Monday, June 28, 2010


I saw that word on the desktop, so I dubbed this post as such.

This might be the last post I post. Simply because I can't find time or Internet for updating my blog. I'll try to make this post as entertaining and informative as possible.

Noah is already so much bigger than when he first popped into this world. Two months does so much to babies. He's holding up his wobbly little head and smiling big smiles that just can't be caused by gas. He's beautiful and adorable. I love him, even when he's crying his angriest cry or making his messiest diaper.

Stephan and I are adjusting to life being mommy and daddy as well as husband and wife. A part of me misses having all of Stephan's undivided attention. It could be the hormones, or maybe I'm just being demanding. Either way, I can't wait for our first romantic date.

I'm feeling tired and angsty. I think I need to sleep. STUPID MOSQUITOES!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

gettin my hair did

i thoroughly enjoy having my sister in town for the summer.

So, Noah has struck a growth spurt with great gusto. Yesterday he seemed to be constantly hungry. It was tough to stay on schedule as I was feeding him 15, 30, sometimes 45 minutes before he was supposed to eat. It's allowable, though, because he's a growin' boy and I want him to get plenty of fuel to grow on.

other than the growth spurt, Noah has been awake WAY more lately. He stares intently at lights and windows and blank walls, so he's pretty easy to keep entertained. (for now). Stephan will come home from work and somehow fit his head into the play gym or car seat or whatever an awake Noah might be placed in at the time and love on Noah. It is an extremely humerus sight to see. Almost liek when a cact gets it's head stuck inside a box or bag. Stephan loves his little boy and is so proud of him!

so, i'm going to get back to having my hari done. shout out to the skinners so that they'll comment on my post!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

mommy sleepy

and by "mommy sleepy", I mean me mommy, not my mother. 'cause I'm a mommy. :)

Noah's down and out, but his last feeding of the night is at 11, so I could either take a power nap until then or update my blog. I would say I can sleep when I'm dead, but I completely do NOT agree with that saying. I like to sleep. I wish I could sleep more often. I just happen to think that 30-minute or less power naps are ineffective. (for me, at least). Also, last time I took a power nap, I power-napped right through a feeding time. I feel so ashamed.

there are babies everywhere and still more to come! This makes me happy!

Noah has progressed from sleeping constantly to being more aware more often. It's adorable and yet another adjustment to get used to. Now there's less time for me to do things and get house work done. Or to sleep. But, as with all hardships, sacrifices, or uncomfortable scenarios, it's completely worth it to see me baby's blue eyes more often during the day.

So I still have two friends that are yet to deliver. I Am Excited!! Aubrey have your baby!!!!

My back hurts from sitting like this. later.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

it is good

i am now going to list all the good that is today:
-thunder is rolling, deep and restless, across a cloudy sky, which sets a perfect atmosphere for my nap.
-I worked out
-Noah's being fantastic!
-Glee finale tonight
-"Insanity" is doing good things to my hubby. (rowr)
-I made lemonade.
-the lemonade is quite refreshing. I'll have another glass, thank you.
-did I mention that Noah is being a really good baby today?
-I go this house spic-and-span
-i'm going to go take a nap.
May God's peace be with you all.