Wednesday, June 29, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things

*dum-bum-bum! dum-bum-bum!*

Friends, today, I compile a list of things God has given me that brings me joy in my daily life. In no particular order:

*A really handsome husband, whom I love a lot.

*A son, who makes me laugh often and whom I love a lot.

*Being pregnant. Yes, I may feel icky a majority of my day, but, as with the first time around, it's all so worth it!

*A home that is well built and sound and safe.
        *Air conditioning

*My family, who loves me very much and whom I love.

*Food. (Also a weakness of mine, but it brings me joy nonetheless)

*Friends! Those people I can call and pester any time, mostly just to chat and laugh. Also, the fun times spent with said friends. Meals and gatherings are way more entertaining when you do them with people who make you happy.

There are definitely more things I could add to this list, but I'm in a bit of a time crunch, 'cause Noah's down for his new hour-long morning nap, so that gives me less than an hour to lay very still and conserve energy myself. I'll end this list with what definitely brings me the most joy, and that is the boundless, merciful love of God. That He would save an offensive sinner like me because He loves me more than I could ever love Him back brings me joy joy JOY!. It's also quite humbling. Very humbling, that is. I could do nothing to same myself, so He saved me. Wow. Thank You, God! Peace and joy abounds in every other aspect of my life solely because He first saved me. I wish this joy and peace to everyone. It's a good thing.

    Ooooo, one more thing that's bringing me joy as of late: the Skinners will be here in two weeks!!!! Yay, Lydia's birthday!!! 

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