Saturday, July 30, 2011

So much you have all missed!

I have been off the blog-o-shpere for a bit due to being so busy, so I have a lot of catchin' ya'll up to do.
    Firstly, I found my camera!
 Next, After I babysat miss Lucy for a few hours, I got to baby sit miss Madi Jane.
 Noah was excited to have another friend to hang out with all morning.
 Then, once Daddy got home, there was wrestling. Noah calls this one the "back-slapper", 'cause he gets on Daddy's back and slaps him.
  And now, friends, one of the two highlights of my week: my laundry room! Those of you who are stay at home mothers or might have seen my laundry room before may understand how I can be so excited about a room dedicated to one of those household chores that never ever ends. I really wish I could have taken a before, but that's not how I roll. (annoyingly), instead, here are the afters!
Does anyone else here choirs singing?
 This was the laundry room/dog room. Since there was no door separating the garage from the rest of the house, we had a pretty hard time keeping the dogs out of there. Thus, this room used to be a nasty, dirty, hairy, dusty, moldy, scratched-up, dark little hole of a room. The walls were burnt orange and the floors were a dirty tile. Those cabinets where black and had no doors on them, so everything in them was dusty and dirty too. So, one day this week, Stephan decided to replace the door. That lead to him rebuilding the door frame, which meant he wanted to add crown molding to match, that lead to the base boards, which couldn't be done before new floors were installed, and since he was doing all of that he decided he might as well paint and close off those cabinets with some custom-made doors. And viola! Momma gets a brand-spankin' new resting place for her mountains of laundry! 
Yes, that's Noah in a laundry basket. More on that to follow.
 Yes, he also put in blinds, which were so long overdue. Before the blinds, we had an old, brown, something nailed over that window.
And the new door. Metal, so that the dogs can ruin it with their irritating scratching. Needless to say, friends, I am so, very happy and blessed. And impressed! My husband is a nut! Fix a train-wreck of a laundry room in two days? Sure no prob, let me get my nail gun.
Noah just liked being in the basket. I had to coax him out of there, he liked it so much.

     The second highlight of my week is one that was just plain fun. As parents, Stephan and I spend most of our weekends resting quietly at home. We love it. But last night, we were called out to celebrate a 30th birthday with our good friend, so we sent off Noah and his little toof brush on his first slumber party with Bebe and Papa and dolled up!
YAY! a picture of me and my husband! these are sadly rare.
 We dined at Bernard's Mediterranean cafe. Stephan and I have never been there before, so it was a nice added treat. The atmosphere was intriguing and the food, delicious. I ended up not eating a lot, due to being pregnant, and then I left my to-go box of delicious left overs at the Garreds, but those 4 to 7 bites I took were amazing! And Stephan paid $35 for a fish.
The ladies and the cute-friend pose
 It's always a treat to get to hang out with out friends. It was especially fun to do so in such a new and nice environment. 
Guys aren't as good at the cute-friend pose.
 As usual, before the food arrived, the table shifted so that the women were at one end and the men at the other instead of each couple facing each other. It made it a bit less "seventh-grade dance", as Josh Garred described it.   
Happy Birthday, Karen!
    Afterward, we all headed to the Garreds to hang out and eat cookie cake. We stayed up until 12. All in all, a very fun night!

       And now, you are all caught up. Now, I must go! It's my daddy's birthday! Blessings on you all, my friends! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Camera sitting.

My loving Grandmother has allowed me to borrow her new Kodak camera while mine is M.I.A. She says she loves my pictures. *awe!* Anyways, friends, thanks to my Grandma Etta Jean Florey, This post will be filled with random pictures because I've got a camera!

   Firstly are the "playing with the new camera" pictures. These are a variety of randomness.
Last night, Noah wanted Daddy's drink. Never mind that his tasty milk was right there.

