Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday, I clean

Floors are sharked, rugs and carpet vacuumed, and furniture dusted. That's good enough. Oh yeah, laundry. Poo.

       Well, friends, nothing much going on today except cleaning and BSF tonight, for which I am ready. After the sermon I heard during the evening service last night, I have a new appreciation for the Word of God, my Bible. If I want to get to know God, and feel closer to Him (which I do), there really isn't any other way than to seek Him in His Word. Knowing that, I also appreciate BSF more, too. As tough as it may be sometimes to force myself to sit down and truly focus on reading the Bible, I sure am grateful that God made it so very easy to learn more about Him. Not too much guess work involved when there is an inerrant, God-breathed instruction manual to read.

  This morning, I went to Khols. Stephan now has an Easter shirt. Now if only I could find an Easter sweater vest to go over it...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

too fast

On February 14th of this year, I excitedly dug out my camera and taped Noah crawling, 'cause it was the third of fourth day he had showed this exciting new development
Then, friends, something mind-blowing and exciting, yet terrifying and all-so-sudden happened this morning. I sometimes leave Noah in his room with the door open while I'm in the bathroom gettin' gussied up. As seen in the video above and a picture on a previous post, he loves his walker, and it makes a lot of noises, so I know that as long as it is making noises Noah is playing with it, and is therefore not getting into trouble. Well, this morning, As I was applying makeup, the walker went quiet. Mildly concerned, I stepped out of the bathroom and poked my head into his room, and this is what I saw:
Alright, I didn't see this exactly. I taped this tonight, right before Noah went to bed. But that was what he was doing this morning. He had pulled the walker away from where I had it up against his crib, pulled himself to his feet behind it, and had strode shakily to the middle of his nursery. Friends, I dropped the makeup in my hands, swept my baby into my arms, and I cried.
      All mothers can testify to the fact that babies grow up so very, very fast. a little over two weeks ago, Noah was hop/crawling. Now, he wants to walk. At almost 10 months! God has blessed my husband and I so much, so would it be wrong of me to ask him to slow those sweet, special moments down a little bit?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Super speedy

Super speedy post, cause Noah's nappin' and I aim to join him soon.
 Playtime was with sweet Miss Lucy today. They are both quite the movers and shakers, and they had a hard time sharing the walker at first. (Lots of push and blocking going on, the little sinners!)
 It seemed like whatever one had, the other one wanted. Notice how Noah is stealthily stalking up behind Lucy as she happily plays her "drum". It was comical. But they did enjoy playing together
As for momma Sheryl, just call her mother Hen, 'cause she is great with babies. Above, you can see both babies vying for her attentions. Like a good woman, she looks at the camera.

   Now to bed! I gets to get a mani-pedi tomorrow and I am STOKED!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our newest blessing from God

Oh faithful followers, I have some wonderful news!
     We finally got a vacuum cleaner!
Behold, the goodness of suction:
Good things seem to happen in my household when I'm away. While I was at BSF last night, Stephan ran to Walmart and bought a plethora of baby food (we seem to do that every week, so Stephan stocked up big time) and the beauty you see in the picture above. I've long complained about the inadequacy of the cheap, bulky vacuum we have had since we were first married. Now, friends, we are the proud and happy owners of a vacuum that actually cleans carpets and rugs. You might have laughed had you seen me and Stephan last night, eagerly vacuuming the rugs and carpet after Noah had gone to sleep. But seriously, we should have taken before and after pictures of the rug in the dining area, 'cause the difference was so noticeable it was astounding! I thought that rug was disgusting and we were going to have to replace it soon. But no! Along comes that God-send of a vacuum and BOOM! Pet hair and dirt be gone! I am so stinking excited about a vacuum!!!!
     In other news, Noah has progressed from shakily scooting a few feet, to chasing me around the house as I clean. He is a master at crawling. Then today, I was trying to encourage him to walk himself around the couches, but he wanted to walk to mommy. Every time I set him up at the couch, he'd lunge himself at me. Not quite walking, but gosh, that kid is getting so close!
      To all my dear friend with blogs, update! I'm lonely.
 Blessings and peace to you all, sweet readers.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

recent shenanigans of Noah Du Toit

Noah's been growing up so fast, as I've oft noted. The following are a visual representation of a few of the fun new joys that my rambunctious boy has partook of.

yah I'm mobile! just try to leave me unattended!'
Noah loves to go bare-dog-back riding.

