Friday, April 30, 2010

Sorry, you might need to scream louder,

An elderly woman is assisting a younger woman in picking out jewelry in our waiting room.
I don't want to get old.
Two contractions this morning, friends! Two! And both were focused painfully in my lower back. Therefore, I sit. I'm trying to wait just a little bit longer before starting the whole birthing process. There are so many reasons why I am hesitant to encourage contractions and whatnot. For one, I'm a touch bit nervous about this. Secondly, I haven't packed my hospital bag yet. Thirdly, The Skinners aren't here for another 2 weeks. Also, I haven't gotten a glider yet. I really want a glider!
Then again, there are a few reasons on the forefront of my mind for having Noah sooner rather than later. For instance; I'm uncomfortable. Sleeping takes a while and a mountain of pillows separates me and Stephan at night. Yet I'm not trying to sound ungrateful. I have loved being pregnant and I plan on doing this several more times in the future. I'm also excited to see this little baby that has been hiding safely inside of me for so long! I bet he's really tall. I wonder who's eyes he'll have. I hope he has his father's physique. I want it to rain soon.
Stephan and I took our maternity pictures yesterday! I can't wait to see them! Stephan was a ham, as usual. For someone who's so good looking and photogenic, he sure does not like the camera. (so he says) I had fun!
The weekend is here, friends. I plan on sleeping or lying down whenever possible. Stephan's got a lot os busy work to do. I'll pray for him.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Take THAT, the Man!

being 36 weeks pregnant+doctor's appointment on the morrow= no jury duty! utilize your baby bellies, pregnant friends!!

Back in the saddle at work. I have decided that I don't like clothes anymore. Loose dresses are the closest to being comfortable when it comes to articles of clothing. If I could, I would spurn the social norm that is modesty and be skins to the wind! Yet then I would be uncomfortable in an entirely different manner. Oh, conundrum! 'Tis truly a rock and a hard place I am wedged between.
On a lighter and happier note, next week is makeover week on my favorite show, The Biggest Loser!
But enough about those guys, more about me. Noah moves all the time. I love it! I wish I had a machine that allowed me to see inside me so that I could watch what he's doing. He had the hiccups again last night, so I stayed up with him until they passed. At the same time, his daddy, Stephan, was making weird mouth-smacking noises in his sleep. Those two. . . I love them both.
Friends, I have a goal! A post-baby-body goal. And that goal is this: abs! I have aimed for lofty body/weight goals in the past, and my associate and fellow boot camp class attendee, Aubrey, can testify my dedication to attaining those goals (or trying my hardest to attain said goals), but never before have I set my sights so high as to wish for visible muscle definition. I know that this undertaking will call for dietary discipline as well as exercise, a weakness of mine for all my life, but I'm ready to try it. It's not fair that my husband is such an Adonis and I am squishy. So I will change it! I can see it now: power stroller-ing through the park with Noah, veggies included in my meals, P90X to finish of my days, yep, that sounds totally do-able. AUBREY MOVE HOME I NEED YOU!!!
Hey neat, it's already almost 2! I'm going back to work.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sleepy Tizzy is so cute.

I live!
Did everybody miss me?
Vacation was phenomenal and I did not deliver in Galveston, therefore, my weekend was amazing. I took plenty of pictures and, impressively, a good deal of video. I got a bit of a tan and Stephan has rid himself of his farmer's tan, so thank you, sun. Thank you for coloring us.
But seriously, God gave us a great gift in this last minute family vacation. Never again will a family outing for the Du Toit's be just me and my husband. Soon, so very soon, we will have a third. I am excited about the prospect, but a little saddened as well. It's so very surreal that I almost can't believe it. But at the same time, our vacations from now on will actually be "family" vacations, and not a couple's get away. AWE!
Now, I must return to normal life. Well, normal life for about three or four weeks. Maybe. I pray for God to strengthen me every morning. I feel like I'm about to undertake some incredible task, or maybe start on an intensely life-altering journey, and I know for sure I cannot do this on my own.
When I pray to God, I also thank Him for that husband he gave me. He's a good one. Why, just this morning as I slept in to recover from the long drive home, Stephan got up earlier than necessary to go get me milk and Life cereal before he had to leave for work. (!) Love has rosy cheeks, squinty blue eyes, and an impish, crooked smile. :)
Well, I have a shower to take. I am looking forward to getting pretty, as I have not been able to do so for five days. Or maybe I'll just get back in bed and sleep some more. Choices, choices...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WOO, tired!