This is about that time of night when he gets whiney.
 This morning, I found a little chair that Stephan had bought for our nephew Ashton. Ashton told Stephan he didn't want it, so Stephan, utterly heartbroken, hid the small chair away until it could be of use to some other boy. That boy happened to be Noah Sias! Before I even popped that chair open, Noah was tuggin' at it and pulling at it. I opened it and helped Noah climb in.
He liked it.
 I repositioned it into the living room so that Noah could sit and read in peace.
"Mmm, yeees, This book is quite enlightening"

"And when you punch this button here, a little light flashes and music plays!"
   At 9:30-ish, Sheryl Stopped by to drop off Lucy!
Here they're sharing blocks. They handed them back and forth and commented on their shapes and colors.

lunch time!
Sheryl's due to be induced tomorrow, so today, Crisi and I are trying our best to help her in any way we can to prep for baby number 2's arrival. I'm watching big sis Lucy while Sheryl and Crisi do some shopping.
    Well, friends, there are some pictures for you to enjoy. I'm still looking for our camera. I miss it. On a related note; if anyone whose house I've been to recently sees a camera in a green camera case, please notify me.   Enjoy today, friends, it's a glorious blessing!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Thank You, Jesus!

It's raining! It's pouring!
   We need rain. I am happy. Thank You, God.
Yesterday was Sunday. Today is Monday. (And Tuesday comes afterwaarrds!) This last Sunday was a busy one indeed. First, a fantastic Church service. Then, an epic, if not very brief nap. After that, we dropped off Noah at my parents and headed to the lake for our church's annual picnic. Now, friends, as you may have heard from myself or others, it is a hot summer here in Texas. Well, all of America is suffering a pretty severe heat wave. But anyways, we knew it was going to be blistering hot at the lake, so that's why Noah stayed with Bebe and Papa while we went to enjoy our fiends' company. Wise choice, if I do say so myself. Stephan played basketball for the two hours we were there (the nut) and I sat with the other wives in the shade by the lake and talked about ow crazy our husbands were for playing basketball.
     We left right before the food was partaken of and headed back to my parents in order to go to a family gathering in honor of my cousin. Cousin Taylor just completed his stint in the air force and is back in Texas, so we celebrated him with family and food. (beans, rice, and other Mexican-type foods. I almost died of gassiness last night and this morning.)  All in all, it was a fun, but very tiring day.
    Today, I went to see Captain America. I have discovered that one cannot be a super hero if one has chest hair. Check it out if you don't believe me. It was a good movie. Otherwise, my day was rather normal and now, I want to eat a bowl of cereal and get ready for bed.
    Good night, rain. Good night, thunder. Good night gracious God of wonders. Good night computer. Good night chair. Good night chair. Good night readers everywhere!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Roxy nek-nek

If I had my camera, I'd be able to show you pictures of what I'm talking about. Since I do not have my camera, ya'll are just going to have to use your imaginations.
     Roxy has probably lost 7 pounds in one week. If I could lose that much weight by getting a hair cut, I would have much sorter hair. She went from being shaggy and miserable looking to near hairless and hilarious looking. They shaved everything except her head and tail, and those they trimmed up. I can see now that Roxy has spots. She also looks pretty eaten up from fleas and 'squiters. Stephan and I felt bad about the lack of prevention we've been using on our dogs to ward of biting bugs, so we ran to wally world last night and bought the new Frontline generic brand. I hope it kicks in quickly.
     This morning, I walked into the living room to find Noah happily chugging down the unfinished half of one of his daddy's sugar-free Red Bulls from last night. I think (hope) that most of it got all over his shirt instead of in his mouth. We'll see what happens next. (Am I a bad parent?)
      Today, we go to visit Ma and Pa Du Toit in Jacksonville. i look forward to our visits with Stephan's folks, 'cause since they see Noah about once a month, Noah always doing something new and entertaining to show off. This time, I hope he'll do his cow noise! It's so cute! And very applicable, considering they're dairy farmers that live on a farm.
      Skinner-get-here countdown: somewhere around a week!
    May the God of peace watch over you all today, readers!   

Thursday, July 21, 2011

And now, my camera is lost.

