Friday, February 18, 2011

Kevin, if I didn't love you as a bro, I would hit you , you scurvy cad!

   Baldy bean babies!
Noah and I got to hang out with Miss Crisi and Madi. We love them both, especially because Madi is the only other baby we know that is "hairless" like Noah. I think it makes them look so cute!
    Maid has grown up so much! Just like Noah, she can sit up and roll over, she just does it smaller. :)  We didn't get to see Lucy, 'cause she was sick. Hopefully, Noah will get to play with both his friends soon.
     This morning was another glorious morning with beautiful weather. Heather and Mary Meadows came over for a walk around our neighborhood. Gosh, not to toot my own horn, but I've been so healthy lately, with all my walking and sweating.
        I can't recall if I've mentioned it, but I've started the process of weaning Noah. (That's probably the weirdest and most personal thing I've ever written on my blog.) I'm really pushing the sippy cup now, and Noah resents it. He was doing okay with the sippy cup up until I started pressing it a bit more. But it's alright, for we have a new system now. Right before bed, I sit down with him in the glider and sing him lullaby's as he drinks his nighttime snack. Only now, it's from said sippy cup instead of mommy.  
Please don't mind how hideous I look in the picture above. Stephan took this picture 'cause he said that Noah looked so big and grown drinking from his cup. So, we begin the task of becoming a bit more independent, which makes me relish the moments when he crawls into my lap and climbs into my arms all the more. I love that little guy!
      Blessing and peace to you all, friends! enjoy what just might be a super stellar weekend!

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