Wednesday, February 16, 2011

egg sammich

delicious scrambled eggs on warm, buttered toast. Here's to tasty brunches!

    I'm afraid I've given birth to a vain little man. Noah used to give mommy the sweetest kisses. Now the only face he readily gives kisses to is his own in the mirror! I don't really blame him. He is a very kissable baby. I'm just a bit envious of the mirror, I guess.

Just look at him! So sweet and kissy kissy!
     Today promises to be another beautiful day. I can't shake that feeling that I have something big and possibly important to do today, but I don't know what. I've done all the usual morning chores around here. I don't have a walk to go on, as nobody is available to walk on Wednesdays (I miss you, Aubrey!). It could be that I'm excited about the shopping trip my mom's taking me on today. It's a belated birthday present. I'm super excited to get myself a few things. Namely:
                                   ~ a pair of denim shorts
                                   ~ a dress for church
                                  ~ a skirt/shirt combo, also for church (I can never find an acceptable outfit on Sunday mornings!)
                                  ~ sleepers for Noah.
We might possibly get more items than those, but that's my list of "necessities". I also need a vacuum very badly. Very badly.
       There are more things I could tell you all about, my faithful followers, but my cat is systematically pushing things off the dining room table and it's waking up my baby, so I'm going to go punish the cat and soothe the baby.  I shall leave you with another picture of Noah, this time with his best bud Grayson.

We're outdoors men! We like to fish and wear camo!

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