Saturday, February 27, 2010


I spelled that by singing the song slowly in my head. I amaze myself sometimes...
I thought I would be at work right now, but I'm not. long story short, my boss forgot.
The good news is that I got to start that load of laundry that's been piled up a bit too tall in our bedroom and now I'm munching on lunch before I go and assist the Jimily's in moving to their new house! I'm not sure how much help I can be, I might just get in the way, but I do want to help some. Stephan's helping with the heavy lifting and furniture and junk.
I patted my son on the head for the first time yesterday. In a strange and amazingly singular experience, I sat down at work and he poked his head out of my side! I could SEE the small lump that was my baby's skull pressing out against my tummy on the upper, left hand side. So, I rubbed it and said, "well, hey there, Noah!" I have never felt more connected with the little guy inside of me!
Stephan's getting to be all doting too. It's really quite sweet!
Alright, I'm now going to finish my lunch and head out. Love one another, brethren. It's what God wants us to do.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

yoga hair

Yup, I am yoga-ready!
Yoga is tonight at 6:30, but I have asked my cousin to braid my hair snugly to my head in preparation for this strenuous exercise in which I partake. She ended up adding some flair to the simple braids by twisting the ends up into cute little buns. I'm going to be the belle of the mirror room! On a sweetly sad note, today is my dear, quiet yoga instructor's last yoga session before her baby comes. AWE! I should find out how far along she is...
I'm super excited, friends! There's a time coming soon in which I shall be reunited with my bestest friend and fellow pregnant lady, Aubrey! There will be a shower thrown in our honor. Or the honor of our babies, I suppose. That's swell and all, but I'm just excited to see her and give her a hug and pat her tummy! And Kevin will be there too. He'll probably get a high five, maybe a side-hug if I feel like I have missed him enough. We will see.
Here at Cedar Ridge Studios, the sun plays a huge part in our daily work lives. When it's out and shining, we do not hardly have to run the heater, which is nice. However, when it is out and shining, come 3:30 until about 4:20, it glares brilliantly through the large windows in the front of the studio. Where I sit at the reception desk, I have to wear sunglasses. I just might get a tan. That'd be neat.
Atop is a picture of me and Noah. Oh yes, that's how gorgeous 27 weeks can be if effort be put into the mix. You're welcome, world!

Monday, February 22, 2010

You know when it's all grey and dismal outside?

While purchasing the few necessities I truly needed from Super 1 today, I noticed a sale going on: Smart Water, 5 for $5. Needless to say, I am loaded up on the smart waters...
So, yeah, the weather here in Tyler turned from sunny and pushing the upper 70's yesterday to cloudy, cold, gross and abysmal today. And then someone opened their white car door into my black car door, leaving a white streak about three or four inches long. I tell you what, little annoyances wait for the sun to go away before they happen all at once. The good news is, my boss received my two weeks notice very well. I accredit it to my clever wit and God-given writing abilities. The bad news is, yucky weather makes me not want to leave my house. Never you fear; I will still attend BSF tonight. (That's Bible Study Fellowship, readers. Just felt I had to clarify for ya'll who don't know. Ya'll.)
My husband and the father of my unborn baby boy is on his way home from a good day of workin'. Yesterday, we lit up the town registering for baby junk. It was fun. The experience made me praise God for baby showers, otherwise we probably truly wouldn't be able to afford this kid!
Well, readers, my veggies are done cookin', so I'm gonna go eat some healthiness. Enjoy your evenings, friends!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Successful Saturday Social

Tizzy watches me closely as my fingers dance nimbly over the keyboard. My dapper mate lies comfortably on the plush couch a few feet away as two-men bobsledding entertains him. Inside my belly, our offspring has been valiantly trying to break through my diaphragm and have at my lungs since I sat down for dinner.
Dimmer was a Sunday school social, hosted by the Breedloves. Have you ever been in someone's house and left feeling inadequate in your own home's decor? Mrs. Lori Breedlove has a decorative style that combines eclectic hoarding, beautifully preserved antiques, and a lot of china in a way that is fascinating and enviable. Really makes me wish I had some sort of decorating skill.
The dinner itself was joyfully entertaining. A lot of couples came, and chips and dip were plentiful. The only thing missing were the stinking Skinners. (poignant glare!!) It's just not the same without the other pregnant lady...
Tomorrow, I have been asked to sing once again for Church, so I shall retire now. My hallway bathroom looks beautiful, and that makes me happy. Sleep well, world!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

