Monday, January 31, 2011

Missouri was neat!

This shall be a quick, picture heavy post, because Noah is napping and I really really REALLY need to shower. I need to be ready at the drop of a hat, for Ashley is hospitalized and might need me there on a moments notice! Baby Johnson is coming today, and we'll finally get to meet her and learn her name!

Anyways, a condensed album of our trip!

Hey ladies. That's right, I'm crossin' the border. Check me out, I'm in Oklahoma.

The driver was SUPER PUMPED! (and focused)

The babies loved Stephan! They picked his hair for lice as a sign of accepting him into their clan.
 Lydia and the football; a strong indication that we might have an adorable tom-boy on our hands!

Noah LOVED the guitar! He would stare in slack-jawed awe when Uncle Kevin played it.

He also gave the strings a little strum. (He's got some practicing to do)

Reunited and it feels so good!!

Noah got a hat! doesn't he look like a little redneck?

This is where the hat was found. At the Bass Pro Shop. Having never been to the original, it was quite an experience. 
 In honor of our combined 21st birthdays, the men went out and bought us cupcakes, a small chocolate cake, and these guys. Monster cookies. They were as good to eat as they were cute to look at.

Another show by Kevin Skinner for the babies delight. I shall include a video at the end of this event. it was CUTE!

As Noah was a snotty sniffer the whole trip, We couldn't let the babies touch. They sure did like each other!

Well, Noah woke up with a start, and is currently crying. He has another hour to sleep, so I'm going to go ahead and leave him with his pasi and take a shower.

All in all, it was a glorious and successful trip. Noah and Lydia are betrothed, of course, so we've got several adorable pictures to show them at their wedding. (or to embarrass them with when they're 16) Including some cuties of them in the bath together.
When we got home, I discovered that I had neglected to leave Charlie cat enough food. He had closed himself into Noah's room after scraping by off of a bowl of mixed nuts I left on the kitchen counter. I feel like an unworthy pet owner. He lived and he still loves me, so we're all good.

Friday, January 28, 2011

journey to missouri

stole that bad boy from k-skinner.
We're in Missouri! We snuck out at 2:45-ish on Wednesday, even though we told Aubrey and Kevin we'd head out around 7 that night. We arrived sometime after 10 and the Skinners were so happy to see us! Noah didn't sleep well that first night, but now he's so much better, and Lydia hasn't contracted any illness from him yet, so  I'd easily say that this trip has been a success thus far!
  Yesterday was Aubrey's day, for it was her birthday. Went went out to eat last night at Lambert's, a place where they literally throw food at you. It took me back a bit to my softball days... Anyways, the food was delicious and came in massive quantities, so we all ate until we felt horrible. It was fantastic! Afterwards, we put the young 'uns to bed and commenced a highly competitive game of scrabble.
That leads me to this point, we are parents. The last time we went on vacation with the Skinners, it was to Florida, and, although I was pregnant at the time, I didn't know it, and nobody else was pregnant either. We were a couple of crazy, young couples having a blast. Last night, it was entirely different. It was still so fun and we are having so much fun, as we have always had, but this time we were a couple of families out to eat. The babies laughed and talked from their high chairs as the mommies doted and daddies joked and talked. It was so neat. Thank you, God, for friends that are walking the walk right along with us and experiencing life as we are. It makes me happy.
Today we are chillin. Tomorrow is my birthday. (joy!) Ashley Johnson should be kickin' out that baby soon, so prayers to her and K.J. and johnsonette! I look forward to meeting you, baby girl!
Now, I shall resume hangin' with Aubrey.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

American Idol

I am an American Idol.
Today's reading in Isaiah was about idols. When I was younger and I read about idol worshipers and their practices, I though to myself, "what idiots!" These people would worship, revere and even sacrifice offerings to things they had made. They were worshiping wood and stone. Nowadays I realize I'm a tad bit hypocritical. Those people devoted love, adoration, time, and energy to things that were definitely not God, and to think of it that way, then holy cow, I'm an idolater! On average, I usually spend more time getting ready in the morning than I do reading the Bible. I've put myself on a pedestal that belongs solely to God. I type this my friends, because it's one of the several thorns in my side that I am praying about and working on and the first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have one, right?

