Friday, June 3, 2011

Like Homeward Bound, only annoying.

Our dogs have twice now escaped from their prison/yard. Stephan and I gave mild chase the first time and no chase the second time.
   "Oh my gosh, Colette, how cruel and uncaring of you! You're a horrible person who should never own a dog!"
I think you should hear the whole story before spoutin' off like that, judgmental reader! You see, a few days ago, Roxy ran away. Stephan searched, but to no avail. About half an hour later, he looks up from his yard work to see Roxy trotting happily back to the house. She had had her fill of adventure for the day and was ready to go to bed, I guess, 'cause she headed straight to the gate and waited patiently for Stephan to let her back in the yard.
     Then, both dogs got out. Again, We called for them and looked for them, but again, we couldn't find them. On a whim, Stephan left the back gate open, just in case. Sure 'nuff, an hour later, there was Roxy, chillin' on the back porch. Stephan went out front and saw Toby, soaked and muddy, making his way back home as well.
    And then, yesterday, it happened again. I don't know how this is happening, I'm beginning to suspect outside assistance, but Toby and Roxy disappeared in the morning and were gone all day. I thought they were gone for good this time, but come 5 'o clock, Stephan steps inside to tell me that both dogs were once again in our back yard. Both stank to high heaven, and Roxy had brought home a large, unidentifiable bone. (Creepy).
    Times like these, you're glad they're home safe and didn't get hit by a car, but at the same time, you wanna beat them senseless. I now firmly believe that our dogs would flourish and thrive happily out on some farm or spacious land where they could roam and have grand adventures all day and not have to worry about frightened neighbors or deadly cars. It makes me sad that we have to keep them contained to a yard where they can't even dig a good 'ole hole to lie in.
     Do any farmers out there want some excellent dogs?

Mom's birthday weekend is this weekend! Four parties, lots of food, friends, family and fun will be had by all this weekend. Such a busy and exciting weekend! It actually started yesterday with an exciting pool play date at Crisi's and Bunco night last night with the ladies. My goodness, when I sit down and think about my life, I have to thank God. I would be a selfish, spoiled brat not to realize all the blessings He's given me. Thank You, God. Thank You!
     Yay for clean floors, now 'tis time to nap!

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