Friday, January 28, 2011

journey to missouri

stole that bad boy from k-skinner.
We're in Missouri! We snuck out at 2:45-ish on Wednesday, even though we told Aubrey and Kevin we'd head out around 7 that night. We arrived sometime after 10 and the Skinners were so happy to see us! Noah didn't sleep well that first night, but now he's so much better, and Lydia hasn't contracted any illness from him yet, so  I'd easily say that this trip has been a success thus far!
  Yesterday was Aubrey's day, for it was her birthday. Went went out to eat last night at Lambert's, a place where they literally throw food at you. It took me back a bit to my softball days... Anyways, the food was delicious and came in massive quantities, so we all ate until we felt horrible. It was fantastic! Afterwards, we put the young 'uns to bed and commenced a highly competitive game of scrabble.
That leads me to this point, we are parents. The last time we went on vacation with the Skinners, it was to Florida, and, although I was pregnant at the time, I didn't know it, and nobody else was pregnant either. We were a couple of crazy, young couples having a blast. Last night, it was entirely different. It was still so fun and we are having so much fun, as we have always had, but this time we were a couple of families out to eat. The babies laughed and talked from their high chairs as the mommies doted and daddies joked and talked. It was so neat. Thank you, God, for friends that are walking the walk right along with us and experiencing life as we are. It makes me happy.
Today we are chillin. Tomorrow is my birthday. (joy!) Ashley Johnson should be kickin' out that baby soon, so prayers to her and K.J. and johnsonette! I look forward to meeting you, baby girl!
Now, I shall resume hangin' with Aubrey.

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