Sunday, January 2, 2011

30 minutes is not a good enough nap.

Noah took a crummy nap this morning. Now he's trying to take another half-hour nap. I will not have it. He WILL take a better nap.
Hey, world, how was your New Years? I was in bed and asleep by 10:30.
The Skinners stayed the night with us! It was a few nights ago, but I just now thought to post about it.
 Noah was, as expected, sooo happy to see Lydia Marie. I think she was pleased to see him too.
 Turns out, Kevin Skinner is a pretty okay dad. He seems to like his offspring. They got along well enough. He got a dapper haircut.
Aubrey was ecstatic to see us. And to shake a bottle. 
They stayed one glorious night, then we made plans to go visit them on the weekend of me and Brizzle's b-days. It WILL happen. It MUST happen. here's a video of Lydia with her dada:
Noah hasn't given up yet. I can hear him fighting sleep.

Now for a fun story; the day before yesterday, my sweet friend Angie came over to visit and, of course, she brought her son Grayson.Grayson and Noah played and shared Mumm-mumms.
Then Angie did the unspeakable; she gave me a gift! The gift-giving in itself is not a bad thing. I enjoy gifts and consider them blessings. It was the fact that I had no gift to give her in return that saddened me. The next day, an idea struck me mightily. While at our house, Grayson and Noah had played with Noah's new Teddy bear, Beer. Grayson LOVED Beer the Bear. So, while chillin' with my parents, I remembered Dinky the German, my sister's neglected giant teddy bear. After a hurried text message conversation, Dinky was mine for the gifting. Firstly, I had to fix him up. Dinky had been used as a pillow, seat, and snuggle-buddy for a while, so he was somewhat deflated. This morning, I craftily opened up a seam in his back and used stuffing from an old pillow to fill in the floppy places before stitching him back up. After lunch, Stephan and I made the drop off, and, as I had hoped, Grayson LOVED Dinky as much as Beer the Bear, if not more. 
This is the boys with Beer's feet.

Now, I give up. Noah wins. I was going to get him up at 4:30, but now he sounds super upset. Like, frantic upset. Why, Noah, why?

Happy new week to you all!


  1. That last picture of Noah is really good. He looks like a baby doll. I couldn't get that video to work. :(

  2. YES, Grayson does LOVE his Dinky the German bear sooo much! But Grayson loves his friend Noah more. :)