Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I just spent 2 days with three kids in one house. It was pretty whelming. I say only whelming as opposed to overwhelming because it wasn't overwhelming. It was nice, but different. It was fun, yet busy. Noah was certainly entertained a lot. His cousins Ashton and Julia came into town with their mama for a hair appointment. Impressively, they all slept in one room. (Wow!)
   During the full day that they were all here, Erin and I contemplated taking the children out to do something, but we decided not to. Instead, we spent the day watching the kids wrestle with pillows, build/destroy towers, crawl/walk all over the place, toss most of the balls out of Noah's ball pit (my least favorite part), and roll bouncy balls up and down our hallway. Honestly, the only things Erin and I had to do were feed the little cuties and make sure they didn't hurt themselves. This experience definitely made me look forward to having another child in the house. Yes, it may be different, and maybe more difficult, but now that Erin left, poor Noah has no one to play with but boring old mom. And pillows just aren't as fun to wrestle with when mom is the only one to watch.
    Do "no soliciting" signs work for Jehovah's witnesses? Apparently not...
Well, now it's back to normal life. Noah took two good naps yesterday, for the first time in more than a week, so hopefully that means life will, indeed, go back to normal. It certainly is much quieter with just one kid in your house instead of three. In a few more months, things will change for good. I'm looking forward to it.
     Oh Lord, please hear my prayer
     In the morning when I rise.
      It's your servant bound for glory!
     Oh, dear Lord, please hear my prayer. 

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  1. Well you have tons of friends who will be there to help when you need it once DD comes along. :)