I'm excited! Aubrey, are you excited??
You bet I am!
Tonight, tonight! We head off to Missouri tonight! (that's why Aubrey is so excited). This trip we've been planning since December is upon us! I have the house clean, Noah packed, and Stephan's sweaters drying as I type. (It's a LOT different packing when your traveling with a baby) The only possible bummer on this trip is that yesterday Boogie-boy's nose started snufflin' and snifflin', and today it's not much better. I really really really hope and pray that it doesn't get passed around. Again.
Regardless, I have a shower to take and myself to pack. Prayers would be welcomed and appreciated for our nighttime travels. Skinnies, we will see you soon! Tylerites, we'll be back next week.



Monday, January 24, 2011

una fajita quesadilla!

I do enjoy Stephan's quesadilla maker. My lunches have become so culturally diverse!

Stephan pulled a man from a car wrecked in a gully! Well, it might not be a gully in the true sense of the word, but it was a huge drainage-run off-type ditch. Our neighbor across the street was backing his suv out of his angled driveway and, apparently, his breaks went out. We came home from church just in time to hear the crash. Stephan ran out there, no shoes, to help how he could and I called 911. (A first for me, so it was indeed a very exciting experience!) When Stephan finally cam back to where I was watching from the driveway, he told me what happened and how he asked all the medical-type questions you're trained to ask by the EMT peeps before he pulled the guy out of his car. It must have been a tricky feat, as the car was standing almost straight up on its rear bumper. Nobody worry, everyone involved was alright and Stephan hasn't been sued for anything, which apparently you can do if someone dares to help you out of a dangerous situation.

Wow, this is a really good quesadilla!

Now, I am going to do my housely duties. BSF tonight, friends! yay, God!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

blinded by the light! *ch-ch-chh!*

I'm feeling an unusual amount of pressure in my right eye, which is my "good" eye out of the two God gave me. It's uncomfortable to blink. Oh Dr. Skinner!

Happy weekend to you all! Today, Saturday, I am washing dog blankets. For those of you who do not know, we have two beautiful, sweet, protective, and large dogs. Since it's been very chilly this winter, we set up two dog crates with old, warm blankets for them to sleep in. Well, last night, I went to put up the dogs and saw that Toby had pushed his blanket to the back of his kennel and was not lying on it. I bent down to check it out and was overwhelmed by the smell of urine. Hence, dog blanket washing day. 

This is Toby
This is Roxy

Besides running those nasty blankets through the load several times, I have no big plans today. Noah's yelling at the loopy thing on his excersaucer and Stephan's working at the Petroleum club. I would like to know who thought it would be a good idea to name a club after natural gas. If I didn't know any better, I would think that that certain club was not a fun or good-smelling place to hang out.  
I'm probably going to go to mom and dad's today, since they live very near that there gas club. After Noah's morning nap, of course. 
The Lord bless you and keep you on this cold day He made!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I hate 'em. There are few, so few, things on this earth that I feel comfortable allowing myself to say I truly hate, as hate is such a strong word. Yes yes yes, I realize that hormones are a very necessary and natural part of the human life, but that doesn't meant I cannot loathe the way they make me feel. I don't act like my usual, lovable, natural self. And they make my skin get pimply. *pout*

So, friends and fellow mothers, I found a way to keep your babies from falling off beds, wedging themselves under couches, or getting themselves into some other interesting and possibly hazardous situations: I give you, my latest and possible most ingenious creation, the baby box!

 The thought process behind this ingenious invention of mine was simple; if I place a mobile infant in a constrictive pen of sorts, said mobile infant cannot roll/scoot/kinda' crawl into trouble and can play without fear. Another name I was thinking a calling it was "the pen for play". Catchy, don't cha think?

