Monday, February 14, 2011

Weather, it's fickle.

      Ten days ago exactly, I blogged about the snow in East Texas. I even included a few pictures of us out in the snow and the cold. Now, on Valentine's Day of 2011, Noah and I bared our arms and enjoyed a very sunny and warm day.  To the right, you can see Noah offering a toast to beautiful weather with his mumm-mumm.
     How about this crazy weather, huh? Last night, Stephan wheedled until I got out of bed and turned on the fan. Then he later complained that it was too chilly, but the point is, we slept with the fan on last night, whereas two weeks ago, we huddled for warmth. Do not get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoy the warmer weather and eagerly anticipate the chance to get some sun, and hopefully, some color back into me. I wonder aloud because these weather mood swings are raising then dashing my hopes that spring is here. Oh well. Thank You, God, for glorious weather!
   Oh yeah, and happy Valentine's Day, friends! To those of you who celebrate it, enjoy the chocolate and flowers. (both of which are available every other day of the year and are much much cheaper). To those of you who, like Stephan and I, chose to celebrate our love every day of our lives, enjoy Monday the 14th.
    (I only harsh on Valentine's day because I think it's really a commercial-based holiday that turns expressions of love into a huge profit for certain card-selling companies. Also, I was one of those sad, perpetually singe girls in school that tried to act uncaring as all the cool chicks got cards and flowers galore, while inside, I was hoping for someone besides my mom to send me a notice of affection. So sad!)

BSF tonight! I am so ready.


  1. Being "off your game" like you said you were today does good things for your blog. I thought it was really funny!

  2. I take back my comment relayed to you by Aubrey over the phone. Not all Vs are created equal.