Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Straight up gangsta, yo

I am a little perturbed. I'm not furious, nor can I let this issue go, and I am trying my best to have the right attitude and actions regarding this slant against my household. I shall explain, but to do so, let me back track.
      Maybe two years ago now, Stephan and I went on vacation. We were gone for a week. We made sure to leave plenty of food and water available to our dogs and the cats (we still had two of both back then) and then we left the doggie door open for the dogs to go in and out of our laundry room whenever they pleased. When we got back from our trip, there to greet us was a hand-written letter denouncing up for leaving our dogs outside all the time and not loving our dogs as much at this mystery writer loved theirs. Since then we've always asked someone to put the dogs up at night whenever we're gone, even if it's for one night, and I'm pretty positive I know who wrote that letter and where they live.
       Fast forward to last night. Stephan and I were watching a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother at around 9 'o clock when the doorbell rang. It was a policewoman. A certain neighbor who wished to remain anonymous and was graciously not pressing any charges (gag) had called the police to complain about how our dogs were barking "at all hours of the day and night". 
     Stephan and I were in disbelief. Since that incident two years back, we have made sure to have the dogs inside by 10 at the latest. Granted, there may have been one or two nights since then in which the dogs have stayed outside all night, but only when it was the only option we had. And not only that, this neighbor is complaining about barking during the day. What the heck are we supposed to do about dogs that bark? Dogs bark! Unless you get extreme and clip their vocal chords or something, you cant stop a dog from barking. It's what they do. And I'm sorry, neighbor, if we can't keep our 100+ pound great Pyrenees inside all day and let them out to tinkle like you do with your jack russel terriers. These are outdoor dogs that need to be outside and should really be roaming a farm somewhere. (Would that we could move away from neighborhoods and to an open, countryside, farmhouse-type setting...)
        In the end, we did not receive any citations. The policewoman was super understanding and seemed to reprimand us begrudgingly. (she must own dogs). Now, Stephan and I must tread carefully in regards to our dogs. We never know when a certain neighbor might call in again and land us a citation for sure.
    It really is diffucult to maintain a Christ-like, God pleasing attitude when one's person, belongings, or pride has come under attack. I'm a little ashamed that some thing as trivial as whiney neighbors could cause me to fumble, when Christians worldwide are willing going through much worse for a cause much worthier than loud dogs. Forgive me, Lord, and create in me the right attitude. Grant me every grace and love and peace I need to love my neighbor. Thank You for Your forgiveness.

     Now to bathe Noah.  Sorry about the long update, but I feel better now, so than you for listening. Ya'll are the best followers a girl could ask for! :')     

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