Thursday, March 31, 2011

revenge of the dudes!

Take THAT, female babies!
(No, I am totally kidding, I am not begin vicious or unloving to any babies at all, much less my sweet little baby girls! but for the sake of this update, yeah, take THAT!)
I say "take that" because Noah met and got to play with another little boy baby today!
                                                        meet Benjamin Scheffron (sp?)
  Benjamin is the son of a kind couple that attends our Sunday School class. It was Crisi that remembered that they, indeed, had a child about the age of ours, so she invited mother Mindy and Benjamin to our playtime today. Isn't he a handsome little darlin'?
     Now friends, Noah loves his lady baby friends. He loves them to death! He holds their hands and accepts their kisses and adoration like a true gentleman. But, truly, he tires of the constant estrogen and it's feminine ways. So, if he's been in the presence of one or more baby girls for too long, he tends to isolate himself and play alone. (They're to dainty and little-girly. They can't handle his manliness.)
         However, when Noah gets to play with Grayson. He will wrestle and crawl over and knock noggins with him until they're both bruised and winded. Since we don't get to play with Grayson nearly as often as we'd like to, it was a real treat to meet another little boy about Noah's age. And Weight.
       It's so fun to watch how different boy babies are form girl babies. Granted, this is not a blanket statement. Not all girl and boy babies are the same, but from my personal experience in observing Noah interacting with Madi, Lucy, Lydia, Mary Meadows, (etc...) vs. Noah interacting with Grayson or Benjamin, it is a very noticeable difference.
     Some for examples: when placed in a play area with one or more girls, Noah will be sweet on them and hold their hand/leg/face, but yet he is reluctant to share his toys. Should a little girl take a toy he was playing with or suddenly decided he wanted, he will look at her like she is crazy and 'gently' take back the toy. (if I let him). In the case of toy theft by another male baby, Noah will proclaim out loud the other child's trespass and his indignation at such a party foul, then promptly wrangle the toy out of the trespasser's hands. (We're working on sharing.) There are also crawl-races. This is a cute one: so, Noah and Grayson, or today Benjamin, will both spot a toy they want across the room. And they're off! First person there gets the toy for a few precious seconds until the runner up arrives and then the wrangling begins. I haven't seen this happen between Noah and a girl baby yet.
"No, please, don't take her away! I'll keep her here. It'll be awesome! Please?"
        Form 7:30 until 12-ish, I watched Madilyn Jane while her mommy worked. It was fun and tiring at the same time. I can easily see myself handling 2+ babies at the once, but today made me really appreciate God for saying "no" to my pleas for twins during my first pregnancy. Both babies played and napped and ate, then played again. (This is me patting myself on the back). Then Crisi got done a-workin' and Mindy showed up with Benjamin and the playing continued. Now Noah's napping again and frankly, I'm pooped. 

      Tonight, we dine at BJ's Brewhouse with the pregnant Emily and Jim Evans. (I've been keeping quite about that knowledge for weeks!! Now I can tell whoever the heck I wanna!) It will be legen-wait for it-dary!

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  1. You know you want a girl! :) Have fun on your trip...and thanks for checkin' up on Lauren today! You're the best.