Wednesday, June 22, 2011

dry, cracked skin

Last night, Stephan, Noah and I were serenaded to sleep by the sweet, melodious sound of rain falling gently and steadily on our roof. This blessing was mush needed and prayed for. It was a good night of rest, indeed!
   I type "and" as "ans" so much that my computer now recognizes "ans" as a word. Stupid computer.
I hope that the rain continues today. Of course, the overcast sky, wet outdoors and overall dreary-ness really makes me want to sleep in. As a mother, that is impossible, but I will be taking a nice nap this morning. But first, a shower.
      So my parents, sister, and sister-esque friend Courtney, all went to Vegas this past weekend to enjoy a hair show and gambling. In the pictures I have seen of said trip thus far, my sisters look nauseatingly beautiful. Therefore, I am jealous. Now, Melissa's in California. Seriously, God is being very good to that little nugget right now, and my prayer is that He keeps His blessings comin'.
   Today, Noah and I are planning on visiting Bebe and Papa and showing off his awesome new ability. When I told my mother over that phone that Noah was walking now, I'm pretty sure she cried. Let's see what happens when she witnesses this monumental event first hand!
   'Tis 7:44. I need to shower. To the pack 'n play with Noah! 

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  1. I think we should be hair models next time there is a hair show in Vegas!! And if you think I'm kidding...I'M NOT!! Let's do it!