Saturday, February 19, 2011

a la zoo

We went to the zoo today!
Of course, Mommy is a noob and did not take the camera, so ya'll will just have to formulate mental pictures. I'll try to be descriptive.
     The Caldwell zoo opens at 9:00 in the morning. if you ever want to go to the zoo, go then. We were the only visitor wandering around for, like 30 glorious minutes before others started clogging the exhibits. By "we", I don't just mean me and Noah. Boogie-boy and I were joined by the lovely Heather and Mary Meadows, Sheryl and Lucy, and Angie and Grayson. It was so much fun! The babies are pretty close in age, and they are all at the age where they can really take notice and appreciate the animals that they saw. (Lucy even imitated a few for our enjoyment). Heather and I enjoyed snowcones, which we shared with most of the babies. Then Noah started getting antsy and sweepy.
    Speaking of Noah, the little pooper is playing the gravity game and saying "uh-oh" every time he drops his ball. As if it was an accident. Psh!
      Well, the weather is amazingly beautiful, (thank You, God!) and it would be a shame for us to stay indoors for too long. We might head to Ouma and Oupa's for a visit tonight. Here's hoping that they have some left over ribs. Seriously, Sias Du Toit makes the best ribs in ze vurld!
   Peace and love to you all, precious readers!

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  1. That sounds like a lot of fun. Wish I could've been there.