Monday, May 30, 2011

all by my se-e-eeelf!

'Tis the day of memorials, and Stephan saw it fit to work. (He's African, so it's okay if he doesn't recognize American holidays) Therefore, I started off this day as I would a usual weekday. Then I thought to myself, "No! Not this year!"
    You see, last Memorial day, Noah was about a month old. My sister came over to hang out. We tried to lay out on our back deck while Noah napped. The problem was, Noah was still new to life, so he didn't want to nap. Long story short, we didn't get to lay out very long.
   So, friends, this year, I shall take my year-old baby and take up my mother on her offer to lounge by a very nice pool while my husband works tirelessly. Noah's got his swim-duds, I've got my nun's habit, and we've got plenty of sun block. This just might be an enjoyable Memorial day, friends!

   This weekend, I watched my family help my sister move. She moved from her super nice apartment to a super cute rent house. I can't wait to see it all put together! Stephan, the amazing man I married, crafted a shower head for their bathroom out of nothing! Ex Nihilo! (Not really, he used pipes and stuff, but still! that's impressive!) The drive there and back was a tough one. My bum was sore from sitting still. But it was good to see my sissy.
    The most amazing part of my weekend: my big, one-year-old boy walked! He waited patiently for everyone but my mother and me to be away, then he took one or two wobbly steps from me to Bebe before working his way up to eight whole, unassisted steps! Of course, once everybody else got back from the food run, Noah wouldn't take a step, so I don't think anyone believes me or mom. But soon, so soon, he'll be walking all the time. Yay!
    And finally, something I was unable to blog about on Saturday due to the moving thing; Noah's new pool. It was hot on Friday, and I was bored. Stephan suggested I run to Walmart and buy one of those tiny plastic pools, so I did. Once home, I filled 'er up, changed Noah into his swim trunks and his safari hat, and lathered sun block all over him. Upon his first entry into the cool water of the small pool, Noah cried and reached for me to pick him up. However, I stepped in with him, spilling out a good deal of water in doing so, and sat him in my lap. I splashed twice to show him how it's done, and he took over like a little splashing champion. Like a fish to water, he became one with the pool, and he would not stop splashing in circles until I pulled him out about an hour later.
Captain Safari and the pool adventure

He wouldn't even turn to look at me so I could get a cute picture

Noah's muscle shirt. Thanks, daddy

     Now, friends, I go to rest. Happy Memorial day, everybody! My prayers today are for America's brave soldiers, wherever you are.   

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