Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I got to meet little Miss Johnsonette, or should I say, little Miss Lauren Elizabeth Johnson, the night before last!

Have you ever seen prouder parents?
That sweet baby girl weighs the exact same as Noah did at birth and has way more hair than he did/does. I got to hold her briefly, and she was so light and small and sweet. She is just so sweet! Ashley didn't look like she had given birth that day at all and Kevin was beaming like a new daddy should. God planned out a sweet family there, didn't He? I look forward to watching our families grow up together. What sweet times are ahead!

Friends, it was 12 degrees outside this morning. I poked my head outside once to give the dogs some water that was not frozen over, and I think I got pneumonia. No, not really, I'm fine, but it was FREEZING. Makes me really pity a certain family in a certain state that is not Texas, for it is said that they have received at least 6 inches of snow. *brbrbrbrbrr*

Mine is not to complain, though. Mine is to rejoice! New births and central heating are only two joyous aspects of life that remind me that the God who made us all and loves us completely is in control. So, readers, the Lord bless you and keep you on this icy day. :)

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  1. Love the picture. Ashley looks fantastic! Not fair!!! And it was a foot of snow hat we ended up with. We made a snowman. :)