  I have put on "Praise Baby", a movie for babies made by a Christian company. I placed Noah in front of it, expecting him to sit for, maybe, two minutes, then hop up and get to scootin. Instead, it's been eight minutes and he's still begin still and quiet. Wow. Not long enough to take a nap or do laundry or anything, but a much needed reprieve to sit and chill for a bit.
Ain't he a cutie?
     Oh, he's up now. That was still pretty good.
Today, I am feeling the most unwell I have felt thus far this pregnancy. I'm glad that we have play date today. It gives me a chance to take Noah out to play with his buds and wear himself out for his nap today. Yup. I said "nap", as in singular. Noah has taken the leap, with my gentle encouragement, from two naps to one nap a day. That one nap usually takes three hours. I'm actually okay with this. I can do a lot more stuff now that I don't have to be home for Noah's morning nap. And should I choose to take an afternoon nap along with Noah, I get to nap for hours!
  Another notable thing that's goin' down this week, one that I am maybe too excited about, is that I am taking Roxy the big, hairy Pyrenees to a professional groomer to get shaved completely bald! No more ridiculous amounts of hair piled in the guest bedroom for me! No more nasty, dirty Roxy panting like she's about to die. I'm so excited!! And in case you're wondering, Barkus groomers on Old Troup Hwy charges $65 for a wash and cut as opposed to every other place in Tyler that charges $125 or more. I think I'll take before and afters! (If I can find my camera, that is).
      Hmmm.... what else...there's a church picnic this Sunday. My cousin's moving back to Texas this weekend. Pockets are not a suitable breakfast.
                                        The End!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fish Burps!

Om my gosh, fish burps!
My new prenatal pills involve a DHA supplement that is a soft-gel  with some sort of horrid oil in it. I now spend my mornings in constant fear that I might belch. The aftermath of said burpies are disgusting.!
    On a happier note, Noah likes cars now. He pushes them around and goes "bppbpbpbpbpbpppbpbppp!" I'm so glad he's such a boy and that these sweet little baby girls he's surrounded by haven't rubbed off on him.
    Going to Sam's this morning, friends! needs:
         -Sandwich meats
         -a variety of fruits
     I believe that is all. We will see what my impulse tells me to buy in the moment.
 And now, what I would do if God had not blessed me with the family and life I now have:
Click here, and if you anywhere near as emotinal as me, prepare to cry.

Monday, July 18, 2011

My face. It's werid.

My sister was in town today!
Technically, she was in town yesterday as well. Yesterday, Stephan and I spent the majority of the day at Bebe and Papa's place. I left briefly to help dear, sweet, soon-to-be-a-mommy Emily Evans register for James Arthur Evan's IV's arrival. I was glad to help, 'cause it kind of helped me mentally prepare for baby number Deux. I was more glad, however, when Ashley Johnson showed up to help. She was a pro at registering, and since my lower back was killing me and I was absolutely STARVING, I bowed out rather quickly, leaving Emily in very capable hands.
  Upon returning to my mom and dad's, I got to witness Noah have an emotional breakdown as he watched his papa take apart one of his favorite toys: the jumper. Mom and Dad's jumper was on a stand instead of hanging from a doorway, and Noah hasn't been in it for a while now, so Mom asked Dad to take it apart and put it away until Deux gets here. Noah watched in horror as the legs of his bouncy-bounce were ripped from it's body and he wept bitterly. It was tragic indeed!
     Once Melissa showed up, we sat down to eat as an incomplete family. ( Way to be at a bachelor party, bro). The spaghetti was amazing and Melissa told us great and neat stories from her trip to Uganda. God is doing great things in my liddle sissy's life and I'm thankful for that and for her.
   Then Stephan went to play poker and I fell asleep somewhere around 8:00 and slept until 7. It    was    nice.
    Today, Melly went with me to wally world for a few necessities, including some dress sandals for Noah to wear to church. (He's been going barefoot for an embarrassingly long time). I found some cute, brown sandals. They were a size 6. 6! They look huge, but they fit perfectly with a little room for growing. My gosh, that boy is getting big! Nowadays, he like to say "bye-bye" and wave as he's leaving the room, only to turn right back around and say "Hi!" like he's a pleasant surprise to all inside. (Which, he is.) He will grab my or Stephan's car keys and head for the door. He likes to find his belly button and daddy's belly button, but it takes a lot of encouragement for his to look for anyone else's belly button. Noah  is such a joy. Stephan and I wonder at his cuteness and our ever growing love for him practically every night. Then we thank God for such a sweet little boy.
   Anyways, Melissa colored my hair today. And now I'm feeling a strange tightness in my lower belly when I stand up. I think I'll go lay down when Noah does.
    Blessings and peace to you all, faithful readers! 

Friday, July 15, 2011

tick tock goes the food clock

I am having one of those days were my typing is off. It's annoying.

