Saturday, March 5, 2011

And now I want something salty

It's taking a whole lot of will power for me not to pop a bag of delicious, rich in sodium popcorn right now.
     I'm not hungry, but I would like to eat something right about now. My cravings swing from sweet to salty, and I'm not even pregnant. It's like I'm not satisfied and content until I'm stuffed to the point of discomfort. Then, of course, I hate myself for getting to that point. (stupid, delicious baby back ribs!) This weird, never-full feeling lasts about a week (usually) and swings around about once a month, and I can not wait for it to pass.
       But on to less irritating, tmi-type news;
 Stephan has been a-workin like a dog on our back yard for a few days now. He's spent most of his day thus far out there. I don't envy him; it's chilly! I realize it's only March and that Spring is still weeks away, but I was very happy with the warm weather and downright pouty when I saw this weekend's forecast. Anywho, Stephan is going to transform our dog pen of a back yard into a child's dream play area. Already, as seen in previous posts, we (he) have put up a few swings for swinging. Next, he's going to finish the fence. Then, grass will be laid down, then, a deck will be built off our bedroom, then the rest of the fun, entertaining playthings will be installed. My hope and Stephan's goal is for our backyard to be a safe, fun haven for all tots by Noah's first birthday.
I have made the plans already for Noah's 1st celebration of birth! Family and Friends shall be separated into two parties, so as to control the numbers. (my mom's side alone is 36 people). Family will be celebrating at Bebe and Papa's home, while the smaller party of friends will be at our place. Now, some people might think a first birthday is altogether stupid, since the birthday boy or girl will never remember it, while others go hog-wild planing a party that will be spoken of with jealous tones for years to come. I, with my beliefs, land in the middle of these two extremes, leaning slightly towards the larger party party. Sure, Noah will never remember this birthday, but I want to celebrate my first child's first year of successful living! On that note, friends and family, prepare!
    Now, I am going to drink a lot of water. that might help fool my stomach into thinking it's full.   

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