He recently acquired a new amusement called a swing. At first he was skeptical.

He soon came to enjoy the thrills of going backwards and forwards a lot. Especially with his daddy

Here's an example of what happens when you run to the other room and leave Noah unattended. He starts pulling out toys one by one.
     I could go on, but I don't have anymore adorable pictures to include. But yes, Noah is a scooter. Yesterday, he and I raced down our hallway. I won, but Noah gave some good, happy hustle. Noah also likes to peek around corners and door frames. He thinks it's hilarious.
     As for the adults, I believe that this wonderful weather has done great things to me and my hubby. WE left Noah at Bebe and Papa's last night so that we could run to walmart. (*gasp!*) We didn't find what we wanted there, so we walked hand-in-hand to Target, which also didn't have the swing we were looking for. We ended up going to Lowe's, 'cause Stephan knows that place inside and out and promised there were swings there. (He was right). On the was to Lowe's, we stopped by Andy's. (YAYAYAYAYAAYAAA!) And friends, that wasn't even the best part of the night for me. By far, my favorite part of last night was being with my husband. As hokey as it sounds, it felt to me like we were dating again, careless and free. Times like those are pretty special when your life is pretty full. But as always, I don't regret any of it. In fact, I am still eagerly looking forward to baby number 2!
     Signing off! 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

a la zoo

We went to the zoo today!
Of course, Mommy is a noob and did not take the camera, so ya'll will just have to formulate mental pictures. I'll try to be descriptive.
     The Caldwell zoo opens at 9:00 in the morning. if you ever want to go to the zoo, go then. We were the only visitor wandering around for, like 30 glorious minutes before others started clogging the exhibits. By "we", I don't just mean me and Noah. Boogie-boy and I were joined by the lovely Heather and Mary Meadows, Sheryl and Lucy, and Angie and Grayson. It was so much fun! The babies are pretty close in age, and they are all at the age where they can really take notice and appreciate the animals that they saw. (Lucy even imitated a few for our enjoyment). Heather and I enjoyed snowcones, which we shared with most of the babies. Then Noah started getting antsy and sweepy.
    Speaking of Noah, the little pooper is playing the gravity game and saying "uh-oh" every time he drops his ball. As if it was an accident. Psh!
      Well, the weather is amazingly beautiful, (thank You, God!) and it would be a shame for us to stay indoors for too long. We might head to Ouma and Oupa's for a visit tonight. Here's hoping that they have some left over ribs. Seriously, Sias Du Toit makes the best ribs in ze vurld!
   Peace and love to you all, precious readers!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Kevin, if I didn't love you as a bro, I would hit you , you scurvy cad!

   Baldy bean babies!
Noah and I got to hang out with Miss Crisi and Madi. We love them both, especially because Madi is the only other baby we know that is "hairless" like Noah. I think it makes them look so cute!
    Maid has grown up so much! Just like Noah, she can sit up and roll over, she just does it smaller. :)  We didn't get to see Lucy, 'cause she was sick. Hopefully, Noah will get to play with both his friends soon.
     This morning was another glorious morning with beautiful weather. Heather and Mary Meadows came over for a walk around our neighborhood. Gosh, not to toot my own horn, but I've been so healthy lately, with all my walking and sweating.
        I can't recall if I've mentioned it, but I've started the process of weaning Noah. (That's probably the weirdest and most personal thing I've ever written on my blog.) I'm really pushing the sippy cup now, and Noah resents it. He was doing okay with the sippy cup up until I started pressing it a bit more. But it's alright, for we have a new system now. Right before bed, I sit down with him in the glider and sing him lullaby's as he drinks his nighttime snack. Only now, it's from said sippy cup instead of mommy.  
Please don't mind how hideous I look in the picture above. Stephan took this picture 'cause he said that Noah looked so big and grown drinking from his cup. So, we begin the task of becoming a bit more independent, which makes me relish the moments when he crawls into my lap and climbs into my arms all the more. I love that little guy!
      Blessing and peace to you all, friends! enjoy what just might be a super stellar weekend!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

egg sammich

delicious scrambled eggs on warm, buttered toast. Here's to tasty brunches!

