Wednesday, March 16, 2011


once again, Noah is politely declining to nap by continuing a conversation in his crib after I have laid him down to rest about an hour ago.
  In other news, I successfully talked myself into wanting to eat some leftover beef stew for lunch today. I don't want to sound spoiled, but I am not a fan of leftovers. If at all possible, I always prefer to eat freshly cooked, first-time-warmed food. It's just more appetizing to me. (The only exception to this unspoken rule of mine is lasagna. Lasagna is always good.) So to have two sizable helpings of two different dinners chillin' in my fridge is sad for me, because I know I'll probably end up throwing them out. (Stephan feels about the same way as I do in regards to old food) The good news is, we have dogs.
       Now that I have eaten old stew, I want chocolate.
Wednesday, friends! that means tomorrow's Thursday and that means that I gets to see me some Aubrey! That little sneak! She totally surprised me last night by showing up at our house. Noah was asleep and Lydia had stayed with Aubrey's mom, so for a night, it almost felt like we were a couple of crazy and childless girls again, just hanging out and stuff. It was fun, but as always, I wouldn't trade in my current life for anything.

       NOW, to find something sweet to eat.

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