Noah and I are waiting for his food to finish warming in the oven and on the stove. It's chicken tenders and cut broccoli for lunch! (bleh, broccoli) Meanwhile, Noah is chatting with the small hair brush I gave him while he sat in his high chair. He makes new noises every day it seems.
  I got my house nice and clean this morning. I even tackled the guest bedroom/Noah's future room/the dog room. I strongly dis like that it is serving as the dog's room right now. Sure, it's necessary, as it's been in the 100's outside for the last few weeks, but I still hate the smell and the hair and the dirt that those dogs leave in there. I got it clean. -ish. And the amount of hair the dogs had shed in that room filled up the vacuum completely. Does anybody want two dogs?
   Tonight is an exciting night! For the first time in a long time, Stephan and I are going on a double date. Mom and Dad are taking Noah, so we get to stay out late and have a good old adult time. And I get to get pretty! I love it when I have a reason to get pretty. But what will I wear?? Some one come dress me!
   And finally, lunch is ready. I bid you all adieu, and God bless you all!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Seriously, Beauty and the Beast is the best movie EVER

  So, I lied. I'm sorry.
 This is Stephan. That is a tiny, battery-powered atv that a customer gave to Stephan to give to Noah.(Said customer was cleaning out his garage.) Stephan loves the little thing and Noah's still pretty scared of it. Whose toy do you really think it is?
   Today, we went to hang out with Grayson Taylor!
 Aren't they so handsome?
 Noah was being goofy.
 Noah also didn't want to give mommy kisses. He just offered me his cheek.
 "Hey, Grayson, I said gray shirt, not white! How are we supposed to be twinkies if our shirts don't match?"
 Then, those two did what little boys are supposed to do; they wrassled! I got out the camera right after Noah rolled off Grayson's back after pinning him like a champ. Instead, I got a picture of Noah gnawing on Grayson's toes.
 Then, there was a shift of power, and Grayson pinned Noah. I lkinda think it was unintentional, but Grayson's still got Noah by, like, 2 lbs, so Noah put up a good fight.
 After his take down, Noah vented his humiliations onto a beach ball. 
All in all, it was a good day. The boys wore each other out, so that Noah took a pretty good afternoon nap. (About a hour and a half). Then Noah fussed his way through dinner. Now, we're reading Daddy's fitness magazine and making funny pouty noises. I love that boy.

      Blessings and peace to you all, beloved readers! God is good to provide both.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I am getting bad at picture taking

Friends, a lot of good times were had this past weekend, yet you won't be able to see any evidence of them because I didn't take any pictures. Just like on the fourth of July, I reminded myself over and over to remember my camera so I could document all the fun times we were sure to have this past weekend, as we partied it up with the Skinners in honor of Lydia's 1st birthday, but I didn't even pull the camera out of my purse. Now, I have nothing to eventually print up to put in my photo album to remember this momentous occasion. I'll just blame it on the pregnancy.
     Hey, look, there's the GPS. We coulda used you this weekend, you sneaky device.
Now, I am picture-less, and my blog looks bland. There are no exciting happenings in our foreseeable future, so I don't see any awesome pictures being uploaded soon. I will say that Lydia's birthday was fun fun fun and Noah was not sick during it. (Thank You for healing my son, Lord!)
   In other news, at our last check up, Du Toit Deux's due date (*whew*) has been moved back to, wait for it...., January 17th! That's my sweet sister's birthday! I am aiming for that day exactly. Even though, like, 6% of babies are actually born on their due date. It could happen!
    I am feeling icky, friends, so I'm gonna hop of this here computadora and finish cleaning house. All that's left to do is mop! Woo hoo!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sad day

The night before last, my baby boy woke up a few times just being fussy. I noticed he felt unusually warm, so in the morning, I checked his temperature. 102.2 degrees. This made me sad. I wasn't too concerned, because Noah was not acting like he was sick at all. The only difference between sick Noah and normal Noah was the fever. I was sad because I knew that his fever could possibly mean that he would not be able to attend a very special birthday party today. His sweet friend Lydia Marie is one year old and her party is today! Of course, she is our bestest friends' little girl, so we've been looking forward to celebrating this special occasion with them for a while.
   Well, this morning, Noah woke up feeling much cooler to the touch, but I have yet to take his temperature, so the jury is still out on the party. I'm praying that Noah is recovered, but at the same time, I don't' want to force my hand to have my way. God knows what He's doing. Even something like causing us to not be able to attend a 1-year-old's birthday party is part of His plan, if that is the case. So, Lord, not my will but Yours be done.
      Be praying for Noah, friends. I'll update later on the outcome of this day. As for you all, I hope it's a good Saturday, full of blessings and peace! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Friends, I didn't deliver as I said I would.
This Fourth of July was a good one, if not super tiring. I took my camera, but took very few pictures. As in, two pictures.
Noah's thinking, "I'm not impressed"