Friends, Noah is bald. Friends, this baby here is not bald. This is a baby with some hair. This sweet little nugget's name is Madison Olivia. She and her mommy, a high school friend of mine, came over to visit today. So much hair!

And now, readers, I'll leave you with what makes me happy:
*I'm not in control of my life. (praise God!)
*I don't have to fear repercussions for my shortcomings. (Praise God!)
*God loves me. (woah buddy) 
Fg. 3
*God gave me these guys! (see fg. 3)
*That guy in the picture there holding the baby, that's my husband. ('nuff said)
*Charlie's drinking from a McCallister's cup via the straw. (smart cat)
*Even though Noah bit me on the arm today, I know he loves me, 'cause he'll reach for me with his pudgy, little arms and he says "mama".
*I have some awesome friends (again, yay God!)
*All in all, I live a blessed life by the goodness of God, the Father, and the grace of Jesus, his Son, and the power of the Holy Spirit. (without God, I am nothing.)

Have a fantastic Friday, followers!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

to blog, or not to blog

I have little to nothing to update you all on. Noah clapped for me yesterday. Noah fell off my bed while I was braiding my hair. (he's fine, but I still feel like I've failed him in some small way.) I was joyously surprised to weigh myself and see that I have not gained weight, as I had feared, but I've lost weight and am less than 5 pounds away from my pre-baby weight. Best of all, I went to BSF again last night. Isaiah's finally making sense to me now that he's not prophesying and jumping around to several points in time. As much, that is.
So it is with great joy and hope that I sign off to do my Bible study. I really want to be a better Christian. To have that deep, fulfilling relationship with Christ that I see others enjoy. There's no better way (or other way, for that matter) than to crack open the good book and read about this God I worship. So, I'M OFF!
See you next week, Bri!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Kevin Johnson, you should be a teacher.
Also, you're going to be a stellar daddy. :)

Had fun with some cool friends last night. Bruno's was tasty, as usual, and Noah was such a big boy. He sat next to me in his high chair and bounced in his seat and ate every little bit of bread roll that I put in front of him. Eventually, he got tired and slouched like a gangster, fiddling lazily with his rattle-ball. Now he's taking a nice nap for mommy. (yay!)

Today Stephan had plans to be super busy building the base for a deck of our room. Mom and Dad are selling us their hot tub. (YAY!) Stephan has been planning a fancy deck off our room pretty much since we moved in, so this hot tub is the incentive he needed to get the job started. I'm excited. However, it's supposed to be drippy and rainy all day today, so deck-building might not happen.

Today is looking to be a lazy Saturday. Enjoy it, friends! This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cuteness, thy nose is orange.

Once upon a time, there was a baby boy. He was the cutest baby boy in the world! (in the eyes of his loving parents, at least)
What I said earlier about not posting nakey-baby pictures on the internet does not apply to this picture, 'cause nothing is shown that would thoroughly embarrass Noah in his teenage years.
Look at Noah! This was his first bath in the actual tub, no baby tub, no infant tub ring, no nothing. Just Noah and his giraffe and pink bowl. I originally put him in his blue baby tub, but his bo-bo was squished up against one end and his feet pressed flat against the other. So I decided, since he's sitting up so well, that it was time to give this a try. He enjoyed it quite a bit, I believe.
In other news, Noah took a phenomenal nap yesterday morning. I was the first good, long nap he's taken in weeks. This happens as I was starting to think that Noah was trying to drop his morning nap altogether. But then his afternoon nap was short, as per the past few weeks, so Mommy's still confused on the matter. It could be because his top to teeth are a thin layer of gums away from making their appearance. (Poor kid, he hurt a lot yesterday.)
Now, I must shower. We super-walked with the Marshal ladies this morning. ("power" just doesn't seem to cover the awesome-ness of our walks.) God be with you all today, but especially Ashley Johnson, 'cause she's gonna have a baby soon.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I had a snazzy title this morning...

