Thursday, June 23, 2011

Easy Mac, my meal of choice.

Truth be told, Easy Mac is one of the few foods that I can stomach right about now. The good news is, I'm at week eleven, so I am a week away from my second trimester and (hopefully) relief!
   Here's a picture of what Du Toit Deux looks like right about now:
It's neat the stuff you can find on the internet, si?
 Honestly, not nearly as cute as Noah, but he/she's got some growing to do, so I'll save my final judgment for when he/she gets here.
    Speaking of Noah, the little pickle was doing better at sleeping in the afternoons until yesterday. Then he spent another afternoon nap time talking, yelling, crying, singing, and otherwise successfully avoiding a nap. I try not to let it bug me, but that really does get to me. I am praying that today is better, but right now,  Noah is resisting his morning nap, which is usually the good one, so I'm a bit concerned.
      I'm off to finish my mac. Later, friends!

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