    I'm afraid I've given birth to a vain little man. Noah used to give mommy the sweetest kisses. Now the only face he readily gives kisses to is his own in the mirror! I don't really blame him. He is a very kissable baby. I'm just a bit envious of the mirror, I guess.

Just look at him! So sweet and kissy kissy!
     Today promises to be another beautiful day. I can't shake that feeling that I have something big and possibly important to do today, but I don't know what. I've done all the usual morning chores around here. I don't have a walk to go on, as nobody is available to walk on Wednesdays (I miss you, Aubrey!). It could be that I'm excited about the shopping trip my mom's taking me on today. It's a belated birthday present. I'm super excited to get myself a few things. Namely:
                                   ~ a pair of denim shorts
                                   ~ a dress for church
                                  ~ a skirt/shirt combo, also for church (I can never find an acceptable outfit on Sunday mornings!)
                                  ~ sleepers for Noah.
We might possibly get more items than those, but that's my list of "necessities". I also need a vacuum very badly. Very badly.
       There are more things I could tell you all about, my faithful followers, but my cat is systematically pushing things off the dining room table and it's waking up my baby, so I'm going to go punish the cat and soothe the baby.  I shall leave you with another picture of Noah, this time with his best bud Grayson.

We're outdoors men! We like to fish and wear camo!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Weather, it's fickle.

      Ten days ago exactly, I blogged about the snow in East Texas. I even included a few pictures of us out in the snow and the cold. Now, on Valentine's Day of 2011, Noah and I bared our arms and enjoyed a very sunny and warm day.  To the right, you can see Noah offering a toast to beautiful weather with his mumm-mumm.
     How about this crazy weather, huh? Last night, Stephan wheedled until I got out of bed and turned on the fan. Then he later complained that it was too chilly, but the point is, we slept with the fan on last night, whereas two weeks ago, we huddled for warmth. Do not get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoy the warmer weather and eagerly anticipate the chance to get some sun, and hopefully, some color back into me. I wonder aloud because these weather mood swings are raising then dashing my hopes that spring is here. Oh well. Thank You, God, for glorious weather!
   Oh yeah, and happy Valentine's Day, friends! To those of you who celebrate it, enjoy the chocolate and flowers. (both of which are available every other day of the year and are much much cheaper). To those of you who, like Stephan and I, chose to celebrate our love every day of our lives, enjoy Monday the 14th.
    (I only harsh on Valentine's day because I think it's really a commercial-based holiday that turns expressions of love into a huge profit for certain card-selling companies. Also, I was one of those sad, perpetually singe girls in school that tried to act uncaring as all the cool chicks got cards and flowers galore, while inside, I was hoping for someone besides my mom to send me a notice of affection. So sad!)

BSF tonight! I am so ready.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

s-a, t-u-r, d-a-y, night!

So, friends, I have decided that the inventor of the pack-n-play knew what he was doing.
Stephan and I finally got our pack-n-play back from Ma and Pa Du Toit last night. We needed it mainly because I cannot keep Noah safely contained anywhere in our house. He's drawn to plugs, drawers, sharp corners and bookshelves like a moth to flame. So, I decided it was time to give the 'ole pack-n-play a chance. This morning, after Stephan graciously agreed to feed Noah breakfast so that mommy could sleep an extra 30 minutes, (woah now!) I plopped Noah in his cage, I mean, play pen, with a smattering of his favorite toys and I got to eating breakfast and cleaning house. I still had to pause every once in a while to get his foot out of a toy or right him when he got stuck in a corner, but besides that, it was a very effective means of containing a baby.
      He is currently sitting in his crib and chatting amicably with his bumper pads. (He's supposed to be napping.)
No huge plans today. The weather is supposed to be PHE-nomenal, so Stephan and I and our progeny are probably gonna hit up the park for some outdoor enjoyment.
       To all new/expecting mothers, add pack-n-play to your must-have list! it will REALLY come in handy when your little squirt becomes mobile. 

