Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our newest blessing from God

Oh faithful followers, I have some wonderful news!
     We finally got a vacuum cleaner!
Behold, the goodness of suction:
Good things seem to happen in my household when I'm away. While I was at BSF last night, Stephan ran to Walmart and bought a plethora of baby food (we seem to do that every week, so Stephan stocked up big time) and the beauty you see in the picture above. I've long complained about the inadequacy of the cheap, bulky vacuum we have had since we were first married. Now, friends, we are the proud and happy owners of a vacuum that actually cleans carpets and rugs. You might have laughed had you seen me and Stephan last night, eagerly vacuuming the rugs and carpet after Noah had gone to sleep. But seriously, we should have taken before and after pictures of the rug in the dining area, 'cause the difference was so noticeable it was astounding! I thought that rug was disgusting and we were going to have to replace it soon. But no! Along comes that God-send of a vacuum and BOOM! Pet hair and dirt be gone! I am so stinking excited about a vacuum!!!!
     In other news, Noah has progressed from shakily scooting a few feet, to chasing me around the house as I clean. He is a master at crawling. Then today, I was trying to encourage him to walk himself around the couches, but he wanted to walk to mommy. Every time I set him up at the couch, he'd lunge himself at me. Not quite walking, but gosh, that kid is getting so close!
      To all my dear friend with blogs, update! I'm lonely.
 Blessings and peace to you all, sweet readers.

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  1. Tingaling....I did a quick update of my Lil' Ting on my blog just for you! Can't wait to see Noah...I bet he will be walking for sure! Why do they have to grow so quick?