Sunday, February 20, 2011

recent shenanigans of Noah Du Toit

Noah's been growing up so fast, as I've oft noted. The following are a visual representation of a few of the fun new joys that my rambunctious boy has partook of.

yah I'm mobile! just try to leave me unattended!'
Noah loves to go bare-dog-back riding.

He recently acquired a new amusement called a swing. At first he was skeptical.

He soon came to enjoy the thrills of going backwards and forwards a lot. Especially with his daddy

Here's an example of what happens when you run to the other room and leave Noah unattended. He starts pulling out toys one by one.
     I could go on, but I don't have anymore adorable pictures to include. But yes, Noah is a scooter. Yesterday, he and I raced down our hallway. I won, but Noah gave some good, happy hustle. Noah also likes to peek around corners and door frames. He thinks it's hilarious.
     As for the adults, I believe that this wonderful weather has done great things to me and my hubby. WE left Noah at Bebe and Papa's last night so that we could run to walmart. (*gasp!*) We didn't find what we wanted there, so we walked hand-in-hand to Target, which also didn't have the swing we were looking for. We ended up going to Lowe's, 'cause Stephan knows that place inside and out and promised there were swings there. (He was right). On the was to Lowe's, we stopped by Andy's. (YAYAYAYAYAAYAAA!) And friends, that wasn't even the best part of the night for me. By far, my favorite part of last night was being with my husband. As hokey as it sounds, it felt to me like we were dating again, careless and free. Times like those are pretty special when your life is pretty full. But as always, I don't regret any of it. In fact, I am still eagerly looking forward to baby number 2!
     Signing off! 

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