Saturday, February 12, 2011

s-a, t-u-r, d-a-y, night!

So, friends, I have decided that the inventor of the pack-n-play knew what he was doing.
Stephan and I finally got our pack-n-play back from Ma and Pa Du Toit last night. We needed it mainly because I cannot keep Noah safely contained anywhere in our house. He's drawn to plugs, drawers, sharp corners and bookshelves like a moth to flame. So, I decided it was time to give the 'ole pack-n-play a chance. This morning, after Stephan graciously agreed to feed Noah breakfast so that mommy could sleep an extra 30 minutes, (woah now!) I plopped Noah in his cage, I mean, play pen, with a smattering of his favorite toys and I got to eating breakfast and cleaning house. I still had to pause every once in a while to get his foot out of a toy or right him when he got stuck in a corner, but besides that, it was a very effective means of containing a baby.
      He is currently sitting in his crib and chatting amicably with his bumper pads. (He's supposed to be napping.)
No huge plans today. The weather is supposed to be PHE-nomenal, so Stephan and I and our progeny are probably gonna hit up the park for some outdoor enjoyment.
       To all new/expecting mothers, add pack-n-play to your must-have list! it will REALLY come in handy when your little squirt becomes mobile. 

ALSO! I just remembered and I can't believe I forgot this!
Besides crawling like a pro, Noah is walking! Not really, not by himself or anything. Nonetheless, if someone holds his hands, or as I found out today, If he's holding on to his walker toy that Ouma and Oupa got him for Christmas, he will walk!
See?! Followers, that kid is growing up way too fast!!!! Just last week, (or was it the week before?) We came home from Missouri and Noah up and started crawling. And then yesterday, Ouma helped him stand up, and he just started steppin'! He wont walk around the furniture, and I have to keep a hand on his walker, or he'll fall flat on his face 'cause his feet can't keep up yet, but he puts one foot in front of the other and smiles proudly while doing so.
  Someone show me how to slow down the growing, please. Even if it's only for a little bit. He can't grow up yet. He's my baby.

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