... now I can't think of it. Sorry, Karen.
So, friends, in case you've been wondering what mischief Noah's been finding out he can get into, I'll show you:
Yep. That's Noah halfway under my couch. He is so close to moving forward, but for now, he is an excellent backwards-scooter. Which means that he heads the opposite way of where he wants to go and then gets frustrated. However, yesterday morning, he was rockin' on his hands and knees (another new trick of his) and he got to rockin' so fast that he launched himself forward in a frog-like leap! Poor baby landed on his face, but it was still super impressive!
Boogie boy seems to find some new sound, face, or ability to do every day. Another new sound/face he enjoys a lot, and a face that all witnessing adults think is quite hilarious, is actually an update of a face he used to make.
 I call it his sour face. He squinches up his face as seen above, then breathes heavily in and out of his nose. HUH-larius! He can also breathe like he's choking on something. I panicked when he first revealed that little jewel, but then he laughed at me, so I knew he was okay, and then he did it some more. And his NEWEST noise: smacking. (yay, mouth noises.) Stephan taught him that one, I believe.
I was going to include a SUPER adorable picture I took of nakey-baby Noah right before his bath, but I decided not to. I dunno, but something about putting naked pictures of babies/children on the internet seems wrong to me... So instead, I give you the promised picture of snow in Texas. I give you, our front yard:
Blessing and honor, glory and power be unto the Ancient of days. He shows His creativity in such obvious and magnificent ways!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

obligatory post about snow in Texas

Gosh, I've been updating so frequently lately. My life sure has been exciting!

It is snowing. I am excited. I'm not planning on spending too much time out there in the chilly, wet, white mush, but I sure do think it's pretty. It's also kinda weird how I also posted about the last snowfall in Tyler. As with before, there will be pictures. I have to wait for my camera battery to finish charging.
Unlike before, instead of a baby in my belly, there is a baby in the johnny jump-up goin' crazy. (every once in as while I'll look at him and smile exaggeratedly and he'll respond with a fresh burst of jumps and a goofy, squealing laugh).
Well, friends, I am heating some water for some oh-so-appropriate spiced tea. There's a fire roaring in the fireplace and a football game on. I couldn't actually care less about the football game, but my husband is snuggled on the couch under our big, soft blanket and that calls for me to grab our baby and intrude in game time with family time.Yay! as previously mentioned, pictures to come, so be ready!

Saturday, January 8, 2011



That is a bug larva clinging to a soggy wheat flake. And I am never ever ever ever ever  going to buy Special K ever again, which is really going to dampen my attempts at the Special K two week challenge. Now all I can think is that the stuff stuck in my teeth is mulched up bug worms and that I've probably eaten more than one.yuck yuck yuck YUCK!

Friday, January 7, 2011


When Noah was very little, I took him outside, laid out a blanket, and let him bask in the warm sun for a little while. As I did so, I hoped that Noah would be the type of little boy who loved the great outdoors and getting dirty and stinky and whatnot. Well, today, friends, Noah showed signs of making my dreams a reality!
Stephan has been working outside all day trying to fix a problem with the massive tree in the front yard using it's roots to push over our retaining wall. Tired of being cooped up inside, I grabbed a blanket, Noah's rattle-balls, and my baby, and I went outside.
Yes, it might be early January, but here in East Texas, it's a lovely day with temperatures in the upper 60's, low 70's. Therefore, the sweatpants and socks I had on Noah were unnecessary, so they quickly came off, which was just what Noah wanted. Noah paid his safe, clean toys no mind whatsoever and instead grabbed up handful after handful of dry, crinkly grass while kicking his feet so much that he made little feet-indentions in  the dirt. It only took 6 or 7 times of me saying "No no, Noah, we don't put sticks in out mouths" for him to realize that he shouldn't put sticks in his mouth.
Finally, I gave in to the stinky-ness in Noah's diaper and took him back inside. Now he's napping peacefully and Mommy is proud as can be of her little roughian!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

my baby's big

Yesterday, I had the privilege of visiting a high school chum of mine and getting to hold her sweet, precious, two-week-old baby girl.

