Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer time!

Once again, friends, it is pushing the 100's in east Texas. You know what that mean; pool time! (a limited amount of pool time, that is. I've found that Noah is prone to heat rash.) Noah has twice enjoyed his mini pool in our back yard, and went to an actual pool pool once. He thoroughly enjoyed both. I got a sun burn at the pool pool, so I considered it a successful trip for everyone. (Yay! color!)
 Growing like weeds, my little plants are.
Stephan bought himself bottled water, since he refuses to drink out of the tap. Now, as I sit here typing, there are three opened, unfinished to varying degrees, bottles of water surrounding me. *sigh*
     Noah has had a mysterious runny nose for about a week now. It seems to come and go, kind of, and there are no other sickly symptoms he's showing, so I guess it's allergies?
   Noah and I might be hitting up the pool again today. Until then, he's emptying his ball pit of balls again, so I'm going to go stop him.

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