Thursday, March 17, 2011

I am exhaust!

I am so far past tired that I am exhausted. I cannot sleep yet, because I don't want to pass on my active son to his injured father. (Stephan dropped a large piece of heavy, sharp tile on his ankle and now it's swollen and nicely gashed.) Therefore, I write as Noah plays in his excersaucer. Exercauser? whatever.
   The reason I am tired is a very happy one. I had a house full of friends and their babies! This morning I went to pick up the lovely Aubrey and Lydia from Gilmer. As soon as we got back to the house, Noah and Lydia talked amongst themselves and decided to forgo napping. So, instead, we chatted and played and then ate some lunch. Then, happily, Ashley Johnson and sweet Lauren stopped by on the way to their fun play date. After that, We went outside and Noah and Lydia swung on the swings. (swung? swang? swinged?) Then Sheryl showed up and the playdate began. There was more swinging, lots of baby chatter and cute pictures taken, but none by me, because I'm dumb. The only pictures I got were poorly lit and at bad angles. After a good, long playtime, Lydia and Noah both crashed hard, then woke up, then crashed once again and took pretty decent naps. After Lucy and Sheryl left, Heather and Mary Meadows arrived, (they brought Andy's!)  and Noah ran away as Lydia and Mary Meadows became best friends. I really do think Noah got tired of all the girls!
        And that is why I'm tired. It was a super full day!
       To end, I shall show you a picture of Noah being so cute.

Yeah, I couldn't' choose which one was cuter. 

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