Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am wise

Those of you that know me well, (or have read most of my blog) know that I am a big fan of Disney and most of their movies. Especially those movie pertaining to princesses and love and romance and pretty dresses. (*sigh*)
   As I am an expert on movies of the pre-described orientation, and as I just finished watching my newest movie, Tangled, I have decided to compose a list of my top seven favorite Disney princess movies. In very strict order, from not as awesome to awesome-est:

 #7: Cinderella
   As this list is my personal opinion, I personally believe that the older Disney movies were "meh". However, When most people think "princess" they think "Cinderella". Cinderella is the classic Disney princess movie. From the singing animals to the instant love connection between the leading lady and her sadly unnamed, yet fantastically talented singer of a prince. My main beef with this otherwise lovely and harmless movie is Cinderella's updo. Is that a sloppy French twist with a sparkly headband? And where the heck are her ears?

#6: Sleeping Beauty.
  This Movie is a favorite of mine for three reasons: the unique art and character stylization of the movie, the hauntingly lovely music, and the prince. Not only does he have a name, but he is the first prince in a Disnay movie with an actual part. Sleeping Beauty/Aurora may be your average, underage-but-doesn't-look-it-at-all princess (if you will recall, the movie takes place on her 16th birthday. I did NOT look like her at 16), but prince Phillip was quite the dashing prince. All in all, a great classic.

#5: Pocahontas
      Yes, yes, yes, Disney was about as accurate in the telling of the story of Pocahontas as the Westboro Baptist church is at displaying real Christianity. (Those people make me feel a deep, deep sadness on behalf of the God and Savior they are so badly exemplifying). That doesn't negate the neat-ness of this movie. If you watch the movie strictly for entertainment value and not for historic content, you get, well, Avatar for the young and young at heart. This is one of my favorite love stories and I love the songs in this movie. (Ask Aubrey. I sang "Just around the river bend" every time we came to a river bend on our trip to the Buffalo river).    

#4: Aladdin
   Princess Jasmine is the reason I begged my mother to dye my hair black as a child. I wanted/want her hair SO BADLY! Other reasons for this movie's position on the line up are the catchy songs, Jasmine's hair, Robin Williams as the voice of Genie, Aladdin's rad, early-90's appropriate dialogue, and Jasmine's hair. I did think Jasmine's outfit scandalous, though. But her hair makes up for it.

#3:The Little Mermaid.
    All my childhood years, anytime I was in a body of water large enough to submerge myself in completely, (i.e.: pools, oceans, bath tubs, etc...) I would pretend that I was a mermaid, and it's all because of this chick. Again, notice the glorious hair, that looks the exact same both wet and dry, and the fact that, once again, we have a princess that is "16". (b freakin' s!) But truly, the songs in this movie are some of my favorites and the action/bad guy gave my big brother nightmares. Therefore, this movie is awesome.

#2: Tangled
   I was skeptical friends. My heart rebelled against the very idea of a computer animated princess tale. I wanted a movie that would do the classics proud, not subvert years of child-like awe and wonder. Friends, this movie did so much better than I thought it would. I love it!! The animation was breath-taking in a way that traditional animation could never be. The characters were lovable or abhorrent, as need be, and the storyline, romance, and songs were beautiful chips of the old, Disney block! I am not pulling anyone's leg when I place this newbie at number 2 on my incredibly accurate count down. It deserves this spot.

                                             And the best movie of all time.....

#1: Beauty and the Beast
All other movies pale in comparison. To this day, I get shivers when I watch the scene at the end when the Beast turns back into his human self and the music rises and he spins around  and the light is shining! (woo hoo!)  Best love story ever. Best music ever. Best dress ever. Best kiss scene of any movie ever. There is little else to be said but, well done, Disney. Well Done.

                And that is my opinion. Feel free to argue, if you wish too. This is, after all opinion and not the Gospel truth.


  1. This had Kevin and I laughing out loud! You would be my favorite Disney princess! I can see it now, Colette and her South African Prince! You would sing to the animals, and they would sing back...you could live in a giant castle, and have me over for dinner....PERFECTION.

  2. I can almost hear you singing every disney song in my head right now. What about Alice In Wonderland? That's a pretty good one. Of course you're probably a little too young to remember that old goody.