Yes, I repeated a title. so sue me, I'm still tired.
I have a little blue pillow tucked behind the small of my back. I rise up to walk around every half hour or so. I woke up with puffy feet and hands. But there is good news, friends; I'm pregnant!
Yup, It's all for a good and worthy cause, and I try my hardest to relish every achy moment these last few weeks of my very first pregnancy.
Today, after work, Stephan and I are heading out for our last vacation before the big arrival! Right now, my poor husband is contending with a 3-foot snake that has taken up residence under the hood of his his hot dog truck. He says that he found the monstrous creatures' shed skin several months ago under the pedals of said vehicle, which means that he's been driving the thing around with a snake in his engine. (Stephan really doesn't like snakes) Last I spoke to him, he was attempting to exercise the varmint with a pitchfork. For some reason, I feel pity for the snake. I don't know why. Poor snake.
Anyways, Vacation! The beach! the sun, the waves, the seagulls, family, fun, food and a plethora of rest for yours truly! Yesterday, my doctor advised me to go forth with care, but go forth nonetheless, so I'm goin! With an estimated <10% chance of Noah hittin' the scene in the next week, I think I can take riding 4 or so hours in a car at 8 months pregnant. Again, I plan to be sleeping. However, Ashton's going to be with us, and Erin says that he gets cranky after riding too long in the car. . . . ear plugs! I need to get ear plugs.
I must be getting back to work. There's stuff to e-mail and pictures to upload for the mom. (tough work, but somebody's got to do it.)

Monday, April 19, 2010

woo, tired

Ladies and Gentlemen, aside from a glider that I have bookmarked on my computer but yet to own, my baby's nursery is completed! I have curtains, valence, and shelves, and all my shelves are stocked and organized as best as I think they'll be reached for. After spending the morning at Babys'r'us and then the next hour or two completing the organization process, I am very tired. Hence, I am now lying on my comfy couch and telling the world about how excited I am!
Heck, I even got my diaper bag partially packed with a few newborn diapies, wipies, these nifty diaper-disposable bags that my mother-in-law found for me, and a burp rag that would not fit in the basket under the changing table with the rest of the burp rags.
Now I have to pack. Not anytime soon, because right now is lazy time, but later today or maybe tomorrow I am going to pack my hospital stay bag! Also, I'm going to pack for the more imminent departure to THE BEACH! (if my doctor tells me that I can go when I see her Tuesday...) Again, I am super excited about both! Now I'm sleepy and my eyes are burning, so I'm going to turn lazy time into nap time.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's a beautiful mornin'!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, Stephan is working in the garden and I'm about to go help him out, and when I sneezed just now, I scared my baby! (:D) Also, my house is clean, which makes being at home today even wonderful-er! Today's going to be a good day.
Come to find out, I am affected by crazy pregnancy hormones, they just waited until month 8 to strike. I'm trying my best to not let it show. To anyone around me, should I start to cry at a random time for apparently no reason, please look the other way, it just might end shortly.
I love my husband.
Now, in honor of this beautiful day God has made, TO THE OUTDOORS!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This goes out to all the cool people

Happy Tuesday, world.
I am 34 weeks pregnant. How 'bout that! This crazy ride is nearing it's completion, and that is beyond mind-boggling to me. The fact that I will soon hold a baby that is part me and part the love of my life is awesome and amazing. Will he be adorably cute? Will there be any complications? Will he take after me or Stephan? And most pressing and nerve-wrecking of all; will he come to know the redemptive love and saving grace of Jesus Christ in his life? I pray towards that end every day.
So, April 13th, what exciting tidings do you herald, besides the nearing birth of my son? Oh, I know! In a month from now, I gets to see best friend Aubrey again!! HURRAY AND HURRAH!! We're both going to be pretty stinkin' big and baby-fat. (play on Ebonics!) Oh, the numerous pictures I plan to take when those two get here!
I have an appointment or planned event on the 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th. My weekend looks pretty busy, but I plan on sleeping a lot, so I should be okay.
If you're reading this, will you do me a favor and please let me know. Sometimes I feel like I'm typing for my own cathartic reasons and nothing else... so lonely.
(Kevin Skinner, update your blog!)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh, the deep, deep love of Jesus!

We sang that beautiful song in Church today. I love that song!
On another sweet, sweet note, our friend Josh Garrod (Jarrod? Jared?) baptized his little girl this morning. It was adorable and I immediately prayed once again for my son's salvation.
When I get hungry, the strangest thing happens; I get to shakin'. No fooling, my hands will tremble as I anticipate eating. It's pregnancy's fault, but I have no idea what it is about being pregnant that causes that. Or maybe that's not normal at all and I should be concerned... opinions, anyone?
So my big shower was yesterday. It was enjoyable and I saw a lot of older ladies that I have not seen in ages, but the best part was the gifts! Wow, that sounds horrible of me to say, but let me explain: Stephan and I finally got our stroller!!! It's awesome, 'cause it comes with the car seat and the base for the car seat and it's a really pimp jogging stroller, so I can take the kid to the park! After we figured it all out and put everything together last night, Stephan practiced jogging around the dining room table with the stroller. He was doing wheelies and sharp turns on two wheels, (just in case he's going to be making speedy get aways, I guess) and I laughed at him. He's so cute.
Okay, I can't wait any longer, I have to go eat something. My hands are driving me crazy! PEACE!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Early Morning Mess

