Saturday, March 12, 2011

mighty tasks at hand!

Stephan and I both set our minds on completing a job that really needed to be done. Both jobs are outdoors and both have been pressing on our minds for a long time now. This is Stephan's chore:
                                                              And This is mine:
   Stephan has, as I've said before, been working on the back yard. As you can see in his task picture, today he is working on the fence. Psh. "work", right?
   As for me. I had the arduous job of wrangling my puppy, lashing her to a post, and then trying to keep her still while chopping away at her matted winter fur with a pair of shears and our old doggie trimmers. She had some mats on her that were so solid, they could have qualified as horns. And on top of that, Toby was right in my face with his mopey snout, 'cause I made the mistake of showing them the leash I was using to tie up Roxy, which meant to Toby that he was about to go for a walk. I let him down today. I hope he'll forgive me.
     Needless to say, we picked a BEAUTIFUL day to work in the great out doors. I finished my job in less than half an hour. Stephan might be outside for a while... Noah took this chance to nap.

  Last night, Ouma and Oupa came into town to watch Noah while Stephan and I dated. He charmed the socks off of those two. That's my boy!

    I will give praise to God, 'cause He made this one heck of a beautiful day!

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