Noah working on his breast stroke with Papa
The above pictures are from the family 4th of July party that is held annually at Uncle Billy and Aunt Terri's. This was Noah's second time to enjoy this party. Last time, he was two months old! Anyways, The family party was fun, though very very hot. After we left here, Noah, Stephan and I crashed hard and napped until 4:50-ish, before getting up and speeding through Noah's dinner so as to be at the Luhrs' house early, as we said we would.
   Woo! That night, we mingled and socialized with upwards of 45 people. If you included the children and babies, there were 50+ bodies in/around the Luhr's house that night! I realized something that night. Several things, actually:
   1.) Large socials such as the one we experienced Monday night are more enjoyable with either a younger, less mobile baby or an older child that can run free and entertain themselves without mommy having to keep an eye on him.
   2.) I really should have taken my anti-nausea meds.
   3.) I have some neato friends.
Long story short, the food was plentiful and delicious, though I didn't eat too much of it, and we mingled with old and new friends alike, but we left before 8 because Mommy was feeling icky and Noah needed to sleep something fierce. I really wish I could have taken pictures, though! Then you all could comprehend the quantity of people that were at this get together.
    Our enjoyable night ended when we got home. Noah fell asleep and stayed that way all night, but Stephan and I had to deal with a Great Pyrenees that was acting completely and annoyingly bizarre. Toby was freaking out because of the thunder and the fireworks and who knows what else. He wasn't happy unless he was right beside Stephan. He clawed chewed and even headbutted any door, gate, or couch we used to try to contain him. It was so very annoying.

  On a much cuter and happier note, Noah discovered the joys of intense exercising yesterday!
Working on is tri's
 Noah snuck into the garage while daddy was doing P90X. He was so very impressed, he decided to jump right on in and lift weights too.
"Daddy, why aren't these weights lifting?"
 He wouldn't give up. Not even when those 20 lbs weights didn't move an inch.
Eventually, I had to take him back inside. I assured him that, someday, he would be able to work out all he wanted and get big and strong like his daddy, but for now, he was going to stay my baby for just a little while longer.

   Enjoy your Wednesdays, friends! 