As with the newborn baby I held about two months ago, this little girl was born about a pound and a half larger than Noah was when he was born. I think that knowing that made the experience even more surreal, because the first thought I had, and the first thing I said, when I saw Heather and little bitty Maddison was, " Oh my gosh, was Noah ever that small?"
I held little Miss Maddison Olivia for as long as I could before I had to go home and relieve my husband of mommy-duties. I didn't dare take Noah to see the new baby, for he was still snuffly and I was not going to risk giving a newborn any diseases like he might have possibly given another baby. When I got home, Stephan was excitedly waiting to show me how Noah scoots backwards on his belly. (something I have known for a week now.)  I scooped up my big boy and tossed him around. He laughed, 'cause he loves it. I don't regret Noah growing up. I love how sturdy and heavy and strong and mobile he is. I especially love how responsive and talkative and sweet he is. I love that he will spontaneously grab me by my face/hair/glasses and attack me with wet, sloppy kisses. I love that he loves his daddy and enjoy animals and how I can sometimes almost guess what he's thinking due to the expression on his face. No, I do not regret Noah growing up, but sometimes, I certainly do miss tiny, new Noah.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Power walking gets you NOWHERE

'bout to hit up the mall for some early-morning power walking with Sheryl and Lucy. I feel mixed feelings about our bi-weekly walks. I feel good in knowing that I 'm doing something to stay/get back into shape, and yet I feel lame because I can't ignore the fact that walking for two hours combined every week is not good enough. Stupid healthy lifestyle, why can't you be an easy task?!?
Welp, I've gots to go. We have to be at the mall to mingle with the elderly. Cheerio, chaps!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

30 minutes is not a good enough nap.

Noah took a crummy nap this morning. Now he's trying to take another half-hour nap. I will not have it. He WILL take a better nap.
Hey, world, how was your New Years? I was in bed and asleep by 10:30.
The Skinners stayed the night with us! It was a few nights ago, but I just now thought to post about it.
 Noah was, as expected, sooo happy to see Lydia Marie. I think she was pleased to see him too.
 Turns out, Kevin Skinner is a pretty okay dad. He seems to like his offspring. They got along well enough. He got a dapper haircut.
Aubrey was ecstatic to see us. And to shake a bottle. 
They stayed one glorious night, then we made plans to go visit them on the weekend of me and Brizzle's b-days. It WILL happen. It MUST happen. here's a video of Lydia with her dada:
Noah hasn't given up yet. I can hear him fighting sleep.

Now for a fun story; the day before yesterday, my sweet friend Angie came over to visit and, of course, she brought her son Grayson.Grayson and Noah played and shared Mumm-mumms.
Then Angie did the unspeakable; she gave me a gift! The gift-giving in itself is not a bad thing. I enjoy gifts and consider them blessings. It was the fact that I had no gift to give her in return that saddened me. The next day, an idea struck me mightily. While at our house, Grayson and Noah had played with Noah's new Teddy bear, Beer. Grayson LOVED Beer the Bear. So, while chillin' with my parents, I remembered Dinky the German, my sister's neglected giant teddy bear. After a hurried text message conversation, Dinky was mine for the gifting. Firstly, I had to fix him up. Dinky had been used as a pillow, seat, and snuggle-buddy for a while, so he was somewhat deflated. This morning, I craftily opened up a seam in his back and used stuffing from an old pillow to fill in the floppy places before stitching him back up. After lunch, Stephan and I made the drop off, and, as I had hoped, Grayson LOVED Dinky as much as Beer the Bear, if not more. 
This is the boys with Beer's feet.

Now, I give up. Noah wins. I was going to get him up at 4:30, but now he sounds super upset. Like, frantic upset. Why, Noah, why?

Happy new week to you all!