pasta still sounds delicious

Thursday, my off day. I have once again cleaned my house to the best of my pregnant abilities, (no harsh chemicals, so that rules out the bathrooms...) and I even took my dogs for a walk in an effort to be healthy. But the best part of my day: an hour long massage by the gifted Jennifer Christ. It was too perfectly timed too, because this morning I was stricken with my second charlie horse ever. Apparently, my entire right side, from about mid-back to my calf, is very tight indeed.
Stephan has returned from work! Yay!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

mmmm, tortellini

It 'tis the time for inventory. I think that the system is backwards. Instead of giving me 113 pages of stuff for me to hunt down and distinguish whether or not the numbers match up, I think it would be wiser for the worker to create a list of what IS in the store and then match that up with the list in the system. But hey, that's just what I think.
We don't even carry most of this stuff anymore...
Well, our hallway bathroom is near completion and looks kick-a already. That makes me happy. Now if only we could get that stupid shelving unit out of our hallway, my day would be complete.
My sister is in town! At this very moment, she is going in to experience her first ever eye appointment! That is absolutely weird to me because I have had a check-up on my eyes once a year since I was in the 2nd grade. She's 20 and has never seen an eye doctor before now. wow. Hopefully, this appointment will help her figure out why she has chronic headaches. I tell her that if it's not poor eyesight, then it's a brain tumor. Ha! What if she has to wear glasses! NERD!
(That last statement is ironic because I wear glasses myself.)
Pray for me, my few followers! I am tired. I am weak, but He is strong. This I know 'cause the Bible tells me so. B-i-b-l-e, BIBLE!
Enough rambling, INVENTORY!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

V8 makes me feel like I'm healthy

Happy Valentines Day, friends!
My Valentine and I agreed a few days back that this "holiday" is a sham of a holiday invented by card and flower companies to drain the last bit of money out of men's wallets at the conclusion of holiday season. Therefore, neither he, nor I, will be purchasing any gifts or sweets for each other. Instead, we will love each other like we do every other day of the year; sweetly and with patients and understanding. Stephan started the day off right by emptying the kitty litter box. Gosh, I love that guy!
Currently, Stephan is finishing a tile job in some cell-phone reception hating part of East Texas and I am planing on taking a restful nap until further notice. All the snow is gone and the house is clean, so there is nothing to keep me from wasting my day in slumber. We even finished off all 7 seasons of Scrubs that we borrowed from Paul and Erin. It's like God is saying, "See, I have made a special day reserved strictly for rest. Enjoy my graciousness, My child."
Thank You, God.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow days in East Texas are just unnatural.

That's correct. I have no work today thanks to about 4-7 inches of snow that has mostly been turned into slush in the streets by now. My back yard is a mess of muddy snow because my dogs finally decided to give snow a chance and they decided that they LOVE it. I tried to take pictures of them frollicking around, but they sense cameras like a Florey. I, myself, stepped outside to sample east Texas snow. It was very moist and easy to pack into a ball. That explains why there's a surprisingly large snowman in a neighbor's yard. I simply nailed a tree in my front yard with a snowball and called it a day.

Whereas I have no wish to be out there driving around in this slush, (Tyler drivers are bad enough on dry roads and worse on wet roads, I can only imagine what they're like on slushy roads) I DO wish to go buy me a new broom. My floors are icky and the swiffer is only effective on hard wood floors, not really on tile.

Well, I was planning on going to work today. since there is no work, I have done laundry, vaccumed, completed today's BSF assaignment, done more laundry, waddled through snow a little, eaten a healthy lunch (full serving of fruits and veggies, people!!) and dusted. It's 12:31. I'm bored.