Monday, July 4, 2011

How I met my baby

It's the 4th of July, and we have great plans in store for today, but I will post about that later, hopefully with pictures.
    Today, I am going to surmise, briefly, the tale of how Noah came into this world. I realize I am a bit late on writing on the topic, but then again, I didn't even think about it until I was reading through my old blog posts and saw that I went from being pregnant and excited about giving birth, to having a 12-hour old baby and being in awe. So, friends, this is the story of how I met my baby.
    The year was 2010. I was 37 weeks pregnant and having an average day at work for my mother. That day, a Wednesday, I had one of my weekly check-ups with Dr. Willis, my amazing ObGyn. My mom knew of this ahead of time, so I was given a 2-our lunch break. At the Dr. office, it was the same old song and dance, until, that is, my nurse asked me about my feet, whether I was experiencing any poofy-ness or anything. I said yes, my feet were in a constant state of swollen-ness. She looked concerned. Then, after waiting not nearly as long as usual, my doctor came in and told me that protein had been found in my urine and that she wanted to send me to the hospital for "a few tests" that should only take "a few hours at the most". (HAH!)
    My heart skipped a few beats, 'cause I knew immediately that I was going to have my baby soon. I was not frightened, just nervous. I had always envisioned it going down differently, as in my water would break, contractions would start, and then me and Stephan would rush to the hospital in some dramatic fashion. (Pretty much like how it happens in every movie and tv show ever.) Instead, I was waddling by myself to my car to drive myself to the hospital, and I couldn't' reach my husband 'cause he wasn't answering his phone.
I did get my mom on the line and told her something that I though was rather humorous later on. "Mom, I'm sorry, I can't come back into work today, I'm going to the hospital to possibly have my baby."
     Now, friends, Stephan and I thought we had at least three more weeks before being parents. Noah was due on the 24th of May. This was the 5th. We weren't unprepared, but we were caught off guard. We hadn't even toured the hospital yet, so as I drove to ETMC, praying and redialing Stephan's stinking cell phone over and over again, I also called my dear friend Lindsay, a nurse at the hospital who could show me where the L&D was. Praise God, she was working. More importantly, praise God, Stephan finally called me back as I was parking. I explained the situation and He explained in a mildly panicked voice that his jeep was broken down. He found a ride to the hospital with Chris Gaston, and pretty soon, Stephan and I were being lead by Lindsay the nurse to the wing of the hospital were Noah would make his entrance.
    After being checked in, Stephan and I began a very long waiting process. Thankfully, I was not contracting or even feeling unwell at all. However, the situation must have been rather urgent. I didn't even know what pre-eclampsia was before that day, but apparently, it's dangerous. Nurses told us that we'd be monitored over night and either be discharged in the morning to face three weeks of bed rest and waiting, or be induced and have that baby. For 12 hours, texts flew from busy fingers and friends and relatives were alerted to Noah's pending arrival, because I was certain that he was going to come.
   Sure enough, at 5 in the morning, after the worst night of sleep in my life, (how could I sleep with the knowledge of imminent child birth clouding my mind?) The nurse stepped in and said that protein levels were still high and it was go time. Long story short: induction happened at 6-ish, contractions around 7, the blessed epidural was administered at 10-ish, and I was pushing by 1:30-ish. (They said it would be a long day since it was my first child. HA! showed them.) Noah made his fantastic, life-changing appearance at 1:40, and I have been a smitten mommy ever since. I don't want to say it was easy, because there was a lot of effort put into it, and at one point, before the epidural, the contractions were so intense I bit Stephan, but, for me, it was relatively easy. I think I pushed, like, four to six times. To hear what happened next, go back and read my reaction-post from the next morning.
    The only regret I had from that day was that the Skinners were in Missouri for Noah's birth. Now, I get to look forward to my next big adventure in the birth of number deux. I really pray and hope that this delivery is similar to Noah's, except that I'd like to go full term. In all of this, I say to God be the glory, great things He has done!
    Now that you've heard my tale of Noah's tale, go forth and enjoy your Independence day!       

Friday, July 1, 2011

I cannot have it, therefore, I want it.

Friends, I am pregnant.
Pregnant people are limited to what they are supposed to eat and what they are to avoid.
For instance: tuna and other large fishes are discouraged. I'm quoting several parenting books and magazines when I say "two 6-ounce servings a week at the most" is permissible. I have already had my "two servings" this week, and now I want more. Grrr.
  On a brighter note, my son is becoming quite the ham.
  Yeah, he's cool as a bean in mommy's shades. He is also becoming so very verbal! Right now, it's mainly gibberish and funny noises, but he'll insert an actual word here and there. If he sees the cat or dogs, he'll tell me. If he sees a fly, or any bug for that matter, he'll use his first Afrikaans word, which is fly in English and sounds like "flea" with a spitting, hacking noise at the end in Afrikaans. He just makes the spitting noise. It's adorable. Another word he thinks he knows so well is "snack", or "bach/ baum" depending on if I say snack first or he asks for one first. Gosh, I sure do love my talkative, stubborn boy. We call him "Godzilla" often because of his love of moving furniture and knocking stuff over. We're also working on discouraging that.
    My father came over this morning and went on a power walk with me and Boogie-boy around our neighborhood. Even though it wasn't nearly the highest temperature we are expected to reach today, we both ended up sweaty and gross. Noah was fine. We chatted about this, that, and the other and had a good ole time. I love my daddy.
     Now, friends, the countdown until I see the Skinners again:  7 days!
  To end this post, I shall announce the best of good news. Yesterday, Noah took a morning nap and a 2 and a half hour long afternoon nap!
(That's the chorus of angels that's been singing in my head ever since) Now I hope I haven't ruined this majestic turn of events by jinxing it.
   Oh, and BTW, this weekend is going to be AWESOME!