ALSO! I just remembered and I can't believe I forgot this!
Besides crawling like a pro, Noah is walking! Not really, not by himself or anything. Nonetheless, if someone holds his hands, or as I found out today, If he's holding on to his walker toy that Ouma and Oupa got him for Christmas, he will walk!
See?! Followers, that kid is growing up way too fast!!!! Just last week, (or was it the week before?) We came home from Missouri and Noah up and started crawling. And then yesterday, Ouma helped him stand up, and he just started steppin'! He wont walk around the furniture, and I have to keep a hand on his walker, or he'll fall flat on his face 'cause his feet can't keep up yet, but he puts one foot in front of the other and smiles proudly while doing so.
  Someone show me how to slow down the growing, please. Even if it's only for a little bit. He can't grow up yet. He's my baby.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

thursday, thursday, thursday

Went to Sams today. Is it strange that I love going to Sam's? Sure, it's a surplus food store and you can buy a gallon of spaghetti sauce, a t.v, jewelry, and a sweet outfit all in one trip, but is that worthy of my love? No. But those huge cherry icees are!
      No huge plans for today, friends, save to bust out le chicken pot pie for din-din. (You're welcome, adoring husband.) I think I might also have at that treadmill in our guest bedroom tonight. In my awesome new shape-ups! (Thank you, Mommy.)
  In other fun news, I finally pulled out the 'ole wedding dress to see what type of condition it was in. (and if it still might fit.) ((no, it doesn't)) My dear friend Ashley the future bride was present. Come to find out, she fit perfectly in my dress. It's totally not her style, but she still looked gorgeous and we both got super excited. Now my gown is tucked away once again, awaiting its fate. I still have no Idea what I'm going to do with it.

How elegantly I rocked that beauty of a dress...
Anyone know anyone who wants to by a size 6 wedding dress?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Straight up gangsta, yo

I am a little perturbed. I'm not furious, nor can I let this issue go, and I am trying my best to have the right attitude and actions regarding this slant against my household. I shall explain, but to do so, let me back track.
      Maybe two years ago now, Stephan and I went on vacation. We were gone for a week. We made sure to leave plenty of food and water available to our dogs and the cats (we still had two of both back then) and then we left the doggie door open for the dogs to go in and out of our laundry room whenever they pleased. When we got back from our trip, there to greet us was a hand-written letter denouncing up for leaving our dogs outside all the time and not loving our dogs as much at this mystery writer loved theirs. Since then we've always asked someone to put the dogs up at night whenever we're gone, even if it's for one night, and I'm pretty positive I know who wrote that letter and where they live.
       Fast forward to last night. Stephan and I were watching a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother at around 9 'o clock when the doorbell rang. It was a policewoman. A certain neighbor who wished to remain anonymous and was graciously not pressing any charges (gag) had called the police to complain about how our dogs were barking "at all hours of the day and night". 
     Stephan and I were in disbelief. Since that incident two years back, we have made sure to have the dogs inside by 10 at the latest. Granted, there may have been one or two nights since then in which the dogs have stayed outside all night, but only when it was the only option we had. And not only that, this neighbor is complaining about barking during the day. What the heck are we supposed to do about dogs that bark? Dogs bark! Unless you get extreme and clip their vocal chords or something, you cant stop a dog from barking. It's what they do. And I'm sorry, neighbor, if we can't keep our 100+ pound great Pyrenees inside all day and let them out to tinkle like you do with your jack russel terriers. These are outdoor dogs that need to be outside and should really be roaming a farm somewhere. (Would that we could move away from neighborhoods and to an open, countryside, farmhouse-type setting...)
        In the end, we did not receive any citations. The policewoman was super understanding and seemed to reprimand us begrudgingly. (she must own dogs). Now, Stephan and I must tread carefully in regards to our dogs. We never know when a certain neighbor might call in again and land us a citation for sure.
    It really is diffucult to maintain a Christ-like, God pleasing attitude when one's person, belongings, or pride has come under attack. I'm a little ashamed that some thing as trivial as whiney neighbors could cause me to fumble, when Christians worldwide are willing going through much worse for a cause much worthier than loud dogs. Forgive me, Lord, and create in me the right attitude. Grant me every grace and love and peace I need to love my neighbor. Thank You for Your forgiveness.