I do not wish to complain. After all, These lazy days are soon to be a thing of the past. Plus, I guess I could get in a super nap. Here I come, bedroom!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I see the irony in my last post and it prompted me to post earlier than I originally planned. You see, it is actually snowing here. Well, it was snowing. Now it's more like a rainy/sleety precipitation, but it DID snow last night and early this morning! It snowed enough to coat the ground pretty thoroughly. The rain and sleet mess is making quick work of cleaning up the beautiful, white coat of winter wonder-fluff, yet for a few hours this morning, my two mountain dogs got to experience a taste of what life might be like if they lived in a climate more suitable for their thick fur coats. Toby ignored it and Roxy avoided stepping in it. They are a shame to the Pyrenees mounts.
This morning, I have successfully rigged up a candle and a warming bowl to melt down a lump of wax from a candle I bought a year ago. I held on to the excess wax in hopes of one day milking every last drop of scented goodness from it, for I LOVE that scent and they no longer sell that specific candle at the Potpourri House. My house currently smells so wonderful, I could sleep longer.
BUT NO! Instead, I get to play with bride-to-be Rachel Venable's hair today! we're going to see how well her hair can hold curl, since she swears it absolutely cannot. Stephan needs the computer now, so I'm logging off. PEACE!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Watch out for blizzards!!

Oh victory in Jesus my savior forever!
I thought I'd open with a line of encouragement for all my multitudes of readers. Victory attained. No work needed on our part except to love Him and be loved by Him. You're welcome, Christians!
I'm working for the man today. And by the man, I mean my loving mommy. My day started off pretty well when a walk-in came in and asked if there was an opening and then immediately complimented me on my hair. Call me vain, but I can't help it, it makes me happy!
There's a blizzard assailing the north-eastern coast of our country at this very moment. I know this because the weather channel is on. Watch out, Billy Yank!
In case you have not deduced, I am indeed quite bored at work. I think I might run those errands for mi madre now. It will enable me to snag a lunch and a V8 while I'm out and about.
I think I might have experienced my first Braxton Hicks contraction last night. It woke me up and was not too comfortable. For the first time, I seriously contemplated what the real deal might be like... oooo, nelly.
I'm off to run chores! Enjoy my postings, friends. And tonight, yoga!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Good morning, World, how are you?

This morning, bright and early, Stephan and I went to meet our baby's future pediatrician. What's so exciting about meeting the physician who will be funneling money out of your wallet for the next 18 years, Colette? Well, friends, Dr. Rick Rodgers was MY pediatrician! I have known the Rodgers all of my life. Literally. Dr. Rodgers was there for my delivery, and now he's gonna be my baby's doctor! I guess that might not be THE most exciting thing in the world, but I'm happy as a pickle about it. And Stephan liked him. *yay!*
So, the rest of my day consists of a full day of work and then a brief rest at home before I'm off to Bible Study Fellowship. I would strongly dislike today due to the full schedule and lack of reprieve, but I just can't be angry or upset right now.
Time to work! Later, gators!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Be careful how you chew your nails.

Stupid hangnail make my bleed.
Why hello there! It is Friday, the weekend has arrived, and I don't know what to do with it. I certainly have to clean my house, but that should only take a few hours at most.
Today, I got to love on a three month old baby girl. She's a foster child of a family that came into Snug as a Bug, where I work. I got to hear a little back story on her. It breaks my hearts and makes me so angry that people would do such undeserved things to such innocent babies. This little girl was so happy! I hugged her. She had fat little cheeks and barely any hair, so I suggested a headband/hair bow combo. I get to have one of those!!!!! Except a boy.
Dang, I hate it when my house is dirty and I cant fix it. It wears at my brain all day.! The good news is; for the first time ever, I have successfully teased my hair into a stylish bump. I'm so proud of me!
Well, I'm running out of stuff to write about. SIGNING OFF!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My cat is jealous of my tummy

Even Stephan has noticed how clingy and needy my female cat, Tizzy, has become. If I am sitting or reclining in any manner, that cat is on me like white on chalk. or rice. maybe snow...
Friends, (in case more than one person is actually reading this...) for the past week or so, I was stricken with a cold of epic proportions. My loving husband tried hard not to infect me with his, but it's tough to avoid a person if you sleep together. God be praised, I never actually ran a fever, but for the duration of my birthday weekend, I hated my nasal passages. Sleep was near impossible. My husband was super sweet and caring throughout the duration of it all, and I appreciate him in a way that he will probably never fully understand.
Now it's Wednesday! I feel much better, I have slept very well these past two nights, and my sister is in town. She brought Walter! WALTER! I love that pup! It is also my cousin Hannah's birthday, so in honor of the occasion, I will be forgoing yoga at the gym for a birthday celebration. But I promise you this, America, I AM going to try harder to be healthier. That means more gym time, more healthy foods, and less...umm... unhealthy food. For my baby and for my hubby, I pledge to be a healthy mommy. (Lord give me strength!)
Peace and love and whatnot!