Yeah, that's right, I typed "mess", not Mass. It's one of those mornings that comes after my husband could not go to sleep the night before, so he stayed up later to watch tv and eat food. Now my V8's gone. :'(
All is well. I still love him and There's a back up V8 in the fridge.
Today, friends, After cleaning my home, I get to go with my mother and fellow pregnant lady, Crisi, to the CCC, a consignment sale at Harvey Hall for Mothers, babies, and infants alike. Crisi went by yesterday and said it looked pretty well picked through, so I hope I haven't missed out entirely.
Doctor's appointment went very well yesterday. Noah was mischievous and played hide and seek with the heart monitor thingie. She had a pretty hard time getting a good positioning on his heartbeat, as he kept moving. He's measuring perfectly well and I weigh more than I ever have in my life. (It IS temporary, friends, I assure you that!)
Now, I am going to go about my daily rituals; cleaning, feeding animals, chillin' with the dogs and readin' the Bible around 11:00, and then tonight we have fellowship night! hurrah!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good morning Baltimore!

And now, since I quoted three words of that song, it shall be stuck in my head for the remainder of the day.
So, my friends, I start a new work week. Dear cousin Kayla has started her dream job, so we have switched up the schedule here at Cedar Ridge and I now work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This will work out perfectly for when Stephan and I head out for vacation! I'll have Thursday through Monday completely free!! YeHaw!
I love it! Noah has woken up this morning and now he's doing amoeba impressions with my tummy. This Thursday is my next doctor's appointment, so I get to hear his little heartbeat and whatnot. As far as the countdown goes; I am now in the 40's! 49 days, to be precise. That is, if Noah come right on his due date. Stephan is still certain that his boy is a restless one and that he'll be arriving much sooner. I think that's wishful thinking. Stephan just really wants to be a daddy. *AWE!!*
The weather is absolutely BEAUTIFUL today! Thank You, God! Today would be great for kite flying or fishing. I still really want to go fishing.
Be blessed on this gorgeous day, friends.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Resurrection day

Happy Easter, dear masses!
It is 6:50 on a beautiful Sunday evening. Yet it is not just any Sunday; it is the glorious holiday that is Easter! This morning, Stephan and I got especially dressy for church, (Stephan wore a tie!) worshiped our savior and king in joy and reverence, and then hunted for baskets at my parents' house. It was grand to see my brother and sister and to lunch with the whole family. After food, a few cars were washed and vacuumed and then everyone got tired and had to leave.
When I got home, I cozied up to my pillows in bed and finally finished that God-send of a parenting book that Erin let me borrow. If God so deems me worthy that my child might follow the parent directed feeding plan to a "t", then I will praise Him mightily all the nights of the rest of my life. According to the book, and friends and family members that have followed the PDF plan, baby starts sleeping through the night at 7-10 weeks. Please, God, let it be!!
Speaking of the little nutter-butter, Noah moves like a squirmy...well...something or another inside me. He has no more room for good, solid kicks and jabs and instead shifts around and pushes out. Poor kid. 50-or-so more days, little guy! Then you'll be free! Stephan is so excited to hold Noah. He wants to change diapers and assist with feeding and holding and such. I think those two will get along famously.
Now, I think I might go beat my dog. She has not stopped barking at nothing for about two hours. That's perfectly reasonable grounds for a solid scolding, if you ask me. Go see How to Train Your Dragon, everybody!! It was adorable!!

Christ the Lord has risen today, Alleluia!
Sons of men and angels say alleluia!
Raise your joys and triumphs high! Alleluia!
Sing, ye heavens, and earth reply, alleluia!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I sincerely wish to take a nap. I would lay my head down and be off into a blissful slumber within a heart's beat right this very minute, except I have to go pick up my dress from getting altered at Grandma's at 2:00. So, instead, I'm writing all my numerous readers to let them know how life has been in the past two days.
. . .
Yup. That exciting. The most excitement I've experienced has been in my tummy. People tell me that I have grown overnight or that I get bigger every time they see me. I certainly hope so! My son's due to arrive in less than 2 months!! I want him to be big and healthy.
So, my past week has been slow, both at work and at home, but my April looks nice and busy. Two baby showers, two doctor appointments, a photo shoot with my professional-type cousin, Kayla, and then, last but certainly not least; VACATION!! Let me quickly calculate- I am currently 32 weeks pregnant. Stephan's family vacation kicks off on the 22nd of April. If it's the first right now, then that means I will be traveling 5 or 6 hours in a car at 35 weeks of pregnancy. Oh, saints preserve us! But seriously, I'm super excited.
I shall include a picture of pregnant me, for all you loyal viewers to gawk at in amazement.