Sunday, October 27, 2013

I have 10 Minutes

I have now less than 10 minutes to cram my thoughts into this blog post, so buckle up!

Well, honestly, this might be a rather easy feat, as not too much excitement has happened in out lives. All around us, people are poppin' out babies left and right, but here in the Du Toit household, the only cataclysmic event that has transpired lately was a tragedy.
Y'all remember Ecto Kitty, right?
 Him and his short-lived sister showed up while we were still at my parents. From the get-go, we knew that he was a special cat. 
 He was snuggly, playful, insanely patient with both our boys, and clearly loved to be loved.
 He was also the strangest sleeper and always was extremely flatulent. Like, disgustingly so.
I promise Witten was not choking the cat in this picture, just hugging him around the neck with his hands.
 No matter how rough our boys were with that sweet cat, he never bit or clawed or became mean. He wouldn't even run away. He'd just lay there and take it while crying like a little baby. And boy, did I love having a cuddly cat again.
Well, Ecto passed away this past week. This is the first time I've been truly saddened by a pet's passing in years. He's buried in our back yard and neither of the boys seem to truly grasp what all of it means, but Stephan and I are bummed. He was a great cat.
  We'll miss you, Ecto-kitty.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Overwhelmed and overjoyed

I have so much to catch up on, both reading and writing, that I decided to worry about catching up on the blogs I follow later and focus on you, dear readers. You're welcome.
  (Side note: it is so nice to be reading this on a big computer screen and typing with an actual keyboard. I've come to really loathe smartphones.)

Per usual, I have an assortment of pictures to help with my story telling, so prepare to witness my life in the past month and some with a bit of visual aid. With that being said; brace yourselves, pictures are coming.

As of my last blog, we were still at my parents' house, enjoying their satellite tv and free rent.
Showin' daddy luvins.
 I tell you, friends, it was a good run. We did enjoy our time there, and we will always be grateful to my parents for putting up with us for as long as they did, but boy howdy, was I glad to move into my own house!
And move we did! Our house wasn't (and still isn't completely) finished when we moved in, but gosh, do I love this house. My, how God has blessed us with this home. There's plenty of room, a beautiful setting, a great yard, and my own stinking closet! I promised you pictures of the finished product, and I will deliver, but I haven't taken any yet, so y'all are just gonna have to be patient.
  Anyways, we moved in about mid-August, just in time for us to prepare for one of the biggies as far as parenting goes: the first day of (pre-)school!
It was hard to get Mr. camera-hog out of the pictures for Noah's first day of school shot. Somebody takes after his mother and really like the camera.
  Noah started preschool at Colonial Hills Baptist church and, as far as I can tell, he's loving it. He's been pretty tight-lipped about the experience so far, but from what I can coax out of him, he's making new friends and learning about letters and going to chapel. And, while Noah's being such a big boy at school, me and Witty-bit get to spend some one-on-one time together. I'm loving it! Witten is such a ham and so sassy, yet snuggly. I'm really discovering his personality during these mornings when big brother's not around to influence him in any way. He's a hoot.
  And then, friends, we went to the beach!
Too cool. So ready.
 The weather was perfect. The house was beautiful. The beach was spectacular. The food was impeccable. The company was sublime. The jellyfish and sand flies were only minor irritants. In short, it was phenomenal.   
Witten's first day on the sand, he wasn't so sure of things.

Just like last time, Noah loved it

Our house! that beautiful house!


the view from out front deck was stunning. The first day we were there, we watched a couple get married two houses to our left.

We loved begin there with Bebe and Papa and Aunt Melissa and Uncle Justin.

We went kite flying an para-sailing. We all enjoyed trying new things on this trip.

Yup. ALL of us tried new things.
 Just looking at those pictures makes me yearn for the beach again! Though I pledge here and now, as my God and my readers as my witnesses, we will never again drive anywhere that requires us to be on the road for longer than 3 hours, tops. Next vacation we take, we are flying. But painfully long road trip aside, it was a wonderful family vacation.
   Then we returned to real life and got back to going to school, putting our house together, attending church, and hangin' with good friends.
 Then, right before life got too routine, I got to do something I've only done once, but I absolutely love doing: I got to be a bridesmaid!
My hairstylist is super skilled. And pretty.

See? It runs in the family.
 My sissy-poo was the hairstylist to the bride, and I got to crash at her pad for the weekend, so I got to see a lot of my little sister. I miss that girl. She's such a sweetheart and a fun friend and she lives too far away.  Melissa was my date for the wedding and, though both of us wished that our guys could be there, I think we seriously enjoyed ourselves. I certainly did! The pre-ceremony and ceremony was, for the most part, fun and stress-free for all involved. My dear friend and the happy bride, Sarah, was absolutely beautiful in her gown. And to top it off, the reception was a blast and  I got to dance like no one was watching! And to top it all off, the cake was strawberry! I wish I could have taken a layer home in a to-go box, 'cause it was literally the best tasting wedding cake I have EVER tasted. Good choice, Sarah Rega. Good choice.
Le beautiful bride and I after getting our hair did.
 And now, dear readers, I have returned to living normal life, and you are all caught up. I tell you what, readers, God is so kind. I see blessings all around me every day of my life. His blessings are almost routine with how constantly and graciously He pours them out on us. Even when trials or scary news or sad times come around, 'cause they do, I can see God working in them and through them to cause spiritual growth and to ultimately bring us even more blessings. I am ashamed by how few times a day I think to stop and thank God for his kindness. And to really be still and soak in the beauty of this life I'm living; this life God has given me. 
  Forgive me, Lord for my shortcomings. Thank You, loving Father, for more than making up for my weakness with your unyielding strength. For covering my flawed nature with your perfect love. For perfectly loving me, despite my floundering love for You. And thank You, Lord, for these guys: