Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just when you think things can't get any more exciting...

I have a good reason for not updating in five days, friends. We were visiting family in Dallas. We ran up there to get a queen sized bed from Stephan's brother Paul and his wife, Erin. In return, Stephan and I (mainly Stephan) helped them renovate their kitchen. It's a shame we didn't take any 'before' pictures, 'cause the 'after' is going to look amazing! They have a lovely house, but the people who lived there before had... different tastes in home decor.
Anyways, While the un-pregnant family members slaved away, I got to play with Noah and his two cousins, Ashton and Julia.
 Noah loved playing with those two. He especially loved Ashton. I think he looked up to his older cousin, 'cause he would chase him around and try to do everything Ashton did.
Ain't Julia a doll?
 An example for you, Ashton climbed into his bed and started hoppin', so Noah flopped right up in there and started "jumping" too.
   Julia, usually super shy and reserved around us, really came out of her shell while we were there. She loved on me and Stephan. It was sweet.
Noah got jealous
 I managed to get a few good pictures of the grandkids for Ouma and Oupa back in Jacksonville. Here, you can see Noah and his favorite boy-cousin.
 And  then, one of all three!
Yes, Julia was clapping. She was happy be see family!

   Friends, the most exciting part of my weekend was not the impressive kitchen remodel that Stephan hammered out in three days, nor was is the joyous time spent loving on two little munchins I rarely get to see, It was this:
Noah was so inspired by his bigger cousin, that he stood up and started walking! Like the man healed by Jesus, he just stood up and walked about like he'd been doing it for a while now. Stephan predicted Noah would start walking right about now, and I did not doubt him, but to see it actually happen makes my heart squeeze with pride! My baby boy, my widdle Boogie Boy, is walking!!!!! While most of me is so proud I could brag for ever, a small, sentimental side of me wants to push him down every time he takes off, just so that he'll stay my little baby for a bit longer.
   And yes, the video above is from our house. I filmed it when we got home, 'cause I couldn't get a good video of him walking at Paul and Erin's. Noah will just take off down the hall way, or grab a toy with both hands and haul it into the living room from his room. Things are changing, friends. This is going to be interesting. I look forward to the challenges that come with change, but I also pray for help, because I am only human.
     Blessing and honor, glory and power be unto the Ancient of Days!


  1. Yea Noah! Ashton looks just like Paul and Julia looks just like Erin.

  2. Good job Noah! It is REALLY strange to see him walking around though! Where did our babies go???