Monday, February 7, 2011

here I sit and here I sip

It's upper 30's outside, but I got myself a cherry slush. Mmmmmm...

Has been a fun weekend. My sister, two cousins and I celebrated our birthdays in a joint family birthday party held at mi madre's y padre's. I had red velvet cake. Nuff' said.

Noah is 9 months old. that's just weird. As a certain Aubrey said, he has now been in the world longer than he was in my tummy. When we went to his 9 month check up, Noah pulled out all the stops to impress Dr. Rogers. He crawled and did yoga, he chatted loudly and pulled himself to his feet using my hands. He even waved "bye-bye"! In return, Noah got another shot. Mean 'ole medical practitioners.

BSF tonight, and I am totally ready. Noah's supposed to be napping, during which time I'm hoping to shower. I might have to wait on the shower thing.

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