Wednesday, March 9, 2011

a trip to South Africa and then New Zealand!

Man, I would love to take a trip to visit South Africa and then New Zealand. That would be neat.
Friends, readers, followers; I'm sorry for the lack of pictures lately. I feel like pictures are entirely necessary when I am typing about some fun, new, or exciting event/occurrence that has happened or that I have otherwise taken part in. When life is nice and slow and the excitement levels are low, there just aren't any pictures to be taken. I am not complaining, though. This life God gave me, the one I am living, is so wonderful that even in the tough times I consider myself blessed.
    Well, friends, I did not go for a walk yesterday, due to the rain, and this morning, my walking buddy was unavailable. I'm starting to feel lethargic. I guess it's time I hop on the 'ole treadmill. Bleh. I don't like treadmilling near as much a walking in the great outdoors. It's way boring-er.
      Well, Noah's asleep and I'm having a ridiculous amount of trouble typing today. For example: this is a line of typinf that I am typing withougt backspacing once to shoe you all how itritating typing with favke nails ais.
So worth it! My hands look hot!

    Be blessed, you readers! Today if glorious! GAAAAHHHH! NAILS!!! 

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  1. Your sence of humor is hilarious. I can just hear you saying these things as I read them.