Thursday, June 9, 2011

A good, full Thursday

We had a fun day today. Knowing that we were in store for some fun times, I thought to document our day via photographs!
Noah slept soundly through my gentle urges to wake up. He even slept through the bright flash of my camera. Twice! (Notice the little puddle of drool under Noah's head) Since he was sleeping so soundly, I stretched out on the floor next to his crib and dozed until he woke up.
After our usual, healthy breakfast, we got to deep-cleaning. Here you can see Noah assisting with the laundry. Him and his reindeer pillow pet, that is.
After our usual morning nap, Noah was super excited and ready for pool time. It was almost like he knew it was coming, because he hardly slept at all. He chatted with pillows and tossed around his blankie and banged on the wall. He got enough sleep, I guess, 'cause he was not cranky in the least.
    We had lunch at Crisi's house, where the Garreds and Luhrs children were already pool-partying. 
Noah's making one of his funny faces in this picture because I was holding his hand still. He wouldn't stop splashing long enough to even take a picture. It was a fun time. Besides the four Garred kids and the two Luhrs girls, Sheryl and Lucy, Crisi and Madi, and Ashley and Lauren were there. So many children. And more to come! Noah even went completely under water today! We counted 1-2-3 and then, weee!, we dunked! At first, Noah was shocked more than anything else. The second time and after, he laughed. He'll be swimming like a fish in no time.
After falling asleep a good hour early due to all the water aerobics, Noah woke up an hour early, so we sat down to snack a bit and watch Robin Hood. He's never distracted by the television for long, so now he's wrestling around with daddy and an empty water bottle. We'll all sit down to dinner in a bit, then maybe go for a healthy walk. Maybe. It's still very warm outside.
   Face lift coming soon, friends! Be excited! And now, may the Lord bless and keep all of you.

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  1. Sounds like a fun day! Wish I was there to enjoy it. Not too much longer now.