of cleaning done to the house. But I feel the obligation to update, since it have been a while and I'm sure my two fans are missing my in-depth descriptions of life.
Last night, my 6-day old son slept happily through the night, save for the times he was supposed to wake up for his feedings. Stephan and I were thrilled. For the past few night previous to this last one, poor little Noah had a rumbly tummy that kept him from sleeping very well and therefore, kept mommy and daddy from sleeping very well. I am hoping that this last night foreshadows the rest of his infancy in regards to sleep patterns. 'Cause that would be amazing!
My baby is jaundice. I am told not to worry, most newborns have jaundice. But can you seriously expect a first-time mother to now worry about her baby's health? Especially since it didn't show up in the two days and nights Noah spent in the hospital. Praise God my pediatrician is an amazing doctor who loves kids and God and has years and years and years of experience. To anyone looking for a doctor for their children, Dr. Rick Rogers is the man to see.
Another factor I worry probably far too much about is if my son is getting enough to eat. He has a constant supply of wet and dirty diapers and his poopie diapers have transitioned, as they were supposed to, from icky meconium poop to a healthy mustard color and consistency. SO, according to his diapers, he's healthy and feeding well. How come, then I still fret over not producing enough milk?
Alright, this post is far longer than I originally planned. I have to go wash my face. My baby's due to lunch at 11:00, and then I'm going to give him his second "bath" at home. (:D) Too stinkin' excited for this weekend! I wish it would hurry and get here, 'cause I have best friends to see!!! (Yay Skinners!) I'm off!

Friday, May 7, 2010

No title can adequately express.

Words can scarcely express what I'm feeling today, and it's only 7:45. I'll start with the simple feelings; hungry, tired, sore are a few physical feelings I can't quite shake off. Then there's the elation, the awe, the gravity of my new situation, and the immense love for a tiny, soft, delicate mini-Stephan that is currently getting circumsized. I've heard all the tired and 'oft repeated saying that come with having a baby. "You're life will change forever", "you'll never have felt so much love", and the like. As much as i hate cliches, Those and the many other statements have proven themselves to be completely true, and I haven't even been a mother for a complete day yet.
Noah Sias Du Toit, my son, is perfect! His tiny cries are perfect, the way he sleeps is perfect, his little bitty messy bowel movements are perfect, to me everything he does and is is perfect! Even as he struggles to remember how effectively he has already fed at my breast this morning, I love him. I love touching him and smelling him and kissing him and watching his father do all the same things. Stephan is so entirely smitten. He kisses his boy all the time and prides himself in how many diapers he has changed thus far. It's not that he will be a good father, because he already is.
I woke up twice in this last night, our first as a family. Both times it was to my son's feeble little wails, and I couldn't mind it any less. I FEEL like a mother. I FEEL like I'm doing what God put me on this earth to do: nurture. I love that baby so stinkin' much!
Stephan has run home to grab a few things we need and take care of the animals and clean up the house. We will be released tomorrow around 1:

Monday, May 3, 2010

I am so very tired

I stayed in bed until 10 today. Praise You, blessed Father, for off days. And yet I am still very tired. I have chores to run and things to buy and pack up today.
I have BSF tonight, which I am totally ready for.
I'm hungry and want a snowcone.
Melissa's coming into town today to leave Walter the puppy at mom and dad's for the summer. I don't know who is more saddened by this, Melissa or our father. Especially since Tiffany is pregnant with another litter. so many white puppies! Who wants a poodle? I'm going now.