Thursday, February 24, 2011

Super speedy

Super speedy post, cause Noah's nappin' and I aim to join him soon.
 Playtime was with sweet Miss Lucy today. They are both quite the movers and shakers, and they had a hard time sharing the walker at first. (Lots of push and blocking going on, the little sinners!)
 It seemed like whatever one had, the other one wanted. Notice how Noah is stealthily stalking up behind Lucy as she happily plays her "drum". It was comical. But they did enjoy playing together
As for momma Sheryl, just call her mother Hen, 'cause she is great with babies. Above, you can see both babies vying for her attentions. Like a good woman, she looks at the camera.

   Now to bed! I gets to get a mani-pedi tomorrow and I am STOKED!

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