     Now to bathe Noah.  Sorry about the long update, but I feel better now, so than you for listening. Ya'll are the best followers a girl could ask for! :')     

Monday, February 7, 2011

here I sit and here I sip

It's upper 30's outside, but I got myself a cherry slush. Mmmmmm...

Has been a fun weekend. My sister, two cousins and I celebrated our birthdays in a joint family birthday party held at mi madre's y padre's. I had red velvet cake. Nuff' said.

Noah is 9 months old. that's just weird. As a certain Aubrey said, he has now been in the world longer than he was in my tummy. When we went to his 9 month check up, Noah pulled out all the stops to impress Dr. Rogers. He crawled and did yoga, he chatted loudly and pulled himself to his feet using my hands. He even waved "bye-bye"! In return, Noah got another shot. Mean 'ole medical practitioners.

BSF tonight, and I am totally ready. Noah's supposed to be napping, during which time I'm hoping to shower. I might have to wait on the shower thing.

Friday, February 4, 2011

They should make chapstick for chapped noses.

Due to his teef poking painfully through his upper gums, Noah's nose has been victoriously running a marathon. I'm certain now that he does not have a cold, but I still don't plan on exposing his to the biting cold outside my door anytime soon.
      Speaking of cold...
Walkin' in a winter won-
I can't even force myself to complete that tired cliche. Yup, once  again there is a beautiful, white layer of show on the ground here in East Texas. I bet you a lot of money that facebook is covered with pictures and comments about it. I enjoy this particular bout of snow because it was there when we woke up. No waiting, no anticipation, just, "Hey, have you looked outside yet?"  "No, why?"  "OH MY GOSH!"

Now I have lathered orajel on Noah's gums and laid him down to sleep. I'm hoping for a good nap from him, but we will see. I'm trying to get this house in order, but I can't seem to get it perfectly clean. (grr!) However, it is beautiful outside and I am alive and surrounded by love, so I'm all good. Thank You, God!

I think I'll brush my teeth.

-----------------------------Later that same day--------------------------

I just had to include some pictures I took of my family in this beautiful snow. And in case you're wondering, the snowsuit Noah's rocking is compliments of Bebe and I love it entirely.

So happy to look at all this whiteness!

Yes, Noah's a dinosaur. A warm, snuggly little dinosaur.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I got to meet little Miss Johnsonette, or should I say, little Miss Lauren Elizabeth Johnson, the night before last!

Have you ever seen prouder parents?
That sweet baby girl weighs the exact same as Noah did at birth and has way more hair than he did/does. I got to hold her briefly, and she was so light and small and sweet. She is just so sweet! Ashley didn't look like she had given birth that day at all and Kevin was beaming like a new daddy should. God planned out a sweet family there, didn't He? I look forward to watching our families grow up together. What sweet times are ahead!

Friends, it was 12 degrees outside this morning. I poked my head outside once to give the dogs some water that was not frozen over, and I think I got pneumonia. No, not really, I'm fine, but it was FREEZING. Makes me really pity a certain family in a certain state that is not Texas, for it is said that they have received at least 6 inches of snow. *brbrbrbrbrr*

Mine is not to complain, though. Mine is to rejoice! New births and central heating are only two joyous aspects of life that remind me that the God who made us all and loves us completely is in control. So, readers, the Lord bless you and keep you on this icy day. :)