Friday, February 4, 2011

They should make chapstick for chapped noses.

Due to his teef poking painfully through his upper gums, Noah's nose has been victoriously running a marathon. I'm certain now that he does not have a cold, but I still don't plan on exposing his to the biting cold outside my door anytime soon.
      Speaking of cold...
Walkin' in a winter won-
I can't even force myself to complete that tired cliche. Yup, once  again there is a beautiful, white layer of show on the ground here in East Texas. I bet you a lot of money that facebook is covered with pictures and comments about it. I enjoy this particular bout of snow because it was there when we woke up. No waiting, no anticipation, just, "Hey, have you looked outside yet?"  "No, why?"  "OH MY GOSH!"

Now I have lathered orajel on Noah's gums and laid him down to sleep. I'm hoping for a good nap from him, but we will see. I'm trying to get this house in order, but I can't seem to get it perfectly clean. (grr!) However, it is beautiful outside and I am alive and surrounded by love, so I'm all good. Thank You, God!

I think I'll brush my teeth.

-----------------------------Later that same day--------------------------

I just had to include some pictures I took of my family in this beautiful snow. And in case you're wondering, the snowsuit Noah's rocking is compliments of Bebe and I love it entirely.

So happy to look at all this whiteness!

Yes, Noah's a dinosaur. A warm, snuggly little dinosaur.


  1. Woman, you better clean that house!! Make me a sandwich.

  2. Teething doesn't cause copious rhinorrhea. Just sayin.

  3. rhinodiarrhea? English, man! Speak English!